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Luke 19:1-10

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. Isaiah 43:1

Opening Prayer

From Galilee (Matthew 19:1-2)
    Where did Jesus go after He first left Galilee and with whom?
      Matthew 3:13, 4:1
    Where did Jesus go after He last left Galilee and with whom?
      Matthew 19:1-2

To Jerusalem (John 11)
    What was one reason that Jesus went away from the main cities at the end of His ministry?
      John 11:47-48, 53-54
    Did the large crowd remain with Jesus the whole time He was in Ephraim?
      John 11:55-57
    When Jesus finally left for Jerusalem, did He first calm the fears of His disciples?
      Luke 18:31-34

Just Passing Through (Luke 19:1)
    Who did Jesus meet on His way to Jerusalem?
      Luke 18:35, 42-43
    Did it appear that Jesus intended to stay in Jericho?
      Luke 19:1-2a
    Had He actually planned to stay or pass through?
      Luke 19:5
    Would Jesus really have intended to pass through Jericho?
      Luke 10:30

    Are there other examples where Jesus looked like He would pass by where He was needed?
      Mark 6:48
      Luke 24:13, 28
    How could Jesus just pass by someone who needs Him?
      John 10:25-27

The Chief of Sinners and Tax Collectors (Luke 19:2)
    Jericho controlled the strategic ford of the Jordan to the ancient Eastern trade routes
      Key roads from Jericho
      On main road for Jews traveling to & from Galilee (bypass around Samaria)
      Strong customs and excise collection in this trade center
    Who was in charge of the powerful tax office in Jericho?
      Luke 19:2
    As such a wealthy man, how respected would Zacchaeus have been?
      Matthew 18:17
      Matthew 5:44, 46

Zacchaeus Was A Wee Little Man (Luke 19:3, 4)
    How well did Zacchaeus know Jesus?
      Luke 19:3
    What problems did Zacchaeus have to be able to see Jesus?
      Luke 19:3
      Leviticus 22:3
    How earnestly did Zacchaeus want to see Jesus?
      Luke 19:4
    What promise had God made that fit Zacchaeus' situation?
      Deuteronomy 4:29

The Savior's Call (Luke 19:5)
    Was Zacchaeus able to see this Jesus like he so eagerly wanted?
      Luke 19:5
    Isn't it amazing that Jesus called Zacchaeus by name?
      John 10:2-3, 14

    Was Jesus' call to Zacchaeus just for him or also for us?
      Revelation 3:20
    What does Jesus' call of Zacchaeus tell us about His call to us?

Zac's Answer to the Call (Luke 19:6, 8, 9)
    How did Zacchaeus respond to Jesus' call?
      Luke 19:6
    Did Jesus expect this kind of welcome?
      John 10:4

    Did Jesus' call really change Zacchaeus' life?
      Luke 19:8
    What example of giving to the poor had been commanded on Mount Sinai?
      Exodus 23:10-11
    What was the command for making restitution for wrongs against another?
      Numbers 5:6-7
    What class of crime did Zacchaeus accept by paying back four times?
      Exodus 22:1

    How did Jesus respond to Zacchaeus' comment?
      Luke 19:9
    Was Zacchaeus saved because he gave to the poor and made amends for his cheating?
      Luke 18:18-22
    Why was Zacchaeus saved?
      Luke 7:48, 50
    Why did Jesus say Zacchaeus was saved because he was a son of Abraham?
      Galatians 3:29

The Walls of Jericho (Luke 19:8-9)
    Known as the oldest walled town in the world
      Walls built by 8000 BC
    Where were the Israelites when their wanderings officially ended and their calling began?
      Joshua 5:10-12
    Where did the Israelites first receive part of the Promised Land after crossing the Jordan?
      Joshua 6:1-2, 20-21
    Note: Archaeologists in 1930s found double walls (12 & 6 ft thick) violently destroyed
      Layers of ash & volumes of charred grain confirm destruction recorded in Joshua

    What caused the walls of Jericho to tumble down?
      Hebrews 11:30
    What caused the walls of Zacchaeus' sinfulness & greed to tumble down?
      Luke 19:8-9

Zacchaeus the Pure (Luke 19:7)
    Zacchaeus is Greek form of Hebrew word for pure
    How pure was Zacchaeus in the eyes of those who felt they knew about righteousness?
      Luke 18:11
    How did the people of Jericho feel about Jesus' outreach to Zacchaeus?
      Luke 19:7
    How does Zacchaeus' name become fitting when he is chosen by Jesus?
      Ephesians 1:4-7

Come to Seek and Save the Lost (Luke 19:10)
    Shouldn't Jesus have gone to stay with a church leader or scholar instead of a chief sinner?
      Luke 19:10
    What kinds of people does God count as lost sinners?
      Psalm 14:2-3

    Were there other examples where Jesus sought out sinners as great as tax collectors?
      Luke 5:27-28
    How did the church leaders and scholars respond to Jesus' fellowship with this sinner?
      Luke 5:29-30
    How did Jesus respond to their complaints?
      Luke 5:31-32

    How long had Jesus' mission to save lost sinners been revealed?
      Matthew 1:21

The Great Banquet (Luke 14:16-24)
    What parable did Jesus tell to explain why He was called to seek the sinners?
      Luke 14:16-17
    How did the chosen reply to the invitation?
      Luke 14:18-20
    What did the host do to fill his banquet hall?
      Luke 14:21-24

    What other parables did Jesus speak to point out His calling to save the lost?
      Luke 15:3-7
      Luke 15:8-10
      Luke 15:11-32

Closing Prayer

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