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Mark 10:46-52

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    Next Week - Jesus Heals a Man At Bethesda (Mark 10:46-52)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      Be strong, do not fear; your God will come ... He will come to save you. Isaiah 35:4

Opening Prayer

Popular Jesus (Mark 10:1)
    How popular had Jesus become after 3 years of preaching, teaching, healing and miracles?
      Mark 10:1 = Crowds followed Him wherever He went. He taught them.
    Did Jesus ever have trouble getting away by Himself?
      Mark 7:24-26 = People would find Him even when He tried to hide
    Did Jesus get upset when people interrupted His attempts at privacy? = 2nd cousin
      Mark 6:27, 30-34 = Went away after John's death, compassion on waiting crowd
    How far did His compassion extend for the "faceless" crowds?
      Mark 8:1-9a = Fed 4000 with 7 loaves because of compassion
    How did Jesus view the people in the crowds?
      Mark 3:32-35 = As His close family (brothers & mother)

    What were some of the reasons people flocked to Jesus?
      Mark 9:15 = Curiosity - they were overwhelmed with wonder & ran to greet Him
      Mark 4:1-2 = To listen to Him and learn
      Mark 10:17 = Wanted answers to serious questions
      Mark 10:13, 16 = To get blessings for them & their loved ones
      Mark 7:32 = To get healing for themselves & their loved ones

The Messiah Who Heals (Matthew 11:2-5)
    How assertively would people try to get healing from Jesus?
      Mark 1:40 = They begged Him, even on their knees
      Mark 2:1-4 = Broke a hole through a roof & lowered a paralyzed friend through it
      Mark 3:7-10 = They pushed forward so much He needed a boat
      Mark 5:24-29 = Woman believed she'd be healed if she just touched His cloak
      Mark 6:54-56 = Carried sick people on mats to wherever they heard He might be
    Didn't these miracles of healing interfere with Jesus' mission to call people to saving faith?
      Mark 5:18-20 = The healed were brought to saving faith & word of Jesus spread
    How did Jesus use His healing ministry as proof of who He was? = poor hear good news
      Matthew 11:2-5 = The blind see, lame walk, lepers cured, deaf hear, dead raised
    How would John the Baptist understand from this who Jesus was?
      Isaiah 35:5-6 = Messianic prophesy: blind see, deaf hear, lame leap, mute shout
      Isaiah 26:19 = Your dead will live, their bodies will rise (Is56:8 - gather outcasts)
      Isaiah 61:1 = The Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor

Bartimaeus' Perfect Vision (Mark 10:46-47)
    Who gave Jesus His last chance for a healing miracle before His final entry into Jerusalem?
      Mark 10:46 = Bartimaeus, a blind man, begging by the road leaving Jericho
    Was Bartimaeus sitting by himself?
      Matthew 20:30 = No, he had a blind friend with him
    Since he was blind, how did he know Jesus was walking by?
      Luke 18:36-37 = Heard the crowd going by, asked about it, was told it was Jesus

    How did he call Jesus that showed that he recognized Jesus as the Messiah?
      Mark 10:47 = He heard it was Jesus of Nazareth; called Him Jesus, Son of David
      Jeremiah 33:14-16 = I will fulfill my promise & raise a righteous Branch to David
    How did this call show that Bartimaeus was one of few who could really see?
      Matthew 13:11-17 = Only Jesus' chosen can see the secrets of His kingdom
    Why is it important for us to call on Jesus' name like Bartimaeus?
      Acts 4:12 = There is no other name ... by which we must be saved.
    Who are the real blind?
      Revelation 3:17 = Those who feel they have no need for Jesus' help

Bartimaeus' Persistence (Mark 10:48)
    For what did Bartimaeus ask?
      Luke 18:38 = For Jesus to have mercy on him
    For what are we to ask?
      Psalm 30:10 = Kyrie - Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy; Lord, have mercy
    Why do we need God's mercy?
      Luke 18:13 = Because we deserve only death & punishment as sinners

    How seriously did Bartimaeus desire the Savior's mercy?
      Mark 10:48 = He just hollered louder when told to be quiet
    Why was Bartimaeus so persistent with his request? = Leaving old Jericho, nearing new Jericho
      Matthew 20:29 = It was his one and only chance to be healed by Jesus (leaving)

    What parable did Jesus give to show we should be persistent with our requests to God?
      Luke 18:1-5 = The widow who persistently asked an unjust judge for justice
    What promise does Jesus make when we pray persistently?
      Luke 18:6-8 = God will answer our prayers, and quickly (God's time)
    Do we have to pray persistently for God to answer?
      Mark 11:24 = No, just have faith and believe
    Do we have to pray persistently to get God's attention?
      Luke 11:9-10 = Ask & it will be given, seek & find, knock & door opened
    How can we know ahead of time what God's answer will be?
      Luke 11:11-13 = He will always give His good answers

Bartimaeus Answers Jesus' Call (Mark 10:49-50)
    Did Jesus hear Bartimaeus' pleas above the noise of the crowd?
      Luke 18:40a = Yes, He stopped and directed all of His attention to Bartimaeus
    What does Jesus promise to those who hear His call and answers?
      Revelation 3:20 = If anyone hears my voice & opens the door, I will come in
    How did Bartimaeus answer Jesus' call?
      Mark 10:49-50 = He threw his cloak aside, jumped to his feet & came to Jesus

    What other examples does the Bible give of people leaving things to come to Christ?
      John 4:7, 28-29 = Samaritan woman left her water jar to tell others about Jesus
      Matthew 9:9 = Matthew left his tax collector's booth
      Mark 1:16-20 = Simon (Peter), Andrew, James & John left their boats & nets
      Acts 9:15-16 = Paul left good, respected Pharisee life to suffer & teach Gentiles
    What did Jesus say about those who are called but refuse to leave things to follow Him?
      Luke 14:16-24 = They will no taste of His banquet
    What does Jesus promise to those who leave the things of the world for Him?
      Mark 10:28-30 = 100-fold blessings on earth & eternal life in heaven

Jesus Offers (Mark 10:51)
    What did Jesus ask Bartimaeus when he came to Him?
      Mark 10:51 = What do you want me to do for you?
    Did Jesus have to ask this question?
      Matthew 6:8 = No, He knows what you need before you ask Him
    Why did Jesus ask it? = He wants us to ask
      Philippians 4:6-7 = Present your requests to God to receive His peace

Jesus Heals (Mark 10:52)
    For what did Bartimaeus ask?
      Luke 18:41 = To be able to see
    How did Jesus give Bartimaeus his sight?
      Luke 18:42 = He spoke to him
    Didn't Jesus have to do something more than just speak?
      Genesis 1:3 = And God said ... All of creation was made by God speaking
      John 1:1-3 = Jesus is The Word, Through Him all things were made

    What saved Bartimaeus from his blindness?
      Mark 10:52 = His faith
    What saves us from our blindness?
      1 Peter 2:9-10 = Jesus has called us out of our darkness and given us His mercy
      John 8:12 = Jesus is the light of the world
      John 3:19, 21 = Whoever believes (has faith) comes into the light
    How did Bartimaeus respond to his healed vision?
      Luke 18:43 = He followed Jesus, praising God, leading others to praise God

Closing Prayer

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