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John Sends Two Disciples to Jesus

Luke 7:18-35

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      The Spirit of the Lord is on Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the good news to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor. Luke 4:18-19

Opening Prayer

Elijah II (Matthew 17:1-13)
    What kind of warning did the Jews expect to let them know the Messiah was coming?
      Malachi 4:5-6
    How long would it take for the Messiah to come after this messenger prepared the way?
      Malachi 3:1

    Did Jesus agree with the Jewish understanding that Elijah would return first?
      Matthew 17:10-11
    What had happened right before Jesus said this?
      Matthew 17:1-3
    Was this brief visit the expected second coming of Elijah?
      Matthew 17:12
    Who was Jesus talking about?
      Matthew 17:13

John as Elijah (Luke 1)
    Was Jesus the first to learn that John was the Elijah who was to turn the hearts of the people?
      Luke 1:13, 16-17
    Did Zechariah understand what he was told?
      Luke 1:67, 76-77

    How did God's selection of John's parents help prepare him for his ministry?
      Luke 1:5-7
    How did being born to elderly parents prepare John for his ministry?
      Luke 1:80

    How could he live in the desert?
      Matthew 3:3-4
    Wasn't it unclean for a man of God to eat something like locusts?
      Leviticus 11:20-23
    Rough camel hair clothes were worn by the poor. Who else wore clothes like these?
      2 Kings 1:7-8

John's Views on Himself (John 1:15-34)
    Did John recognize himself as being Elijah?
      John 1:19-21
    Who did he say he was?
      John 1:22-23
    Why was he doing this?
      John 1:24-27
    Did John know who he was talking about?
      John 1:15, 29-31
    How did he know Jesus was the Messiah?
      John 1:32-34

John's Baptism (Mark 1:4-5)
    What did John do in the desert besides eat locusts?
      Mark 1:4
    How effectively could he reach out to people in the desert?
      Mark 1:5
    Why did John baptize the people who repented?
      Numbers 19:17-19

John's Ministry (Luke 3:1-16)
    How did John convince people to repent (turn from their evil ways)?
      Luke 3:7-9
    Did John tell them to follow the Written and Oral Laws completely to escape judgment?
      Luke 3:10-14
    With unique teachings like this, did the people think John was more than a regular rabbi?
      Luke 3:15
    How did John respond to such lofty thoughts?
      Luke 3:16

Baptism of Fire (Luke 3:17)
    How did John understand that the Messiah would baptize with fire?
      Luke 3:17
    What was this baptism of fire that John spoke of?
      Acts 2:1-4
    Was the fire of Pentecost only active on that day?
      1 Thessalonians 5:19

John vs. Jesus? (John 3:22-4:3)
    Was John the only one who baptized or did others do it also?
      John 3:22; 4:2
    What did John's disciples think about what Jesus' disciples were doing?
      John 3:26
    What did John think about this?
      John 3:27-30
    What did Jesus do when the Pharisees tried to pit Him against John?
      John 4:1-3

John Calls It As He Sees It (Mark 6:17-20)
    How did John's warnings of God's wrath against evil get him in trouble?
      Luke 3:18-20
    Herod Antipas had visited his brother Philip in Rome and seduced his wife Herodias while there
      When he came home, he dismissed his wife, lured Herodias away and married her
    How did John rebuke Herod Antipas?
      Mark 6:17-18
    Did Herod imprison John because he was upset or just to silence a trouble-maker?
      Mark 6:19
    They had the power to have John killed. Why didn't they just do it?
      Mark 6:20

John's End (Mark 6:21-29)
    What happened while John was in prison?
      Mark 6:21-25
    How did Herod respond to this request?
      Mark 6:26-29
    Did it bother Herod later in life that he had killed a man of God?
      Mark 6:14-16
    How curious was he about his theory?
      Luke 23:5-9
    How did he react when he realized that Jesus wasn't the eloquent John come back?
      Luke 23:11

John's Impact (Luke 7:18-19)
    How strong of an impact did John have on people's lives?
      Acts 18:24-26
    What did John try to do when Jesus began His ministry?
      John 1:35-37
    How did John try to push this point stronger as he neared death?
      Luke 7:18-19

What You See Is What You Get (Luke 7:20-23)
    Were the disciples bold enough to actually ask this of Jesus?
      Luke 7:20
    Still early in His ministry, how did Jesus reply to this question?
      Luke 7:21-22
    How would these disciples understand from this who Jesus was?
      Isaiah 35:5-6
      Isaiah 26:19
      Isaiah 61:1
    How did Jesus warn them against doubts from misunderstanding what the Messiah would be?
      Luke 7:23

What You Saw is Proof (Luke 7:24-35)
    How did Jesus say that John pointed to Him and didn't just say what people wanted him to say?
      Luke 7:24
    How did He show John wasn't trying to become rich and famous?
      Luke 7:25
    Why did John do what he did?
      Luke 7:26-27
    How important was John's ministry?
      Luke 7:28a
    How important did that make John in God's kingdom?
      Luke 7:28b

    Had everyone accepted and understood John's great work?
      Luke 7:29-30
    Did the leaders reject John because he was too strange?
      Luke 7:31-34
    What is proof that John and Jesus were right and the leaders were wrong?
      Luke 7:35

Closing Prayer

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