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Jesus Says Feed My Lambs

John 21:1-19

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Opening Prayer

Jesus Appears to the Apostles (John 20:1-25)
    To whom did Jesus first appear after His resurrection?
      John 20:9-14 = Mary Magdalene, the disciples went home confused

    When and where did Jesus first appear to His apostles?
      John 20:19 = Easter evening, in a Jerusalem room behind locked doors
    Did the apostles immediately recognize and believe it was the risen Jesus?
      John 20:20 = No, He had to show them the holes in His hands and side

    What command and gift did Jesus give them during this visit?
      John 20:21-23 = I am sending you; gave power to forgive sins
    Were all 11 of the apostles present?
      John 20:24-25 = Thomas wasn't; Wouldn't believe until he saw - just like the rest

Jesus' Second Appearance (John 20:26-29)
    When and where did Jesus appear to His apostles the second time?
      John 20:26 = A week later, behind the same locked doors
    Did Thomas need to touch Jesus' hands and side before he believed?
      John 20:27-28 = No, Jesus offered but he confessed faith after seeing Jesus
    How did Jesus respond to the apostles' lack of faith without seeing?
      John 20:29 = Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed

Jesus' Third Appearance (John 21:1-14)
    When and where did Jesus appear to His apostles the third time? = T - emperor in 14AD
      John 21:1-2 = Later, by Sea of Tiberias (Roman name for Sea of Galilee), 7 of 12
    Why had the disciples left Jerusalem and gone to Galilee?
      Matthew 28:8-10 = Jesus told women to send apostles to Galilee to meet Him
    What did the disciples do to pass the time while they waited for Jesus to come to them?
      John 21:3 = Went fishing - what they did before they met Jesus

Fishers of Men (Luke 5:1-11)
    Where had Jesus first met some of these apostles? = Gennesaret is plain on NW shore
      Luke 5:1-3 = Lake of Gennesaret (Sea of Galilee), preached from Simon's boat
    How did Jesus reveal Himself to Simon, James & John this first time?
      Luke 5:4-7 = Gave them an excessive catch of fish after a fruitless night

    Who responded emotionally to Jesus' miracle?
      Luke 5:8 = Simon fell at Jesus' knees & repented, (Jesus later called him Peter)
    How did Jesus use this great catch to call them as His apostles?
      Luke 5:9-11 = From now on you will catch men...they left everything & followed

A Second Fishing Trip (John 21:4-11)
    Who showed up after the apostles had spent another fruitless night fishing?
      John 21:4-5 = Jesus, the apostles didn't recognize Him in the morning dawn
    How did Jesus reveal Himself to Simon Peter, James & John this second time?
      John 21:6 = Gave them an excessive catch of fish after a fruitless night

    Who responded emotionally to Jesus' miracle? = Only loincloth was worn while fishing
      John 21:7-8 = Peter, put on his robe, jumped in water, swam 100 yards to shore
    Did Jesus expect them to leave the fish and boat as before to follow Him?
      John 21:10-11 = Couldn't follow yet, Had them take care of fish, 153 big, net ok

Jesus Cares for Our Needs (John 21:9-14)
    In the story of Mary & Martha, was Jesus teaching us to forget our duties and follow Him?
      John 10:38-42 = No; don't be obsessed with duties, but set our priorities on Him
    How did Jesus show His concern for the apostles' physical needs?
      John 21:9, 12-14 = He cooked and fed them breakfast

    What might the apostles have remembered when they saw the coals with bread & fish?
      1 Kings 19:3a, 5-6 = The meal God's angel provided for Elijah as he ran to God
    What was the purpose of that meal?
      1 Kings 19:7-8 = Gave Elijah physical nourishment for 40 day journey thru desert

    What other meal by the same sea would the apostles have been remembered?
      John 6:9-11 = Feeding the 5000 with 5 small loaves & 2 small fish

The Rock of Faith (Matthew 16:13-23)
    Who had been the first to confess that Jesus was the Messiah (the Christ)?
      Matthew 16:13-16 = The apostle Simon
    How did Jesus respond to this confession?
      Matthew 16:17-20 = Renamed Simon as Peter - on this rock I will build my church

A Tested Faith (John 18:1-27)
    How convicted was Peter's faith?
      Matthew 16:21-23 = Scolded Jesus for saying He would be persecuted & killed
    Was his faith strong enough to stand up for Jesus?
      John 18:3, 10 = Cut off high priest's servant's ear to protect Jesus

    Were there any limits to Peter's faith?
      John 13:37-38 = Peter said he'd even die for Jesus, Jesus knew better
    Was Peter's faith really so weak that he'd disown Jesus 3 times in the next 12 hours?
      John 18:15-18, 25-27 = Denied Jesus 3 times as Jesus had predicted
    How did Peter feel when he realized what he had just done?
      Luke 22:61-62 = Devastated, he went outside and wept bitterly

A Questioned and Recommitted Faith (John 21:15-19)
    Did Jesus ignore Peter's past denial or did He question Peter about it?
      John 21:15 = Didn't specifically raise issue, but asked Peter about his love
    What did Jesus mean by do you truly love me more than these?
      Mark 14:29 = Peter had claimed he would stick to Jesus even if others fall away
    How did Peter compare his faith to that of the others?
      John 21:16 = He didn't, he only said Yes, Lord, you know that I love you
    What proof did Peter give for his faith when Jesus asked him a third time?
      John 21:17 = Lord, you know all things, you know that I love you

Feed My Lambs (John 21:15-17)
    What did Jesus mean by Feed My Lambs (v15)?
      1 Peter 2:2-3 = Teach the baby Christians
    What did Jesus mean by Take Care of My Sheep (v16)?
      1 Peter 5:2 = Be a shepherd to the flock
    What did Jesus mean by Feed My Sheep (v17)?
      Hebrews 5:11-16:1a = Teach the mature Christians
    How do these commands also apply to us?
      Matthew 16:18 = By commanding Peter, Jesus was also commanding the church

Peter's Future Faithfulness (John 21:18-19)
    What did Jesus say that comforted Peter about his past weakness of faith?
      John 21:18 = Told Peter about his future
    In addition to saying that Peter would see old age, what did Jesus mean?
      John 21:19 = He would stand up for his faith and be crucified for it
    Did Jesus have anything to say about any other's disciple's future faithfulness?
      John 21:20-24 = Peter asked about John, Jesus said it shouldn't matter to Peter
    Was Peter able to forget his past failure and stand up for the gospel?
      Acts 2:1, 4, 14, 40-41 = Spoke to crowd at Pentecost and added 3000 to church
      Acts 4:18-20 = Stood before Sanhedrin and refused to be quiet
      Acts 5:27-29 = Told high priest, We must obey God rather than men!

Closing Prayer

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