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Jesus Feeds 5000

Matthew 14:14-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-15

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. This bread is My flesh, which I will give for the life of the world. John 6:51

Opening Prayer

Street Experience (Mark 6:7-13)
    Why did Jesus appoint 12 of His many disciples to be apostles?
      Mark 3:13-15
    How did Jesus test their training after a year of working with them?
      Mark 6:7
    How did He make sure they would see the Spirit working instead of taking credit themselves?
      Mark 6:8-10
    How did He prepare them for rejections they would face?
      Mark 6:11
    How did their street experience turn out?
      Mark 6:12-13

Herod's Paranoia (Mark 6:14-15)
    How effectively did the apostles get the word out about Jesus?
      Mark 6:14a
    Did people understand that Jesus was the promised Messiah (Christ)?
      Mark 6:14b-15
    Why would some think Jesus was Elijah?
      Malachi 4:5
    Did Elijah return as promised?
      Matthew 17:10-13

    Who did King Herod think Jesus was?
      Mark 6:16
    Did this scare or intrigue Herod?
      Luke 9:9
    Did Herod ever get to see Jesus?
      Luke 23:6-12

    What prompted the situation that led to Herod beheading John the Baptist?
      Mark 6:17-18
    Was Herod just trying to quiet John, or did he intend to get rid of John for good?
      Mark 6:19-20
    How did Herodias get an opportunity to get rid of John for good?
      Mark 6:21-25
    How did Herod respond to this outrageous request?
      Mark 6:26-28

News Reaches Jesus (Matthew 14:12-13)
    What did the followers of John the Baptist do when John was killed?
      Matthew 14:12
    What other news was reaching Jesus at the same time?
      Mark 6:30

    How did Jesus respond to the news of His cousin's death?
      Matthew 14:13a
    Did He go by Himself?
      Mark 6:31-32
    Where did they go?
      Luke 9:10
    Why would Jesus take His apostles to Bethsaida to rest and mourn?
      John 1:44

No Rest for the Weary (Mark 6:33)
    How relaxing was it for Jesus and the apostles when they arrived at this solitary place?
      John 6:1-2
    What might have helped add to the size of the crowd?
      John 6:4
    Did Jesus and His apostles at least have a little time of rest before the crowd reached Him?
      Mark 6:33

    How did Jesus respond to this lost opportunity for rest from the crowds?
      Matthew 14:14
    Was this an isolated incident or was Jesus frequently unable to rest because of crowds?
      Mark 3:20-21
    Why was He so fast to ignore the concerns of His family for His welfare?
      Mark 3:31-35
    Did Jesus understand that His ministry did not include time for Himself?
      Matthew 8:20

The Shepherd (Mark 6:34, Ezekiel 34)
    Why did Jesus have compassion on the people when He needed rest Himself?
      Mark 6:34
    Didn't the people have priests, Levites and rabbis to shepherd them?
      Ezekiel 34:1-4
    What happens to people when they have no shepherd?
      Ezekiel 34:5-6
    What did God decide to do about these worthless shepherds?
      Ezekiel 34:7-10
    How did Jesus explain that these inept shepherds would be held accountable?
      Matthew 18:5-7
    What did God decide to do about this hopeless situation?
      Ezekiel 34:11-16
    Did God say how He would shepherd His sheep?
      Ezekiel 34:23-24, 31

Dinner Time (Mark 6:35-37)
    What concerned the apostles as the day drew on?
      Mark 6:35-36
    Where did they get the idea to be concerned for the people's stomachs?
      John 6:5
    Why did Jesus raise this question?
      John 6:6
    How did Philip respond to Jesus' test?
      John 6:7
    How did Jesus reply when the apostles couldn't figure out the problem on their own?
      Matthew 14:16

Just A Snack (Mark 6:38)
    How did Jesus help guide the apostles into a faith-building experience?
      Mark 6:38
    Where did they find the little food that they did?
      John 6:8-9
    Note: This bread and fish constituted a poor man's snack
      Barley bread was only eaten by the poor people who couldn't afford decent grain
      Loaves were small flat cakes that were broken (not thick enough to slice)
      Fish were like sardines and eaten on bread, highly salted for preservation & taste

Headcount (Mark 6:39-40)
    Did Jesus give His disciples even another chance to respond in faith?
      John 6:10
    Was there 5000 men or 5000 people?
      Matthew 14:21
    How did they estimate about 5000 men?
      Mark 6:39-40
    How did the people later show that they misunderstood this for a counting of military force?
      John 6:14-15

What A Snack (Mark 6:41-44)
    How did Jesus further make sure the apostles saw God's hand in this miracle?
      Matthew 14:19
    What was the miracle?
      Mark 6:42
    What other aspect of this miracle further worked faith into the apostles?
      Mark 6:43
      When Jesus took the loaves, it was not only to multiply, but also to dispose of them. They were distributed by Christ. He did not believe in multiplication unless it was attended by division. Christ's additions mean subtraction, and Christ's subtractions mean additions. He gives that we may give away. If you have received the truth from Christ, tell it out!

Another Faith Building Experience (Mark 6:45-52)
    Did Jesus continue to teach the people after they had eaten?
      Matthew 14:22-23
    How was Jesus setting up for another faith building experience?
      Mark 6:47-51
    What test of faith does Matthew add in his account of this story?
      Matthew 14:28-31
    Why did Jesus find it necessary to provide this experience right after feeding the 5000?
      Mark 6:52
    Did this experience help?
      Matthew 14:33

The Bread of Life (John 6:22-60)
    Did the crowd go back home or continue on their ways to Jerusalem?
      John 6:22-25
    How did Jesus turn this searching into a teaching opportunity?
      John 6:26-27
    Did the people understand what Jesus meant by food from God?
      John 6:30-31
    How did Jesus explain the bread from heaven to the people?
      John 6:32-35
    How are we to receive this bread from heaven?
      John 6:48-58

Closing Prayer

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