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Jesus Shows His Glory

Matthew 16:13-16; 17:1-9

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    Next Week - Jesus Heals a Centurion's Servant (Luke 7:1-10; Matthew 8:5-13; John 4:46-54)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      Jesus received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory. 2 Peter 1:17

Opening Prayer

A Place to Teach (Matthew 16:13)
    What became a key focus of Jesus' ministry as He neared its end?
      Mark 9:30-32
    What happened whenever Jesus tried to find a place to be with just His apostles?
      Matthew 14:13-14, 34-36
    Where did Jesus finally find a place where the Jewish crowds wouldn't follow?
      Matthew 15:21
    Where else did Jesus take His disciples that would be away from Jewish leaders and crowds?
      Matthew 16:13a

    Caesarea Philippi - 25 miles north of Sea of Galilee, 1700 feet higher
      Outside of Galilee in region ruled by Herod Philip II (third son of Herod the Great)
      Name - Augustus Caesar & Herod Philip II (Caesarea - Caesar's town, Philippi - of Philip)
    At base of Mount Hermon - Large mountain at northern boundary of Palestine, source of Jordan
      20 mile long ridge, three peaks - two over 9000 feet, View all of Palestine to Dead Sea
      Also called Ice-Mountain - Source of ice for Damascus & Mt Lebanon during summer
    Near Old Testament town of Dan in territory of Naphtali - Mainly non-Jewish now
      Jeroboam set up shrine in Dan, Became worship center for Baal (was Balinas)
      Caesarea Philippi had shrine for Greek god Pan - had been called Panias
      Magnificent marble temple to worship Caesar - distinguishing building of town

Question of the Day (Matthew 16:13-14)
    Surrounded by such pagan influences, what question did the penniless Galilean ask?
      Mark 8:27
    How does Matthew's record of Jesus' question differ?
      Matthew 16:13
    How does this name that Jesus gave Himself point to who He really was?
      Daniel 7:13-14
    Who did people think Jesus was? Did they recognize Jesus as the Messiah?
      Matthew 16:14

Jesus as John the Baptist? (Matthew 14:1-2)
    Who was especially curious about who Jesus really was?
      Luke 9:7-9
    Why did Herod believe Jesus was the reincarnation of John?
      Matthew 14:1-2
    Were the miracles Jesus performed similar to the ones John did?
      John 10:40-42

    Did people think Jesus was John because they acted the same?
      Luke 1:17; 3:7-9
      2 Corinthians 10:1a
    Did they at least look or dress the same?
      Mark 1:6
      John 19:23-24
    What similarity should the people have recognized?
      2 Kings 1:8
    What other visual contrast was made between Jesus and John?
      Matthew 11:18-19

Jesus as Elijah or Jeremiah? (Matthew 16:14)
    Why did people think Jesus might be Elijah?
      Malachi 4:5-6
      Jews still leave an empty chair for Elijah when they celebrate the Passover
    Why might people think Jesus might be Jeremiah?
      2 Maccabees 2:1-12 - Before exile, Jeremiah hid the ark in a cave on Mount Nebo
        Jeremiah would return before the Messiah to bring back the ark & incense altar
      2 Esdras 2:18 - For thy help I will send my servants Isaiah and Jeremiah

The Real Question (Matthew 16:15-17)
    Was Jesus really concerned about who the people thought He was?
      Matthew 16:15
    Did the disciples have a better understanding of who Jesus was?
      Matthew 16:16
    Had they learned this from spending the last two years watching Jesus?
      Matthew 16:17

    Was there any way they could have figured this out by themselves?
      Matthew 11:25-27
    Now that we have the story of Jesus in the Bible, can we figure this out for ourselves?
      1 Corinthians 12:3
    Peter was ready to give his confession when asked. What advice does he later give us?
      1 Peter 3:15
    Are we to try to be as eloquent and persuasive as Peter and Paul when telling of Jesus?
      1 Corinthians 2:1-5, 13

Built on the Rock (Matthew 16:18-20)
    How did Jesus use Peter's confession to help reveal His purpose for the disciples?
      Matthew 16:18
    What is this petra, the foundation of Jesus' church?
      1 Corinthians 3:11
    Did Peter understand what Jesus meant by calling him a stone and his confession a rock?
      1 Peter 2:4-5
    How did Peter explain Jesus as Christ being a large rock?
      1 Peter 2:6-7
    How important would this church (spiritual house) be?
      Matthew 16:19
    After verifying that His apostles knew who He was, did Jesus ask them to explain it to others?
      Matthew 16:20

A Complete Understanding? (Matthew 16:21-28)
    Was Jesus just concerned that His disciples knew that He was the Messiah?
      Matthew 16:21
    Wasn't it clear through Peter's confession that they already understood this?
      Matthew 16:22-23
    What did Jesus say to explain that being a stone in His church was more than just a confession?
      Matthew 16:24-28

Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-2)
    How long did Jesus stay in the Caesarea Philippi area teaching His disciples?
      Matthew 17:1
    What is significant about this time?
      Exodus 24:15-16
    What does Luke tell us that Jesus did there?
      Luke 9:29
    Luke says His clothes were as bright as lightning. What analogy does Mark give?
      Mark 9:3
    Was it just His clothes?
      Matthew 17:2

    How was this similar to, but different than what happened to Moses?
      Exodus 34:29
    Was this glory that Jesus was getting now that He had nearly completed His mission?
      John 17:5
    How does Moses' example explain to us why Jesus' glory had not been revealed?
      Exodus 34:30, 33-35
    How did John later refer to this in his gospel? (Also 2:11; 7:39; 11:4; 12:23; 13:31-32; 20:31)
      John 1:14
    What did Peter say later in one of his letters?
      2 Peter 1:16-18

A Mountaintop Experience (Matthew 17:3-5)
    Besides a shining Messiah, what else surprised the three apostles?
      Luke 9:30-31
    How astonished were these disciples with what they were seeing?
      Mark 9:5-6
    What happened before Peter could finish making a fool out of himself?
      Matthew 17:5
    How would this remind the apostles that Jesus is the Messiah, the new Moses?
      Deuteronomy 18:15

The Reaction of Peter, James and John (Matthew 17:6-13)
    How did the apostles react to this mountaintop experience?
      Matthew 17:6-8
    What promise of Jesus had just been fulfilled?
      Mark 9:1
    After seeing this magnificent Epiphany of Jesus, how would the three explain it to the others?
      Matthew 17:9
    Did Jesus' order bother the three?
      Mark 9:10

    What other question popped up as they tried to make heads-or-tails about what happened?
      Matthew 17:10
    How did Jesus answer their question?
      Matthew 17:11-12
    Did this confuse the baffled three even further?
      Matthew 17:13

Closing Prayer

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