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    Bible Words to Remember:
      We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Opening Prayer

A Quick History of the Jews in the Promised Land
    What kind of government did Israel have after settling in the Promised Land?
      Judges 17:6
    How did this change after years of trouble with the neighboring Philistines?
      1 Samuel 8:19-20

    Who selected Israel's first king?
      1 Samuel 9:15-17
    Did David replace Saul because of his personal ambitions to become king?
      1 Samuel 16:1, 11-12
    How did God react when David's son and Israel's third king, Solomon, grew unfaithful?
      1 Kings 11:9-13

    What happened over the next 200 years to the northern nation of Israel?
      2 Kings 17:21-23
    What happened to the southern nation of Judah after its 350 years of existence?
      Jeremiah 25:4-5, 8-9

    What happened while the Jews were in exile in Babylon?
      Daniel 5:22-23, 30-31
    What great thing happened to the Jews during the reign of Darius' successor, Cyrus?
      Ezra 1:1-3

The Book of Esther (Esther 1:1-2)
    At what point in the Jews' history does this story take place?
      Esther 1:1-2

      537 Jews return under Cyrus to rebuild temple
      516 Temple completed
      473 First Purim (Esther)
      458 Ezra goes to Jerusalem
      445 Nehemiah goes to Jerusalem

    The name of God is never stated, mentioned, or even referred to in this book
      It tells a strong story of how God takes care of and saves His people
    What does Paul say hundreds of years later that summarizes this book?
      Romans 8:28
    What lesson does this story give for our own lives?
      Esther 4:14

Xerxes Throws a Party (Esther 1)
    How proud was Xerxes of the wealth and power he had?
      Esther 1:4-5, 9
    How did the banquet end on a sour note?
      Esther 1:10a, 11-12
    Why did the Persians believe this was a threat to the nation?
      Esther 1:17-18
    What did Xerxes do to prevent this disaster?
      Esther 1:19, 22

Vashti Replaced (Esther 2)
    How was Xerxes to find a suitable replacement for Queen Vashti?
      Esther 2:2, 4, 12
    Who was Esther and how does she enter this story?
      Esther 2:5a, 7-8
    How did the contest turn out?
      Esther 2:17
    How could a Jew become queen of the Persian empire?
      Esther 2:10-11
    How did Mordecai's concern for Esther help save Xerxes?
      Esther 2:21-23

Haman Commands Destruction of Jews (Esther 3)
    How did Mordecai's faithfulness to God get him and others in trouble?
      Esther 3:1-2, 5-6
    How would Haman get Xerxes' approval to destroy the Jews?
      Esther 3:8-9, 11
    How would Haman accomplish this goal of getting rid of all Jews throughout the empire?
      Esther 3:13
    How had Haman selected this date?
      Esther 3:7

Who Will Stand up for the Jews? (Esther 4)
    How did the Jews respond to this decree?
      Esther 4:1-3
    Why couldn't Esther just go talk to Xerxes and ask for his help?
      Esther 4:11
    How did Mordecai convince her that she should put her neck on the line and go to Xerxes?
      Esther 4:12-14
    What help did Esther want from the rest of the local Jews?
      Esther 4:15-16

Esther Steps Out with God's Strength (Esther 5)
    How did Xerxes respond to Esther appearing before him without his request?
      Esther 5:2-3
    Did Esther immediately make her request to Xerxes?
      Esther 5:4-5
    Did she make her request then?
      Esther 5:6-8

    How did Haman feel about Esther's invitations?
      Esther 5:11-12
    What did Haman's inflated head then lead him to do?
      Esther 5:13-14

Mordecai's Fate (Esther 6)
    What did Xerxes remember that night when he had insomnia?
      Esther 6:1-3
    Who happened to walk in at that time and what happened?
      Esther 6:6-9
    How was Haman surprised?
      Esther 6:10-13

Haman's Fate (Esther 7)
    What did Esther finally request from Xerxes during the banquet on the second day?
      Esther 7:3-4
    How did Xerxes respond?
      Esther 7:5-7
    How did Haman further seal his fate?
      Esther 7:8-9

The King's Edict (Esther 8-9:17)
    Why couldn't Xerxes just repeal the law that Haman had made in his name?
      Daniel 6:8
    How did Xerxes decide to solve this dilemma?
      Esther 8:7-8
    What decree did Mordecai make that solved this problem?
      Esther 8:11-12
    How did things turn out?
      Esther 9:1-3

The Festival of Purim (Esther 9:18-10)
    How were the Jews to remember this great saving act of God?
      Esther 9:20-22
    What was this festival called and why?
      Esther 9:24, 26a
    How was a regular Jew like Mordecai able to command the setting of this great festival?
      Esther 10:3

How Purim is Celebrated Today
    A central part of the celebration is hearing the reading of the book of Esther multiple times
      Children act out the story as it is read, Elaborate costumes are made and worn
    Esther and Mordecai are the great heroes
    Haman is the great villain, Alot of noise is made when Haman's name is mentioned
      Booing, stamping on the floor, beating pots & pans, spinning noisemakers
      People write "Haman" on bottoms of shoes and grind their soles into the floor
      Triangular pastries represent Haman's hat, eaten to show dislike of Haman

Closing Prayer

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