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Jesus Walks on Water

Matthew 14:22-33

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    Next Week - Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet (John 13:1-20)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in Me. John 14:1

Opening Prayer

A Lesson for Jesus' Disciples (John 20:27-31)
    Who did the followers of Jesus think He was?
      Luke 24:19, 21 = A mighty prophet, had hoped He was the Messiah
    How did people who had looked to Jesus as the Messiah feel when He died?
      Luke 23:48 = In despair, Hope was lost
    Did the apostles share this feeling or did they trust in Jesus' promise to return?
      John 20:19 = They were afraid and stayed behind locked doors

    How readily did they accept the fact that Jesus had risen as He had said?
      Mark 16:9-14 = They didn't believe although they had many reports from witnesses
    What lesson had the apostles missed despite their years with Jesus?
      John 20:27-29 = Put their trust in Jesus; Stop doubting and believe
    How are we, 2000 years later, able to see Jesus as our Messiah?
      John 20:30-31 = The Spirit brings us faith through God's Word and His Story
    Today's lesson, Jesus Walks on Water, shows both faith and doubt in action

A Year Earlier (Matthew 14:1-12; Mark 6:14-29)
    What had happened about a year before Jesus was arrested?
      Matthew 14:3-5 = Herod arrested John the Baptist to silence him, too popular to kill
    How seriously did Herod want to have John killed?
      Mark 6:19-20 = Herod didn't care, but Herodias held a grudge & wanted him dead

    How did Herodias get an opportunity to get revenge on John?
      Mark 6:21-23 = Her daughter danced at Herod's birthday and was granted a wish
    For what did the daughter ask?
      Mark 6:24-25 = Herodias had her ask for John the Baptist's head
    Did Herod try to change her mind?
      Mark 6:26-28 = No, he didn't want to go back on his word in front of his guests

    What did Herod think when he later heard of another prophet?
      Matthew 14:1-2 = He thought Jesus was John the Baptist risen from the dead
    How did Herod react when he actually met this second prophet a year later?
      Luke 23:8-11 = Excited to see a show, turned to scorn when He didn't perform

Jesus Hears of John's Death (Matthew 14:12-13; Mark 6:31-32)
    How quickly did news spread of John's death?
      Matthew 14:12 = Disciples learned right away & buried him, Immediately told Jesus
    How did Jesus react to this sad news?
      Matthew 14:13a = He went away by boat to a solitary place (near Bethsaida)
    Did Jesus go off by Himself?
      Mark 6:31-32 = No, He took His apostles

No Rest For the Weary (Matthew 14:14-16; Mark 6:33-36)
    How relaxing was it for Jesus when they arrived at this solitary place?
      Mark 6:33-34 = Crowd beat Him there & was waiting for Him, shepherdless sheep
    How were the apostles able to allow their leader to be pushed beyond exhaustion?
      Mark 6:35-36 = They looked for a way to get rid of the people
    How did Jesus respond to this opportunity to rest and mourn John's death?
      Matthew 14:16 = He felt responsible for them and told the apostles to fix dinner

Impromptu Catering Service (Matthew 14:17-21; Mark 6:37-44)
    What did the apostles think of Jesus' command to feed this huge crowd?
      Mark 6:37 = It was a ridiculous request, they couldn't do it if they wanted
    How did Jesus show them that all it took was a little faith?
      Mark 6:38-43 = He fed the crowd with 5 loaves and 2 fish; 12 basketfuls were left
    How large was this crowd? = Men ate separate from women & children in public
      Matthew 14:21 = 5000 men, plus women & children (probably 10-15,000)

Insights From John (John 6:1-13)
    When did this happen?
      John 6:4 = As people were getting ready to go to Jerusalem for Passover
    Had Jesus known that He was going to do this miracle? = Philip was from nearby Bethsaida
      John 6:5-6 = Yes, He commented to Philip when they landed to get them thinking
    What kind of loaves were used and where did they come from? = flat cakes, 1/2" thick
      John 6:8-9 = Barley (only the poor made bread from animal feed); lowly boy

