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Jesus Says Feed My Lambs

John 21:1-19

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Opening Prayer

Jesus Appears to the Apostles (John 20:1-25)
    To whom did Jesus first appear after His resurrection?
      John 20:9-14

    When and where did Jesus first appear to His apostles?
      John 20:19
    Did the apostles immediately recognize and believe it was the risen Jesus?
      John 20:20

    What command and gift did Jesus give them during this visit?
      John 20:21-23
    Were all 11 of the apostles present?
      John 20:24-25

Jesus' Second Appearance (John 20:26-29)
    When and where did Jesus appear to His apostles the second time?
      John 20:26
    Did Thomas need to touch Jesus' hands and side before he believed?
      John 20:27-28
    How did Jesus respond to the apostles' lack of faith without seeing?
      John 20:29

Jesus' Third Appearance (John 21:1-14)
    When and where did Jesus appear to His apostles the third time?
      John 21:1-2
    Why had the disciples left Jerusalem and gone to Galilee?
      Matthew 28:8-10
    What did the disciples do to pass the time while they waited for Jesus to come to them?
      John 21:3

Fishers of Men (Luke 5:1-11)
    Where had Jesus first met some of these apostles?
      Luke 5:1-3
    How did Jesus reveal Himself to Simon, James & John this first time?
      Luke 5:4-7

    Who responded emotionally to Jesus' miracle?
      Luke 5:8
    How did Jesus use this great catch to call them as His apostles?
      Luke 5:9-11

A Second Fishing Trip (John 21:4-11)
    Who showed up after the apostles had spent another fruitless night fishing?
      John 21:4-5
    How did Jesus reveal Himself to Simon Peter, James & John this second time?
      John 21:6

    Who responded emotionally to Jesus' miracle?
      John 21:7-8
    Did Jesus expect them to leave the fish and boat as before to follow Him?
      John 21:10-11

Jesus Cares for Our Needs (John 21:9-14)
    In the story of Mary & Martha, was Jesus teaching us to forget our duties and follow Him?
      John 10:38-42
    How did Jesus show His concern for the apostles' physical needs?
      John 21:9, 12-14

    What might the apostles have remembered when they saw the coals with bread & fish?
      1 Kings 19:3a, 5-6
    What was the purpose of that meal?
      1 Kings 19:7-8

    What other meal by the same sea would the apostles have been remembered?
      John 6:9-11

The Rock of Faith (Matthew 16:13-23)
    Who had been the first to confess that Jesus was the Messiah (the Christ)?
      Matthew 16:13-16
    How did Jesus respond to this confession?
      Matthew 16:17-20

A Tested Faith (John 18:1-27)
    How convicted was Peter's faith?
      Matthew 16:21-23
    Was his faith strong enough to stand up for Jesus?
      John 18:3, 10

    Were there any limits to Peter's faith?
      John 13:37-38
    Was Peter's faith really so weak that he'd disown Jesus 3 times in the next 12 hours?
      John 18:15-18, 25-27
    How did Peter feel when he realized what he had just done?
      Luke 22:61-62

A Questioned and Recommitted Faith (John 21:15-19)
    Did Jesus ignore Peter's past denial or did He question Peter about it?
      John 21:15
    What did Jesus mean by do you truly love me more than these?
      Mark 14:29
    How did Peter compare his faith to that of the others?
      John 21:16
    What proof did Peter give for his faith when Jesus asked him a third time?
      John 21:17

Feed My Lambs (John 21:15-17)
    What did Jesus mean by Feed My Lambs (v15)?
      1 Peter 2:2-3
    What did Jesus mean by Take Care of My Sheep (v16)?
      1 Peter 5:2
    What did Jesus mean by Feed My Sheep (v17)?
      Hebrews 5:11-16:1a
    How do these commands also apply to us?
      Matthew 16:18

Peter's Future Faithfulness (John 21:18-19)
    What did Jesus say that comforted Peter about his past weakness of faith?
      John 21:18
    In addition to saying that Peter would see old age, what did Jesus mean?
      John 21:19
    Did Jesus have anything to say about any other's disciple's future faithfulness?
      John 21:20-24
    Was Peter able to forget his past failure and stand up for the gospel?
      Acts 2:1, 4, 14, 40-41
      Acts 4:18-20
      Acts 5:27-29

Closing Prayer

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