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Jesus Turns Water into Wine

John 2:1-11

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Opening Prayer

The Timing of this Story in Jesus' Ministry (John 1)
    What events had already happened in Jesus' ministry?
      Luke 3:21-22
      Luke 3:23a
      Luke 4:1-2a

      John 1:29-31
      John 1:35-37
      John 1:41-42
      John 1:43
      John 1:45, 49

    What did Jesus promise to Nathanael after his confession of faith?
      John 1:50
    What is the next story of Jesus' ministry and why did it happen?
      John 2:11
    How long had these disciples been with Him before He revealed His glory at Cana?
      John 2:1-2
    What other time did Jesus reveal His glory to His disciples on the third day?
      John 20:1, 19-20

    Did the "disciples" at Cana include all of Jesus' select 12?
      Luke 6:12-13, 17, 20
    Which were likely included?
      John 1:40-41, 43-45

The Location of this Story (John 2:1)
    What big city did Jesus chose to first reveal His glory?
      John 2:1
    Why didn't Jesus focus His ministry in big cities with big people?
      Luke 4:43
    How did Cana and Nazareth feel about each other?
      John 1:46
    Did anything else of significance happen in Cana?
      John 4:46-54

The Wedding (John 2:1)
    Why did Jesus and His disciples go to Cana?
      John 2:1-2
      Wedding days were on Wednesday if bride was a virgin, Thursday if a widow.
    On a wedding day, the bridegroom was escorted by his friends to the home of the bride.
      Matthew 9:15
    The bride's friends went out to meet bridegroom and guide the way with lamps or torches.
      Matthew 25:1-13
    Bride in wedding dress & veil joined group in parade thru town to bridegroom's home.
      Jeremiah 7:34
    Bride was given away with blessing from father or responsible relative.
      Genesis 24:59-60

The Wedding Feast (John 2:2)
    Wedding feast included all relatives, neighbors and friends.
      Genesis 29:22
    Guests were seated by the groom in order of importance
      Luke 14:7-11
    Meals were as elaborate as family could afford, disgraceful not to have enough for all
      Matthew 22:1-4
    Wedding festival would last days, up to a week
      Judges 14:10-12

The Beverage (John 2:3)
    What crisis arose at this wedding in Cana?
      John 2:3
    What beverages did the people of Israel have besides water?
      Exodus 3:8
    Liked fresh grape juice, but only in season
      Made grape honey by boiling grape juice into a syrup, used to sweeten & flavor
    Water added to pulp from pressed grapes & allowed to ferment
      Matthew 27:48

    Most juice allowed to ferment to make safe for storage and later drinking
      Took full fresh goatskin, sewed up cuts, filled with juice, hung up
      Some would sew skin with hair inside for distinctive flavor (to them), done today
    Fresh skins used to allow expansion from fermenting process
      Matthew 9:17
    Fermented wine was stored in amphorae, large pointed jugs
      When ready to drink, wine poured into kraters (large bowls) and mixed with water
        Typically 3 parts water to 1 part wine, up to 8:1, 10:1 or even 20:1
      Mixed wine poured from kraters into kylix (cups) for drinking
    Only drunkards & barbarians drank wine straight or in 1:1 mix, called strong drink
      Leviticus 10:8-9

Jesus Is Asked to Help (John 2:3-4)
    Who became concerned about the problem and to whom did she turn?
      John 2:3
      Womens quarters were near wine storage; Mary would learn of shortage before Jesus
    Was Mary asking for a miracle?
      Mark 3:20-21, 31-35
    How did Jesus reply that pointed out how Mary's request could be misunderstood?
      John 2:4

    Was Jesus' reply to Mary harsh?
      John 19:25-27
    Was Jesus saying it wasn't time for Him to start doing miracles?
      John 7:30-31
    What is referred to as Jesus' hour?
      John 12:23, 27

    Who was Jesus saying was in control of the times for Him to be glorified?
      Matthew 24:36
    How would you paraphrase Jesus' response in today's language?
      John 2:4
      Craig S. Keener: "Once I begin doing miracles, I begin the road to the cross."

Jesus Helps (John 2:5-6)
    What does Mary say to show that although she doesn't understand Jesus, she trusts Him?
      John 2:5
    Did Jesus take the empty amphorae to make His miracle wine?
      John 2:6
    Was there any chance that these jars had wine residue to mix with Jesus' water?
      Mark 7:1-4
    What are two points that are made by the number and sizes of the jars?
      Mark 7:5
      John 6:8-13

The Best for Last (John 2:7-10)
    How elaborate were the procedures that Jesus performed to turn water into wine?
      John 2:7-8
    How did Jesus' wine stand up in a "Folgers" blind taste test?
      John 2:9-10
    What does this show us about God?
      Luke 11:11-13
    What gifts should we as Christians ask for?
      1 Corinthians 12:31

The Best Wine From Jesus (John 2:10)
    What feast did Jesus leave for us to remember the best food and best wine?
      Matthew 26:26-28
    What promise did Jesus give us with this miraculous bread and wine?
      John 6:51-56
    When was this life-giving water and blood given to us?
      John 19:34

The First Miracle (John 2:11)
    What was Moses' first miracle to save God's people from bondage?
      Exodus 7:20
    What was the purpose of Moses' miracles?
      Exodus 7:17
    What was the purpose of Jesus' miracles?
      John 20:30-31

Closing Prayer

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