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Isaiah Prophesies About Jesus - Humiliation


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    Bible Words to Remember:
      Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made Himself nothing, taking the very form of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to death - even death on a cross! Philippians 2:5-8

Opening Prayer

The Role of God's Prophets (2 Kings 17)
    What did God require of the kings of His people?
      1 Kings 11:37-38 = Walk in my ways & follow my statutes and I will bless you
    How faithful were the kings of Israel, the northern kingdom?
      2 Kings 17:21-22 = They persisted in the sins of Jeroboam
    How faithful was Judah, the southern kingdom?
      2 Kings 17:19 = Judah followed the practices Israel had introduced
    Did God give up on the people immediately after Jeroboam turned them away?
      2 Kings 17:13-14 = No, He sent prophets to Israel & Judah to turn them back to Him

The Prophet's Message (Isaiah 1)
    At what point in Jewish history did Isaiah serve as God's prophet and to whom did he prophesy?
      Isaiah 1:1 = Prophesied to Judah while Israel was being conquered by Assyrians
    How did God call Isaiah and how was the call accepted?
      Isaiah 6:1, 8 = God asked Whom shall I send? Isaiah said Here am I. Send me!

    How does Isaiah begin his ministry?
      Isaiah 1:2-4 = Tells the problem: God's kids have rebelled & turned their backs on Him
    Hadn't God tried to discipline them and turn them back to Him?
      Isaiah 1:5-6 = Yes, but they still persisted in rebellion

    What was the problem? Were the Jews not religious enough? = We're not just to go thru the motions
      Isaiah 1:11-14 = He detests their meaningless worship rituals for the sake of religion
    What did God want?
      Isaiah 1:16-17 = Live in righteousness, not evil

    How could they become righteous? What about their guilt of past evils?
      Isaiah 1:18 = God will forgive them
    What would happen if the people didn't return to God?
      Isaiah 1:19-20 = you will be devoured by the sword

    Knowing that the Jews would not repent and return, what did God say He would do?
      Isaiah 1:21, 25 = He would specially discipline them to purify them
    What hope would the Jews have after they were punished with exile?
      Isaiah 1:26 = They would be restored and would live in Righteousness

The Righteous King (Isaiah 11)
    How would the Jews know when this time of restoration and righteousness begins?
      Isaiah 7:14 = The virgin will...give birth to a son, and will call him "God with us"
    How would the news get out to everyone?
      Isaiah 40:3-5 = A messenger would come and prepare the way, all mankind will hear
    What did Isaiah tell them about this child?
      Isaiah 9:6-7 = He would be a great & righteous ruler and would reign forever
    What kind of a king would this child become?
      Isaiah 11:1-5 = A righteous and faithful king like David, even better

    What would this great king mean for Israel?
      Isaiah 11:10, 12 = All exiles would return, the world will rally around
    Why would the rest of the world rally around Israel? = Jews see world peace based in Israel
      Isaiah 49:6 = This king would save not only Israel, but the whole world
    How peaceful would things be under this king?
      Isaiah 11:6-9 = All of creation would be at peace - The wolf will live with the lamb

The Righteous Servant (Isaiah 50:4-9)
    Why would this king be so successful?
      Isaiah 42:1 = He would be a servant to the Lord, God would be with him
    How did this relate to Israel's original calling?
      Isaiah 41:8-9 = God had called Israel to be His servant
    How obedient would this chosen servant be?
      Isaiah 50:4-7 = He will stand faithful even to beating, mocking, spitting, accusations
    Isaiah's Four Servant Songs
      . Isaiah 42:1-7 = Here is my servant, my chosen, he will establish justice on earth
      . Isaiah 49:1-6 = It isn't enough to restore Israel, also save the whole world
      . Isaiah 50:4-9 = Offer my back to be beaten, my cheeks to pull out my beard
      . Isaiah 52:13-53:12 = He was despised, rejected, bore our sins, suffered to save many
    While the Jews misunderstood what Isaiah was describing, how well did Isaiah understand?
      1 Peter 1:10-12 = He didn't, he also longed to understand.

