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John is Born

Luke 1

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Opening Prayer

Luke - The Historical Gospel (Luke 1:1-4)
    Who was Luke?
      Colossians 4:14
    How qualified was Luke to write the gospel (good news) of Jesus?
      Acts 16:8-10

    Did Luke write his gospel because no one else had tried to record what had happened?
      Luke 1:1-2
    Why did Luke go to this trouble if others had already done so?
      Luke 1:3-4
    What was the scope of his gospel?
      Acts 1:1-2

Zechariah and Elizabeth (Luke 1:5)
    When, specifically, does Luke's gospel begin and who were Zechariah and Elizabeth?
      Luke 1:5
      Priests must marry Jews, better to marry Levites, even better to marry from Aaron's line
    What does it mean that Zechariah belonged to the priestly division of Abijah?
      1 Chronicles 24:1, 3, 10, 19
      Priests served two weeks per year, plus Passover, Pentecost & Feast of Tabernacles

The Perfect Family (Luke 1:6)
    What else does Luke tell us about Zechariah and Elizabeth?
      Luke 1:6
    Were other people called blameless and righteous in the Bible?
      Genesis 6:8-9
    Does this mean they were perfect and sinless?
      Ecclesiastes 7:20
    Then why does the Bible call them righteous?
      Galatians 3:11

Zechariah Is Visited (Luke 1:7-13)
    Since Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous in God's eyes, did God bless them in every way?
      Luke 1:7
    What special honor did Zechariah receive once when he went on duty?
      Luke 1:8-10
    Did things go smoothly for Zechariah during his special service?
      Luke 1:11-12
    What comforting message was Zechariah given?
      Luke 1:13

This Special Son (Luke 1:14-16)
    How would John be different than other kids?
      Luke 1:14-15
    How would Zechariah understand the point that John should never drink alcohol?
      Numbers 6:1-3

    What would John accomplish in life?
      Luke 1:16
    Why was this important to God's plan?
      Mark 1:1-3
    How effective would John be in his ministry?
      Mark 1:4-5

Elijah Jr. (Luke 1:17)
    What other special thing did the angel foretell about John?
      Luke 1:17
    What Old Testament prophesy would this fulfill?
      Malachi 4:5-6

    What hint besides his ministry did John give that he was the promised return of Elijah?
      Mark 1:6
    How might this remind the people of Elijah?
      2 Kings 1:7-8
    Wouldn't John's unclean diet of locusts conflict with a prophet's calling by God?
      Leviticus 11:21-22

    Did the people recognize John to be the promised return of Elijah?
      Matthew 17:10-13
    Were the people told that Elijah had returned?
      Matthew 11:7, 10-11, 14

Who Says Hindsight is 20/20 (Luke 1:18)
    After hearing the message from the angel what story would Zechariah have remembered?
      Genesis 18:1, 10-11
    How easily did faithful Abraham and Sarah believe God's promise?
      Genesis 17:17; 18:12-14
    How were Abraham and Sarah reminded of their disbelief in God's power over the impossible?
      Genesis 17:19
    Did Zechariah show any stronger faith when given a similar message?
      Luke 1:18

Doubting Zechariah (Luke 1:19-25)
    How did the angel remind Zechariah who the promise was from?
      Luke 1:19
    Would this angel's name mean anything to Zechariah?
      Daniel 8:15-16
    What sign would Zechariah be given because of his lack of faith?
      Luke 1:20

    Did the worshippers outside realize what had happened?
      Luke 1:21-22
    What other sign was Zechariah given that the promise would happen?
      Luke 1:23-25

A More Special Son (Luke 1:26-56)
    Was Gabriel's work done or did he have more to do?
      Luke 1:26-33
    Though Mary was young, how was this birth even more miraculous than John's & Isaac's?
      Luke 1:34-35
    What proof did Gabriel give that this impossible promise would be fulfilled?
      Luke 1:36-37

    How faithfully did Mary accept this promise?
      Luke 1:38-40
    How was the promise to Mary confirmed by Elizabeth even before they saw each other?
      Luke 1:41-45
    How does Mary respond to Elizabeth's greeting?
      Luke 1:46-48 (46-55)
    How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth?
      Luke 1:56

John Is Born and Named (Luke 1:57-66)
    What was the natural name for John to have been given?
      Luke 1:57-61
    Why were the neighbors getting involved with naming the child?
      Ruth 4:16-17
    How were the neighbors able to get Zechariah's decision since he couldn't speak?
      Luke 1:62-63

    What happened after Zechariah had officially given his son the name John?
      Luke 1:64
    How did the neighbors respond to Zechariah's sudden ability to speak?
      Luke 1:65
    How did others respond when they heard what had happened?
      Luke 1:66

Zechariah's Song - Benedictus (Luke 1:67-79)
    Besides the ability to speak, how else was Zechariah blessed after John was named?
      Luke 1:67
    How did Zechariah begin this last Messianic prophesy before Jesus' birth?
      Luke 1:68-75
    How well did Zechariah understand his son's role in God's plan?
      Luke 1:76-77 (76-79)
    How was John raised in preparation for his ministry?
      Luke 1:80

Closing Prayer

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