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Jesus Sends Out 70 Disciples

Luke 10:1-24

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Opening Prayer

Reaction to Jesus' Death (Luke 24:17-21)
    How did the people who had followed Jesus feel after He died?
      Luke 23:46, 48
    Were they distressed because one they loved had died?
      Luke 24:17-21
    Had they lost their hope because they didn't know Jesus was going to rise from the dead?
      Matthew 16:21

Reaction to Jesus' Resurrection (Mark 16:9-14)
    Did they remember what Jesus had explained to them when they heard that Jesus had risen?
      Mark 16:9-11
    Did they remember when they heard the witness from men instead of women?
      Mark 16:12-13
    How did Jesus feel about their lack of faith and trust in Him and His Word?
      Mark 16:14 - He scolded them for not believing when He saw them Easter evening

Preparing the Disciples (Mark 16:15-20)
    Why would Jesus be so upset that they had not remembered and trusted His words?
      Mark 16:15
    Why was it so important that the disciples understood and trusted in Jesus' good news?
      Mark 16:16
    How would they know if they correctly understood and believed?
      Mark 16:17-18

    Why was Jesus so concerned about preparing these disciples if He was alive again?
      Mark 16:19
    Did the disciples fulfill their calling to take the good news (gospel) to the world?
      Mark 16:20
    How could the Lord work with them and confirm His word by signs after He had ascended?
      Acts 1:4, 8

Prior Experience (Luke 9:1-6)
    Had any of Jesus' disciples had any prior experience preaching & doing miracles without Jesus?
      Luke 9:1-2
    How had Jesus taught them to trust Him to provide whatever they would need in this effort?
      Luke 9:3
    Without money or credit cards, how would they find food and lodging?
      Luke 9:4
    What if they went to a town where no one would take them in?
      Luke 9:5
    How did things turn out for the Twelve during this prior experience?
      Luke 9:6, 10

Messengers to Samaria (Luke 9:51-56)
    Were there any restrictions where the Twelve were to go?
      Matthew 10:5-6
    Did this imply that Jesus did not come to save Samaritans or Gentiles?
      Luke 9:51-52
    Did these messengers have the same success bringing God's good news to others?
      Luke 9:53
    Did the messengers and disciples shake this town's dust off their feet as a testimony against it?
      Luke 9:54-56
    Where would the Sons of Thunder get an idea like calling down fire from heaven on Samaritans?
      2 Kings 1:9-12

Seventy Others (Luke 10:1)
    Were any others lucky enough to be called & empowered for a mission of taking Jesus' gospel?
      Luke 10:1
    How might Jews understand the calling and empowering of 70 workers?
      Numbers 11:16-17, 24-25
    Why might some versions of Luke say 72?
      Numbers 11:26
    What group of 70 did Jesus encounter that took its calling from this group that helped Moses?
      Mark 15:1

    What other Old Testament reference to 70 also fits why Jesus may have selected seventy?
      Genesis 10:1, 32
    Jesus did not restrict the 70 from witnessing to Gentiles or Samaritans. Was this on purpose?
      Luke 10:7-8

    Why might Jesus have sent the 70 two-by-two? Couldn't they make more ground individually?
      Deuteronomy 19:15
    Should we remember this when bringing the good news to others?
      Matthew 18:19-20

Important and Urgent but Difficult (Luke 10:2-4)
    How did Jesus point out to the 70 that the task was important?
      Luke 10:2
    How did Jesus point out to the 70 that the task was dangerous?
      Luke 10:3
    How could they hope to accomplish their task as lambs among wolves?
      John 10:11-15
    How did Jesus point out to the 70 that the task was urgent?
      Luke 10:4
    Why did Jesus make them worry about food, clothing & shelter on an important & urgent task?
      Matthew 6:25-34

Look for the Welcome Mat (Luke 10:5-8)
    How would the Lord provide the essentials of life for these men?
      Luke 10:5-7
    Why did Jesus say a worker deserves his wages? Called workers shouldn't worry about pay.
      1 Corinthians 9:7-11, 14

    What risk would there be for a Jew taking free room and board at a stranger's house?
      Leviticus 11:46-47
    How did Jesus tell them to handle this situation?
      Luke 10:8
    How did Paul later explain this to the Corinthians?
      1 Corinthians 8:7-8; 10:27

Handling Rejection (Luke 10:9-14)
    What were the workers to do in a town where they found a welcome mat?
      Luke 10:9
    What were the workers to do in a town where there was no welcome mat to be found?
      Luke 10:10-11
    What example did Jesus provide to show how such towns should be considered?
      Luke 10:12

    Was Jesus referring to towns that he would never visit because of their rejection?
      Luke 10:13-14
    Bethsaida - Home of Peter, Andrew, Philip (John 1:44); On Sea of Galilee near Capernaum
      Jesus preached & healed there (Mark 8:22-26, Luke 9:10-17)
    Korazin - 2.5 miles north of Capernaum; Not mentioned anywhere else in Bible
      Barclay - It is implied that Jesus did many mighty works is never even mentioned.
        We do not know one thing that Jesus did or one word that He spoke there.
        Nothing could show so vividly how much we do not know about the life of Jesus.
        The gospels are not biographies; they are only sketches of His life (John 21:25).
    Tyre and Sidon - Gentile cities considered pagan by Jews, Elijah resurrected widow's son there
      Jezebel was daughter of king of Sidon and brought Baal worship to Israel (1K 16:31-32)

Who is Being Rejected? (Luke 10:15-16)
    Were such towns at risk of judgment because Jesus hadn't spent enough time there?
      Luke 10:15
    If a worker couldn't find a welcome mat in a town, could he just not be looking good enough?
      Luke 10:16
    Could it be that the town just didn't like the worker but could have accepted the message?
      Matthew 25:40, 45
    As called workers of Jesus, what should we remember?
      2 Corinthians 5:20

Results (Luke 10:17-20)
    How effective were these 70 workers in the harvest field?
      Luke 10:17
    Couldn't anyone exorcise demons just by the power of Jesus' name?
      Acts 19:13-16
    Did this surprise Jesus?
      Luke 10:18-19
    Was this the most important thing the workers should get out of their experiences?
      Luke 10:20
      Some refs on Book of Life: Ex 32:32-33; Ps 69:28; Dan 12:1; Mal 3:16; Rev 20:12-15

Jesus' Response (Luke 10:21-24)
    How did Jesus respond to hearing the experiences of the 70?
      Luke 10:21-22
    Did the disciples understand that they were the first to be learning God's hidden secrets?
      Luke 10:23-24
    Didn't Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah and others understand these truths?
      1 Peter 1:10-12

Closing Prayer

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