The Doubter's Chapter (Isaiah 52:13-53:12)
    Isaiah's fourth servant song (52:13-53:12) points directly to Jesus
      It can convince Jews that Jesus is the promised Messiah - Called The Doubter's Chapter

    How does Isaiah begin his fourth servant song that accurately describes Jesus?
      Isaiah 52:13 = He will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted
    How was Jesus highly exalted? = Raised & lifted on cross, from grave, into heaven
      Philippians 2:9 = God exalted Him to the highest place
    How did Isaiah's next verse confuse the Jews' picture of this great king?
      Isaiah 52:14 = Many were appalled at him - his appearance was so disfigured
    How did this describe Jesus?
      Mark 14:65; 15:17-19 = He was whipped, beaten, crown of thorns, hit on head

    How would this king save the whole world? = Sacrifice blood sprinkled on people
      Isaiah 52:15 = He would bring nations to God, they could be atoned with sacrifices
    How did this reference to the sprinkling of blood off the atoning sacrifice point to Jesus?
      1 Peter 1:2 = Jesus was the ultimate atoning sacrifice and sprinkled His blood on us
    What other sprinkling did Jesus bring to us?
      Hebrews 10:22 = The waters of baptism

    How would the true message of this servant be accepted?
      Isaiah 53:1 = People wouldn't believe what would be revealed to them
    How was this fulfilled with Jesus?
      John 12:37-38 = The Jews didn't believe in Jesus, despite his miraculous signs

    Would this great king look like a great king?
      Isaiah 53:2 = He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him
    Didn't Jesus attract people by His greatness wherever He went?
      Matthew 13:54-57 = No, He was rejected in His hometown, People came for message

    Besides his looks, how well would this great king of the Jews be accepted by people?
      Isaiah 53:3 = He'd be despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows & suffering
    How clearly was Jesus despised and rejected by men?
      Mark 15:29-32 = He was mocked and insulted while being crucified

    Although despised and rejected, what would this servant do for mankind?
      Isaiah 53:4a = He would take away our pains and troubles
    How did Jesus take away pains and troubles?
      Matthew 8:16-17 = He drove out demons and healed the sick

    How would this servant be supported by God during his thankless work for mankind?
      Isaiah 53:4b = We considered him stricken by God, smitten by Him and afflicted
    How was this played out in Jesus?
      Matthew 27:43, 46 = Let God save him ... My God, why have you forsaken me?

    Why would God strike, smite and afflict this great servant?
      Isaiah 53:5a = He was pierced for our transgressions...crushed for our iniquities
    How directly was this fulfilled by Jesus?
      John 19:33-34, 36 = He was pierced by the soldiers to make sure He was dead

    Would the servant do this because mankind would be so deserving?
      Isaiah 53:5b-6 = Man turned his own way like sheep; by his wounds we are healed
    How does Peter explain this was fulfilled by Jesus?
      1 Peter 2:24-25 = He quotes from these verses to show how Jesus died for our sins

    How willingly would this servant go through this suffering?
      Isaiah 53:7 = He wouldn't even defend himself, like a lamb to the slaughter
    Did Jesus fit this description?
      Matthew 27:12-14 = He gave no answer to the accusations thrown at Him

    Would people recognize what was happening when this was carried out?
      Isaiah 53:8 = Read footnote translation - Who considered he was their substitute?
    How was Jesus our substitute?
      2 Corinthians 5:21 = God made Him who had no sin to be a sin offering for us

    How would this great king be treated in his death? = See v12 regarding "with the wicked"
      Isaiah 53:9 = He was assigned a grave with the ... rich
    How did this describe Jesus?
      Matthew 27:57-60 = He was buried in the fresh grave of rich Joseph of Arimathea

    Why would this servant go through all of this suffering?
      Isaiah 53:10-11 = He will see the light of life and be satisfied that he justified many
    How did Jesus see the light of life?
      Matthew 28:6 = He rose from death
    How does knowledge of this justify many?
      Romans 10:9 = If you believe Jesus is Lord & that He died & rose, you will be saved

    How does Isaiah summarize his song on the suffering servant?
      Isaiah 53:12 = He was numbered with sinners and bore their sins
    How was Jesus numbered with the transgressors?
      Mark 15:27-28 = He was given a criminal's death with robbers on each side

    Besides being forever thankful of what Jesus did for us, what should we learn from this?
      Philippians 2:5-8 = Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus ... humility

Closing Prayer

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