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Jesus Raises Jairus' Daughter from the Dead

Mark 5:21-42 (Luke 8:40-56; Matthew 9:18-26)

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Opening Prayer

Jesus Comes to Capernaum (Mark 1)
    What town served as the base of Jesus' ministry and why?
      Matthew 4:13-16 = Capernaum, to fulfill Isaiah 9:1-2
    What did the people of Capernaum think about Jesus when He began teaching there?
      Mark 1:21-22 = They were amazed; He taught them as one who had authority
    What event happened as Jesus began teaching that help spread word of Him?
      Mark 1:23-28 = Cast out a demon who recognized Him
    What else happened as a result of this exorcism? = Healed Peter's mother-in-law; v29-31
      Mark 1:32-34 = Whole town came to see Him; People brought sick & possessed
    With such a good reception, why didn't Jesus just stay put in Capernaum?
      Mark 1:36-39 = He came to bring His message to people all over

Jesus Returns to Capernaum (Mark 2)
    Did the people of Capernaum remember Jesus when He returned? = He had come home
      Mark 2:1-5 = So many came there was no room; paralytic lowered thru roof
    Was everything Jesus said accepted by everyone in Capernaum?
      Mark 2:6-7 = Scribes had trouble with Jesus forgiving sins
    Did Jesus do anything else that bothered the Jewish leaders in Capernaum?
      Mark 2:13-17 = Jesus called tax collector Levi (Matthew) & ate with him
      Mark 2:23-24, 27-28 = Jesus & disciples picked & ate grain on Sabbath
      Mark 3:1-5 = Jesus healed a man with a shriveled hand in synagogue on Sabbath
    How seriously did Jesus' actions bother the Jewish leaders?
      Mark 3:6 = They plotted ways to kill Jesus (Herodians - enemies of Pharisees)

Jesus is Popular in Capernaum (Mark 3-4)
    Were the Jewish leaders able to turn the people away from Jesus?
      Mark 3:7-10 = People came from all over, had to teach from a boat
    How was the crowd problem worsened when Jesus cast out evil spirits?
      Mark 3:11-12; 1:45 = Demons recognized Him, word spread, more people came
    Did Jesus find a need to have a small intimate Life Group?
      Mark 3:13-15 = He appointed 12 as apostles (One sent forth, messenger)
    Once He had a Life Group, did Jesus treat the rest of the people as less important?
      Mark 3:20-21, 31-35 = Claimed all people as His family, more important than food
    Did Jesus ever find a need to just get away? = Trip where Jesus quiets the storm
      Mark 4:1, 35-36 = Yes, crossed lake after teaching all day from a boat

Back to Work in Capernaum (Mark 5:21-24)
    Had the novelty of Jesus worn off by the time He returned to Capernaum?
      Luke 8:40 = No, a crowd was waiting for Him, expecting Him
    Were any of the Jewish leaders there to try to trick Jesus or collect evidence?
      Mark 5:21-22 = Jairus, the synagogue ruler was there for another reason
      Synagogue ruler - Supervised worship, ran weekly school, maintained building
    Why would Jairus risk his reputation and job by falling at Jesus' feet?
      Mark 5:22-23 = He had faith that Jesus could heal his dying daughter
    Does Jesus use this opportunity to take a pot-shot at the misguided Jewish leadership?
      Mark 5:24 = No, he saw Jairus' faith and went with him

An Unplanned Miracle on the Way (Mark 5:25-28)
    Who was among the crowd that followed Jesus to Jairus' house?
      Mark 5:25 = A woman who had been hemorrhaging for 12 years
    How serious was her problem?
      Mark 5:26 = Suffered alot, saw many doctors, spent all her money, got worse
    Did she follow Jesus to wait her turn to be healed after Jairus' daughter?
      Mark 5:27-28 = Didn't wait, she touched Jesus' cloak, believing she'd be healed

The Healing (Mark 5:29-30)
    Why didn't she just go up to Jesus and ask to be healed?
      Leviticus 15:25-27, 31 = She was considered unclean, should stay separated
    Could she really be healed just by secretly touching Jesus' cloak?
      Mark 5:29 = Yes, she was healed immediately
    What example did the woman have of the power from touching a faithful servant of God?
      2 Kings 13:20-21 = Man came back to life after his body touches Elisha's bones

