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John 14:23-31; Acts 2

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      If you ... know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him! Luke 11:13

Opening Prayer

Witnesses to the World (Acts 1:4-8)
    What responsibility did Jesus leave with His disciples before He left to be with His Father?
      Matthew 28:19-20
    Were the apostles to immediately begin witnessing on their own?
      Acts 1:4
    What gift had the Father promised?
      Acts 1:5
    How effective would the Spirit make these witnesses?
      Acts 1:8

The Message of the Spirit (John 16:13-15)
    What proof do we have that Christians could not even begin this task without the Spirit?
      Acts 1:6
    How would this be changed by the coming of the Spirit?
      John 14:26
    Would the Spirit bring a different message than what Jesus brought?
      John 16:13-15
    What is this message?
      Ephesians 3:4-6
    Did the early Christians immediately understand this message?
      Acts 11:1-4, 18

The Spirit and the World (John 16:7-8)
    If the message is for the whole world, how would the world accept this Spirit?
      John 14:16-17
    How would the Spirit deal with this evil world when He came?
      John 16:7-8

The Spirit's News About Sin (John 16:9)
    What news would the Spirit reveal to the world in regard to sin?
      John 16:9
    Why is it important for the world to recognize this sin?
      Mark 3:22-23, 28-29

The Spirit's News About Righteousness (John 16:10)
    What news would the Spirit reveal to the world in regard to righteousness?
      John 16:10
    How does Jesus being with the Father bring us righteousness?
      1 John 2:1-2
    How is this righteousness news to the world?
      Romans 10:1-4

The Spirit's News About Judgment (John 16:11)
    What news would the Spirit reveal to the world in regard to judgment?
      John 16:11
    Why should this be important to individuals in the world?
      Revelation 20:10, 15

The Spirit and the Apostles (Luke 24:49)
    If the Spirit will reveal all of these things to the world, what is the role of the apostles?
      John 15:26-27
    Would they be working alongside the Spirit or in different areas?
      Luke 24:49
    Was the sending of the Spirit a new concept introduced by Jesus?
      Joel 2:28-32 (Is 44:3, Ez 36:25-27, etc)

The Apostles Wait (Acts 1:12-26)
    What did the apostles do while they were waiting for the promised Spirit?
      Acts 1:12, 14
    How many Christians were there at this time?
      Acts 1:15
    Did they take care of any business during this time?
      Acts 1:23-26
    How could a newcomer like Matthias be a chosen witness of Jesus?
      Acts 1:21-22

Feast of Weeks (Acts 2:1)
    What major festival did the Jews celebrate besides Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles?
      Deuteronomy 16:9-10
    To make the festival date more universal & predictable, the Jews set it 50 days after Passover
      Commonly referred to as Fiftieth (Greek word meaning Fiftieth is Pentecost)
    Where would the Jews try to be to celebrate this harvest festival?
      Acts 20:16
    Where were the waiting apostles when this day came?
      Acts 2:1

The Spirit's Magnificent Entrance Into the World (Acts 2:2-4)
    What did it sound like when the promised Spirit came on Pentecost?
      Acts 2:2
    What did it look like when the promised Spirit came on Pentecost?
      Acts 2:3
    How were Jesus' chosen witnesses affected by this Spirit?
      Acts 2:4

People of the World Respond (Acts 2:5-13)
    Could these sounds be heard by others or just the affected believers?
      Acts 2:5-6
    Did they think anything of hearing these Galileans speak in their languages?
      Acts 2:7-12
    How did some try to explain some of the strange languages they heard?
      Acts 2:13

Let Me Explain (Acts 2:14-21)
    Who understood what was happening and explained it to the crowd?
      Acts 2:14
    How did he respond to the accusation that they were drunk?
      Acts 2:15
    So what were the people seeing and hearing?
      Acts 2:16-21

A More Important Explanation (Acts 2:22-24)
    What did Peter say with this opportunity to speak to people from all around the world?
      Acts 2:22-24
    Why was it important for Peter to point out Jesus' miracles, wonders and signs?
      John 3:2
    What did Peter mean by God's set purpose and foreknowledge?
      Luke 24:25-27

He Will Not See Decay (Acts 2:25-31)
    How did Peter begin his explanation of Jesus resurrection?
      Acts 2:25-28
    Was David referring to himself?
      Acts 2:29
    Who was David talking about?
      Acts 2:30-31

David's Lord (Acts 2:32-36)
    Who is this Messiah that David spoke of and how does Peter know?
      Acts 2:32
    What proof does Peter have?
      Acts 2:33
    What other proof does Peter give?
      Acts 2:34-36

The People's Response (Acts 2:37-41)
    How did the people respond when the Spirit convinced them of their sin?
      Acts 2:37
    How did the Spirit then convince them of their righteousness?
      Acts 2:38-39
    How did the Spirit convince them of the coming judgment?
      Acts 2:40
    How did the people respond to this work of the Spirit?
      Acts 2:41

Children of the Father
    Should we expect the Spirit to come to us like He came to the early Christians on Pentecost?
      Luke 11:13
    How do we ask for the Spirit?
      Acts 8:14-17
    Why should we want the Spirit to live in us?
      Romans 8:9-11
    How do we know if we have the Spirit in us?
      Galatians 5:16-25

Closing Prayer

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