    What lesson was Jesus teaching that Paul later learned?
      2 Corinthians 12:9-10 = God's power comes through our weakness
    What other lesson did Jesus have that He explained to the same crowd the next day?
      John 6:25-27, 30-35 = I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry...
    What other food was given by Jesus to these followers? = Jesus Christ God's Son, Savior
      John 6:11 = Fish - Greek is ichthus - Iesous Christos Theou Uios Soter

Finally Some Rest (Matthew 14:22-23; Mark 6:45-46)
    How were Jesus' tired disciples finally successful in getting away from the crowd?
      Mark 6:45 = Jesus had them take the boat to Bethsaida, He'd catch up on land
    Was Jesus able to get any kind of rest Himself?
      Mark 6:46 = Yes, He went up on a mountainside to pray

    Was there another reason Jesus went up on the mountain by Himself?
      John 6:14-15 = To keep the people from trying to make Him King
    Why would Jesus resist this desire of the people?
      Matthew 4:8-10 = He saw He was being tempted by Satan

"A Three Hour Cruise" (Mark 6:47-48)
    After a tiring day, how relaxing was the 7 mile sailing trip across the lake? = J6:19 - 3.5 mi
      Mark 6:47-48a = A sudden storm came up, they had to furl the sails & start rowing
    Did this storm help Jesus beat them by land to the other side? = 4th watch was 3-6 am
      Mark 6:48b = The storm slowed them, but Jesus also took a short cut
    How relieved were the apostles when they saw Jesus coming to help them? = Terrified
      Matthew 14:26 = To sailors, a ghost on the water meant they'd perish in the sea

The Peace of God (Mark 6:49-50)
    Which of the apostles saw this ghost and how did Jesus comfort them?
      Mark 6:49-50 = All saw Him, Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid.
    Does this remind you of another story that also showed the apostles' superstitious doubts?
      Luke 24:36-39 = Easter evening, Peace be with you. It is I. Why are you troubled?

    What is significant about the way Jesus identified Himself in these two stories?
      Exodus 3:13-14 = Yahweh was derived from Hebrew word for I am, Jesus is God
    How did Jews respond when Jesus later made this statement in public?
      John 8:58-59 = They tried to stone Him for blasphemy

Stepping Out in Faith (Matthew 14:28-31)
    How did Peter reveal his eager faith when he realized it was Jesus and not a ghost?
      Matthew 14:28 = He asked Jesus to just say the word so Peter could come to Him
    Did Peter follow through in faith when Jesus gave him the command?
      Matthew 14:29 = Yes, he walked in faith & his faith held him up on the water
    What happened the instant Peter turned his eyes from Jesus and focused on himself?
      Matthew 14:30 = He began to sink when he thought of doing it on his own
    How did Jesus respond to Peter's cry for help?
      Matthew 14:31 = He reached out His hand

O, Ye of Little Faith (Matthew 14:31)
    Jesus says these words three other times. What were the circumstances then?
      Matthew 6:28-31 = Human worries of needs - clothes, food, drink, etc
      Matthew 8:23-26 = Apostles afraid of storm on the lake
      Matthew 16:5-10 = Apostles worried about forgetting to bring bread
    What message is Jesus giving in all four situations?
      Matthew 6:33 = Seek God's kingdom in faith and He'll take care of you

Two More Miracles (Matthew 14:32-33)
    What third miracle happened in this story (after Jesus and Peter walking on the water)?
      Matthew 14:32 = The wind died down when Jesus got in the boat
    How did the apostles respond to these amazing miracles?
      Matthew 14:33 = They worshipped Jesus & stated faith in Him as the Son of God
    What fourth miracle then happened?
      John 6:21 = They immediately reached the shore where they were heading

A Place of Rest (Matthew 11:28)
    After an exhausting night, were Jesus and the apostles finally able to get some rest?
      Mark 6:54-56 = No, people immediately recognized Jesus & came from all over
    Where were the apostles able to find rest? = See also Hebrews 13:5-6 (Share verse below)
      Matthew 11:28 = Come to Me, all you who are weary..., and I will give you rest

Closing Prayer

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