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Jesus Calms a Storm

Matthew 8:23-27

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. 2 Thessalonians 3:16

Opening Prayer

A Busy Messiah (Matthew 4:23-25)
    How did Jesus spend the first 2-1/2 years of His 3-year ministry?
      Matthew 4:23-25
    How willing was Jesus to be bothered with the cares and needs of these crowds of people?
      Matthew 8:1-4
    Why did Jesus spend so much time healing since there would always be sickness and trouble?
      Matthew 8:16-17

    How dedicated was Jesus to taking care of these people who came to Him?
      Mark 3:20-21
    Why did Jesus show so much concern for all of these strangers?
      Mark 3:31-35
    Besides bringing people to be healed, why did people travel long distances to see Jesus?
      Matthew 7:28-29

Getting Away From the Crowd? (Matthew 8:18)
    Was it easier for Jesus to be less crowded by teaching outside, rather than in a home?
      Mark 4:1
    Who, most likely, owned this boat?
      Luke 5:1-3
    How did Jesus later use this boat?
      Matthew 8:18

    Was Jesus trying to get away from the crowd of people?
      Matthew 8:28-29
    How did Jesus show His power over Satan's demons?
      Luke 8:30-33
    How welcome was Jesus in this region after showing this great power?
      Luke 8:34-37
    Why did Jesus make this special trip across the lake just to heal this man?
      Mark 5:18-20

    Are we sure Jesus wasn't just trying to get away from the crowds?
      Mark 5:21
    Why would Jesus sometimes leave crowds that wanted Him to stay?
      Luke 4:42-43

Stormy Weather (Matthew 8:24)
    What indications do we get from Mark that Jesus had specific reasons for crossing the lake?
      Mark 4:35-36
    How did Jesus pass the time while sailing across the lake?
      Luke 8:23
    How strong was this storm?
      Mark 4:37

    Sea of Galilee - Actually a lake, 13 miles N-S, 8 miles E-W, 150 ft deep, 680 ft below sea level
      Not uncommon for normally calm waters to suddenly turn violent from strong storms
      The unique location of hills & valleys channel & compress storms & winds like a funnel
      Such storms can last for days and create waves up to 20 feet tall
    Dr W. M. Christie tells:
      A company of visitors were standing on the shore of Tiberias, and, noting the glassy surface of the water and the smallness of the lake, they expressed doubts as to the possibility of such storms as those described in the gospels. Almost immediately the wind sprang up. In twenty minutes the sea was white with foam-crested waves. Great billows broke over the towers at the corners of the city walls, and the visitors were compelled to seek shelter from the blinding spray, though now two hundred yards from the lakeside.

    What effect did this seismos have on Jesus?
      Matthew 8:23-24
    Why wasn't Jesus concerned about the great danger from this storm?
      Luke 8:22
      Psalm 4:8

Experienced Sailors (Matthew 8:25)
    How acquainted were the disciples with sailing this boat on this lake?
      Mark 1:16-20
    How did these skillful sailors react to this violent storm?
      Matthew 8:25
    How did the disciples feel about Jesus not getting up on His own and taking care of them?
      Mark 4:38

The Master Cares (Matthew 8:26)
    How did Jesus show them that while the storm didn't bother Him, He cared for their fears?
      Luke 8:24
    How much rebuking and yelling did Jesus have to do to get the wind and waves calm?
      Mark 4:39
    How could Jesus make the sea completely calm with just a few words?
      John 1:1-3
    How was the sea created in the first place?
      Genesis 1:9-10

Fear Insurance (Matthew 8:26)
    Was Jesus upset that they had awakened Him with their fears?
      Mark 4:40
    How does fear of the storm show that the disciples had weak faith?
      John 14:1
    Were the disciples wrong to bring their fears to Jesus?
      Psalm 56:3
    What should the disciples have done differently?
      Isaiah 12:2a

The Lesson (Matthew 8:27)
    What did the disciples think about what they had just seen?
      Matthew 8:27
    How does Mark describe their response?
      Mark 4:41
    Does Luke make it clearer whether they were in fear or amazed at what they had seen?
      Luke 8:25

    Why had Jesus allowed the disciples to go through all this stress just to learn this lesson?
      Hebrews 12:11
    Did Jesus want them to go through all of this fear?
      Mark 5:36
    What should we remember whenever we encounter great storms in life?
      Romans 8:28

Our Sailing Partner (Mark 4:35-36)
    What is our situation before we put our trust in Jesus?
      Ephesians 2:1
    What invitation do we have?
      Mark 4:35b
    What is waiting for us when we cross over to the other side?
      John 5:24

    Do we have to make this journey alone?
      Mark 4:36
    What is the boat where we can find Jesus?
      Jesus is in the Boat of the Heart - Colossians 1:27; 1 John 4:4
      Jesus is in the Boat of the Church - Psalm 46:5; Revelation 2:1; Deuteronomy 23:14
      Jesus is in the Boat of the Scriptures - John 5:39
      Jesus is in the Boat of Providence - Romans 8:28; Matthew 28:18

The Sea of Life (1 Peter 5:7)
    Since Jesus is with us, will our journey be smooth and calm?
      Matthew 24:6
    Will our journey at least be smoother than that of non-Christians?
      Acts 9:16
    Why would a Christian have more difficulties than a non-Christian?
      1 Peter 5:8-9

    When we encounter storms on life's seas, does that mean Jesus has left us?
      Deuteronomy 31:6
    Knowing that Jesus is always with us, what might we think when we're caught in a storm?
      Psalm 44:23-24
    What should we remember when we feel Jesus is coming to our rescue too slowly?
      2 Peter 3:9

    What should we do as soon as we see a storm brewing and begin to fear?
      1 Peter 5:7
    How are we helped through storms when we cast our anxieties on Him?
      2 Thessalonians 3:16
    How can a little peace get us through the furious storms we encounter in life?
      Philippians 4:7

Closing Prayer

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