    Could the healing stay a secret?
      Mark 5:30 = No, Jesus felt His healing power going out from Him
    Did Jesus really get His power involved when He healed people?
      Matthew 8:17 = Yes, and he took our diseases upon Himself
    Wouldn't it wear Jesus out if He constantly gave His power and took others' diseases?
      Mark 1:35 = He frequently went off by Himself and prayed to be refreshed

The Cloak (Luke 9:44)
    What part of Jesus' cloak did she touch?
      Luke 8:44 = The edge, the corner
    What is significant about that part of Jesus' cloak? = Like a string around your finger
      Numbers 15:38-40 = Tassels worn on the corners to remind of God's commands
    How does the woman looking to the end of Jesus' robe in faith point to our salvation?
      Romans 10:4 = Faith in Christ replaces the law as our source of righteousness

The Woman Confesses Her Faith (Mark 5:31-34)
    Did Jesus really feel His power going out or did He just feel someone touch Him?
      Mark 5:31 = It had to be His power, the crowd was bumping Him constantly
    Could He have just felt someone bump into Him?
      Mark 5:32 = No, He stopped and kept looking for who had touched Him
    Did the woman raise her hand, say it was her and thank Jesus for the healing?
      Mark 5:33 = No, she apologized, confessed what she'd done & why (Luke 8:47)
    Did Jesus reprimand her for stealing His healing?
      Mark 5:34 = No, He commended her for her faith

    Why was it important for Jesus to get the woman to verbally confess?
      Romans 10:9-10 = To receive the deeper healing of salvation
    Was there a risk that Jesus might put her to shame?
      Romans 10:11 = She might have thought so, but there wasn't
    What deeper meaning did Jesus have by saying, go in peace & be freed from your suffering?
      Colossians 1:19-20 = Jesus gave us peace by taking the suffering for our sins

Jairus' Problem Gets Worse (Mark 5:35-36)
    How was the crowd reminded of where Jesus was heading before the woman touched Him?
      Mark 5:35 = Men brought word to Jairus that his daughter had died
    Had Jesus wasted too much time dealing with the woman?
      Mark 5:36 = Jesus told Jairus to keep his faith despite human wisdom to give up
    If his daughter was already dead, why should Jairus believe she could get better?
      Mark 10:27 = All things are possible with God
    How did Jesus respond when Martha questioned Jesus for waiting too long to help Lazarus?
      John 11:5-6, 21, 38-40 = Faith will let us see the glory of God

Only the Faithful Can Enter (Mark 5:37-40)
    Did Jesus bring the whole crowd or just His Life Group to see His power at Jairus' house?
      Mark 5:37 = Neither, He brought only His inner circle (Peter, James & John)
    Were the people at Jairus' house waiting for Jesus to come and save the day?
      Mark 5:38 = No, they had given up all hope and were grieving
    How did they respond when Jesus called them to faith?
      Mark 5:39-40 = They laughed at Him

    Why did Jesus put them all out and allow only the girl's parents and His 3 disciples to stay?
      John 3:36 = Whoever rejects the Son will not see life
    What will happen to people who reject the wedding clothes of faith which God gives us?
      Matthew 22:11-14 = They will be thrown out into the darkness of hell

Rise and Shine (Mark 5:41-43)
    What elaborate ritual did Jesus have to perform to bring the dead girl back to life?
      Mark 5:41 = None, He just told the girl to get up
    How are we given the same call to wake up from our dead sinful lives?
      Romans 13:11-12 = The hour has come...night is nearly over; day is almost here
    How effective was Jesus' touch and word?
      Mark 5:42 = Immediately the girl stood up and walked around
    What happens when we hear His word, accept it and obey it?
      Mark 4:20 = We live fruitfully

    After the girl rose, did Jesus call in the reporters from the Capernaum Chronicle?
      Mark 5:43 = No, He told the witnesses to keep quiet about it
    Didn't Jesus want people to know about His great ability to perform miracles?
      Mark 8:11-12 = No, He was not a magician looking for an audience
    Then why did Jesus heal so many people?
      Mark 5:34, 36 = His healings resulted from their faith, His miracles built their faith
      Matthew 11:2-5 (Isaiah 35:5-6; 61:1) = Fulfilled Messianic prophesy

Closing Prayer

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