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Jesus Visits Mary and Martha

Luke 10:38-42

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    Next Week - Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead (Luke 11:1-46)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      Do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it ... But seek His kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well. Luke 12:29, 31

Opening Prayer

When Did This Story Take Place? (Luke 10:1-24)
    At what point in Jesus' ministry does Luke place this story?
      Luke 9:51
    What date does John give for when Jesus began focusing His ministry in Judea?
      John 7:1-11, 14
    What specific date is given in John that is understood to have been after today's story?
      John 10:22-23

    How did Jesus show it was now time to reveal Himself in Judea as His disciples had suggested?
      Luke 10:1
    How effective were these missionaries?
      Luke 10:17-19

Where Did This Story Take Place? (Luke 10:38)
    What does Luke tell us about where this story took place?
      Luke 10:38
    What village does next week's lesson tell us this was?
      John 11:1
    Was this the Bethany on the east side of the Jordan where John baptized (John 1:28)?
      John 11:18
    Where did Jesus spend the night when He was in Jerusalem?
      Mark 11:11

Jesus on the Mount (Luke 21:37-38)
    What separated Jerusalem from Bethany that became an important place for Jesus?
      Luke 19:29
    How did Jesus spend His time during the last week of His life?
      Luke 21:37-38
    What happened to Jesus when He was praying on the Mount of Olives one evening?
      Luke 22:39, 47, 54
    What happened when Jesus visited the Mount of Olives for the last time?
      Luke 24:50-51

Mary (Luke 10:39)
    Who else does Jesus meet in Martha's home?
      Luke 10:39
    Where else do we see the worship-filled example of Mary?
      John 12:1-3
    Did this also take place in Martha's house?
      Mark 14:3

    Did everyone recognize and appreciate Mary's pouring out of love for Jesus?
      John 12:4-6
    How did Jesus feel about Mary pouring out this bottle of expensive perfume?
      Mark 14:6-9
    Did Judas like Jesus' explanation and reasoning?
      Mark 14:10-11

    Where do we always find Mary in the three times she appears in the Bible?
      John 11:32

Martha (John 11:17-30)
    What does the story tell us about Martha?
      Luke 10:38
    How might this hospitality have been especially appreciated by Jesus?
      Luke 9:57-58
    How did Jesus feel about Martha and her family?
      John 11:5
    How did Martha feel about Jesus?
      John 11:17-20, 30

    Did Martha recognize that Jesus was from God?
      John 11:21-22
    Did she recognize who Jesus really was?
      John 11:23-27
    How did Martha have one last chance to show her love for Jesus before His death?
      John 12:1-2

Martha's Response to Mary (Luke 10:40-42)
    How did Martha feel about Mary neglecting the call to serve Jesus and His disciples?
      Luke 10:40
    Why wasn't Martha able to recognize the value of what Mary was doing?
      Luke 10:41
    What details should Martha be concerned about at this time?
      Luke 10:42

Worship or Serve? (Luke 4:8)
    Does this mean that God wants His faithful to live their lives worshipping instead of serving?
      James 2:26
    So which should we do, worship or serve?
      Luke 4:8
    Charles Wesley wrote in one of his hymns:
      Faithful to my Lord's commands,
      I still would choose the better part;
      Serve with careful Martha's hands,
      And loving Mary's heart.

    How do we know when and how to worship and to serve?
      Matthew 22:35-40

How Should We Serve? (1 Peter 2:12)
    Don't we automatically put God first when we serve Him?
      Philippians 1:15-17
    Will selfish motives prevent God from being glorified?
      Philippians 1:18
    What is the risk of keeping ourselves very busy in service?
      Haggai 1:9
    What should be our purpose in serving?
      1 Peter 2:12

Martha's Problem (Luke 12:22-34)
    How was Martha's problem with priorities made more difficult?
      Luke 12:22-23
    But didn't Martha have to make sure Jesus had something to eat?
      Luke 12:24
    But we have bills to pay and retirement to save for and jobs to worry about and ...
      Luke 12:25-26

    But what about our clothes? If we don't worry about them, we'll be naked and catch cold!
      Luke 12:27-28
    But we need to eat! We'll die if we don't have something to eat or drink!
      Luke 12:29-31

    Now we need to worry about seeking His kingdom! How do we do that?
      Luke 12:32-34
    So what should we do when we have worries, be proactive and solve them ourselves?
      Philippians 4:6-7

Saul - The "Do It Yourself" Leader (1 Samuel 13:1-14)
    What were Samuel's final instructions to Saul after he anointed him as king over Israel?
      1 Samuel 10:1, 8
    What happened when Saul went to Gilgal as instructed?
      1 Samuel 13:3-7
    What did Saul do when he began worrying about his situation?
      1 Samuel 13:8-9

    Saul had done the right thing by turning to the Lord, right?
      1 Samuel 13:10-13
    How did God punish Saul for this misguided solution to worry?
      1 Samuel 13:14

    What should we remember whenever we try to take matters into our own hands?
      John 15:5

From Warren Wiersbe:
    Unless we meet Christ personally and privately each day, we will soon end up like Martha: busy but not blessed. Often in my pastoral ministry, I have asked people with serious problems, "Tell me about your devotional life." The usual response has been an embarrassed look, a bowed head, and the quiet confession, "I stopped reading my Bible and praying a long time ago." And they wondered why they had problems!

Closing Prayer

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