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Isaiah Prophesies About Jesus - Humiliation


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    Bible Words to Remember:
      Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made Himself nothing, taking the very form of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to death - even death on a cross! Philippians 2:5-8

Opening Prayer

The Role of God's Prophets (2 Kings 17)
    What did God require of the kings of His people?
      1 Kings 11:37-38
    How faithful were the kings of Israel, the northern kingdom?
      2 Kings 17:21-22
    How faithful was Judah, the southern kingdom?
      2 Kings 17:19
    Did God give up on the people immediately after Jeroboam turned them away?
      2 Kings 17:13-14

The Prophet's Message (Isaiah 1)
    At what point in Jewish history did Isaiah serve as God's prophet and to whom did he prophesy?
      Isaiah 1:1
    How did God call Isaiah and how was the call accepted?
      Isaiah 6:1, 8

    How does Isaiah begin his ministry?
      Isaiah 1:2-4
    Hadn't God tried to discipline them and turn them back to Him?
      Isaiah 1:5-6

    What was the problem? Were the Jews not religious enough?
      Isaiah 1:11-14
    What did God want?
      Isaiah 1:16-17

    How could they become righteous? What about their guilt of past evils?
      Isaiah 1:18
    What would happen if the people didn't return to God?
      Isaiah 1:19-20

    Knowing that the Jews would not repent and return, what did God say He would do?
      Isaiah 1:21, 25
    What hope would the Jews have after they were punished with exile?
      Isaiah 1:26

The Righteous King (Isaiah 11)
    How would the Jews know when this time of restoration and righteousness begins?
      Isaiah 7:14
    How would the news get out to everyone?
      Isaiah 40:3-5
    What did Isaiah tell them about this child?
      Isaiah 9:6-7
    What kind of a king would this child become?
      Isaiah 11:1-5

    What would this great king mean for Israel?
      Isaiah 11:10, 12
    Why would the rest of the world rally around Israel?
      Isaiah 49:6
    How peaceful would things be under this king?
      Isaiah 11:6-9

The Righteous Servant (Isaiah 50:4-9)
    Why would this king be so successful?
      Isaiah 42:1
    How did this relate to Israel's original calling?
      Isaiah 41:8-9
    How obedient would this chosen servant be?
      Isaiah 50:4-7
    Isaiah's Four Servant Songs
      . Isaiah 42:1-7
      . Isaiah 49:1-6
      . Isaiah 50:4-9
      . Isaiah 52:13-53:12
    While the Jews misunderstood what Isaiah was describing, how well did Isaiah understand?
      1 Peter 1:10-12

The Doubter's Chapter (Isaiah 52:13-53:12)
    Isaiah's fourth servant song (52:13-53:12) points directly to Jesus
      It can convince Jews that Jesus is the promised Messiah - Called The Doubter's Chapter

    How does Isaiah begin his fourth servant song that accurately describes Jesus?
      Isaiah 52:13
    How was Jesus highly exalted?
      Philippians 2:9
    How did Isaiah's next verse confuse the Jews' picture of this great king?
      Isaiah 52:14
    How did this describe Jesus?
      Mark 14:65; 15:17-19

    How would this king save the whole world?
      Isaiah 52:15
    How did this reference to the sprinkling of blood off the atoning sacrifice point to Jesus?
      1 Peter 1:2
    What other sprinkling did Jesus bring to us?
      Hebrews 10:22

    How would the true message of this servant be accepted?
      Isaiah 53:1
    How was this fulfilled with Jesus?
      John 12:37-38

    Would this great king look like a great king?
      Isaiah 53:2
    Didn't Jesus attract people by His greatness wherever He went?
      Matthew 13:54-57

    Besides his looks, how well would this great king of the Jews be accepted by people?
      Isaiah 53:3
    How clearly was Jesus despised and rejected by men?
      Mark 15:29-32

    Although despised and rejected, what would this servant do for mankind?
      Isaiah 53:4a
    How did Jesus take away pains and troubles?
      Matthew 8:16-17

    How would this servant be supported by God during his thankless work for mankind?
      Isaiah 53:4b
    How was this played out in Jesus?
      Matthew 27:43, 46

    Why would God strike, smite and afflict this great servant?
      Isaiah 53:5a
    How directly was this fulfilled by Jesus?
      John 19:33-34, 36

    Would the servant do this because mankind would be so deserving?
      Isaiah 53:5b-6
    How does Peter explain this was fulfilled by Jesus?
      1 Peter 2:24-25

    How willingly would this servant go through this suffering?
      Isaiah 53:7
    Did Jesus fit this description?
      Matthew 27:12-14

    Would people recognize what was happening when this was carried out?
      Isaiah 53:8
    How was Jesus our substitute?
      2 Corinthians 5:21

    How would this great king be treated in his death?
      Isaiah 53:9
    How did this describe Jesus?
      Matthew 27:57-60

    Why would this servant go through all of this suffering?
      Isaiah 53:10-11
    How did Jesus see the light of life?
      Matthew 28:6
    How does knowledge of this justify many?
      Romans 10:9

    How does Isaiah summarize his song on the suffering servant?
      Isaiah 53:12
    How was Jesus numbered with the transgressors?
      Mark 15:27-28

    Besides being forever thankful of what Jesus did for us, what should we learn from this?
      Philippians 2:5-8

Closing Prayer

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