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Jesus in Gethsemane

Mark 5:21-42 (Matthew 26:30-56)

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    Next Week - Jesus Before the High Priest (Matthew 26:57-68; John 18:12-14, 19-24)
    Curriculum for Spring Quarter (Begins next week) - Jesus' Passion

Opening Prayer

Jesus' Last Day Approaches (Matthew 21)
    How did Jesus begin His last week in Jerusalem?
      Matthew 21:1, 6-11
    How did the Jewish leaders react to Jesus' wise teachings in the temple?
      Matthew 21: 23, 45-46
    Were all of the Jewish leaders upset with Jesus?
      John 12:42
    Why wouldn't they stand up for Jesus?
      John 12:43

Traps for Jesus (Matthew 22)
    How did the Jewish leaders plan to arrest Jesus despite His popularity as a prophet?
      Matthew 22:15
    What are some examples of traps set by the Jewish leaders?
      Matthew 22:16-17
      Matthew 22:23, 28
      Matthew 22:34-36
    How did Jesus put an end to their fruitless efforts?
      Matthew 22:41-46

Plans of the Jewish Leaders (Matthew 26:1-16)
    How did the Jewish leaders' plans for Jesus change after being unable to trap Him?
      Matthew 26:3-4
    Why didn't they carry out their plan immediately?
      Matthew 26:5
    Did Jesus know what was going to happen and when?
      Matthew 26:1-2

    How did the leaders get some unexpected help?
      Matthew 26:14-16
    What may have influenced Judas' financial decision to betray Jesus?
      Matthew 26:6-12
    What was significant about the price Judas was paid for giving Jesus to be killed?
      Exodus 21:32

Judas Uncovered (Matthew 26:20-25; John 13:23-30)
    Did Jesus know what Judas was planning to do?
      Matthew 26:20-21
    Did they begin to accuse each other or guess who it might be?
      Matthew 26:22
    How did Jesus identify the betrayer?
      John 13:23-26

    During Passover ritual, master of feast would take a flat cake of unleavened bread
      After adding pieces of lamb & bitter herbs, he'd roll it and dip it onto a bitter sauce
      Beginning with the most honored guest, he'd repeat until he gave one to everyone
    The lamb anticipated God's Lamb which would bring salvation to sinners
      By accepting the bread a guest acknowledged his sin & welcomed forgiveness
    Did Judas accept Jesus' forgiveness when it was offered?
      John 13:27-30
    What comment did Jesus have about the one who would betray Him?
      Matthew 26:23-24

Loyalty of the Other Eleven (Matthew 26:31-35)
    Could the others be proud of their loyalty now that they knew they wouldn't betray Jesus?
      Matthew 26:31-32
    Who was overly self-confident in the faith he had built up himself?
      Matthew 26:33-34
    How strong did Peter say his faith and loyalty was?
      Matthew 26:35
    What was wrong about the disciples boasting of their strong faith?
      Ephesians 2:8

A Man of Sorrows (Matthew 26:36-39; Isaiah 53)
    After sharing His Last Supper with His disciples, where did Jesus take them and why?
      Matthew 26:30, 36
    How did Jesus feel about His impending suffering and the desertion of His disciples?
      Matthew 26:37-38
    How were Jesus' feelings similar to those of His ancestor King David?
      Psalm 55:1-4

    How else was Jesus like David in looking for relief from His sorrow?
      Matthew 26:39
    What was the cause of His suffering?
      Isaiah 53:3-5
    How deeply troubled was Jesus?
      Luke 22:44

Not My Will, But Yours (Matthew 26:42, 44)
    For what did Jesus pray?
      Matthew 26:42, 44
    Would it be the Father's will to take this cup from Jesus?
      Isaiah 53:10-11
    How did the Father help Jesus through this time?
      Luke 22:43

    Did Jesus have a choice of whether to accept His cup or not?
      John 10:17-18
    What did Jesus' prayer show about Him?
      Psalm 40:8
    How does this relate to our own lives?
      Philippians 2:5-8
    How was Jesus' submission and obedience critical for us?
      Hebrews 5:7-9

The Faithful and Vigilant Disciples (Matthew 26:40-46)
    Did the disciples understand the grief that Jesus was experiencing and its cause?
      Matthew 26:40, 43
    How did Jesus use their lack of vigilance to warn them of upcoming temptations?
      Matthew 26:41
    What temptation was Jesus warning His disciples about?
      Isaiah 53:6
    Did the disciples remain vigilant after Jesus' warning?
      Matthew 26:45-46

Betrayed with a Kiss (Matthew 26:47-50)
    How long did they have to wait for Judas after Jesus predicted the coming of His betrayer?
      Matthew 26:47
    How did Judas know where to find Jesus?
      John 18:2
    Without photographs, how would the "temple police" know which man to arrest?
      Matthew 26:48-49

Resisting Arrest (John 18:7-9)
    How much resistance did Jesus offer to those trying to arrest Him?
      John 18:7-9
    What other prophesy did Jesus' response fulfill?
      Isaiah 53:7

I'll Save You (Matthew 26:51-56)
    Who impetuously seized the opportunity to show Jesus his strong support?
      John 18:10
    Why did Peter have the sword?
      Luke 22:36-38
    How did Jesus thank Peter for defending Him?
      Matthew 26:52-54
    What about the poor servant with the missing ear?
      Luke 22:51

    What did Jesus have to say to those arresting Him?
      Matthew 26:55-56a
    What prophesy of Jesus was fulfilled at the end of this story?
      Matthew 26:56b

Closing Prayer

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