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Peter and John Heal a Lame Man

Acts 3

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 4:11

Opening Prayer

A New Beginning (Acts 1)
    What seemed to the disciples as a final ending but was really a new beginning?
      John 16:5-7, 20-22
    How did Jesus use the symbolic number 40 to point out that this was a new beginning?
      Acts 1:3
    What was this new beginning?
      Luke 24:45-51
    Did this new beginning start the moment Jesus ascended?
      Acts 1:4-5
    How were they able to recognize when this new beginning started?
      Acts 2:1-4

A Powerful Jump-Start (Acts 2)
    What was the purpose of this new beginning?
      Matthew 28:19-20
    How many people were first charged with this commission?
      Acts 1:15
    How could such a small group handle the task of making disciples of all nations?
      Acts 1:8
    How was this group given a great jump-start towards this objective?
      Acts 2:5-11
    How effective was this jump-start to a new beginning?
      Acts 2:41
    How faithful did these new Christians remain since they lived away from the central church?
      Romans 1:7-8, 11-12, 15

The Power to Grow (Acts 2:43)
    Was the sending of the Holy Spirit only for the initial jump-start on Pentecost?
      John 14:16-17, 26
    What about the special power that was shown on Pentecost? Was it only for that day?
      Mark 16:17-21
    Were such miraculous signs really given to the church to help it grow?
      Acts 2:43

Modus Operandi (Acts 2:42-47)
    Did the early Christians spend their time running around showing off their great new powers?
      Acts 2:42
    How committed were they to this new beginning?
      Acts 2:44-45
    Did they do these things in hiding so they wouldn't be caught by the authorities?
      Acts 2:46-47

Jew to Gentile (Acts 3:1)
    Did the early Christians observe Jewish customs in the temple or did they just go there to teach?
      Acts 3:1
    What times of prayer did the Jews observe?
      Daniel 6:10
    Was this progression from Jew to Gentile part of God's plan?
      Romans 1:16
    Why were the Jews first?
      John 4:22-24

At the Temple (Acts 3:2-5)
    What common encounter did Peter and John have at the temple?
      Acts 3:2-3
    Beautiful Gate - Believed to be the Nicanor gate (named after its Alexandrian donor)
      Main & largest gate; Made of expensive Corinthian bronze, looked like gold
      Between Court of the Women & Court of Men; at top of 15 steps; took 20 men to close
    Why couldn't women, maimed or unclean pass through the gate?
      Leviticus 21:16-18

    Those who could not work (blind, lame, etc.) sat on the steps begging from worshippers
      Giving alms was an important and respectable part of the Jewish faith
    Did Peter and John try to ignore and/or avoid this beggar?
      Acts 3:4
    Did this work or did the beggar ignore them afraid that they might reprimand or curse him?
      Acts 3:5

The Gift (Acts 3:6-7)
    Had Peter and John brought money from the church that they would give this man?
      Acts 3:6
    Was this just a cheap way out, or was it a real gift?
      Acts 3:7
    How could just the name of Jesus have that much power?
      Matthew 28:18
      Philippians 2:9-11

A New Beginning (Acts 3:8-10)
    What did the beggar think of these cheapskates who only gave a name?
      Acts 3:8
    Did the people think this was just an act?
      Acts 3:9-10
    How was the point of the man's new beginning made even stronger?
      Acts 4:22

Opportunity Knocks (Acts 3:11-12)
    Did the beggar run home and tell everyone he knew what had happened?
      Acts 3:11
    Solomon's Colonnade - Porch along east of temple's Court of the Gentiles
      Believed to contain ruins from Solomon's temple

    Had Peter planned to heal this man or to talk to a crowd when he came to pray?
      Acts 3:12
    How easily would the people accept Peter's disclaimer after he had healed this lame man?
      Acts 4:13
    What did Peter later write that applied to his situation?
      1 Peter 3:15

Jesus Who? (Acts 3:13-16)
    How did Peter begin his introduction to this crowd of who was responsible for this miracle?
      Acts 3:13a
    How did he remind the crowd who this Jesus was?
      Acts 3:13b-14
    So was this miracle done to give Peter a chance to tell the Jews they had done wrong?
      Acts 3:15
    But how did Peter heal this man and what does God's servant Jesus have to do with it?
      Acts 3:16
    What might the Jews have remembered by Peter's talk?
      Genesis 50:19-20

What Should We Do? (Acts 3:17-21)
    How did Peter address the remorse of the Jews who now realized they had killed God's servant?
      Acts 3:17-18
    Since they didn't know what they were doing and it was God's plan, were they innocent?
      Leviticus 5:17
    What should they do now that they had committed the horrible sin of killing God's Messiah?
      Acts 3:19-20
    But the Christ had come and been killed. Why did Peter say "that He may send the Christ?"
      Acts 3:21

Past Promises (Acts 3:22-26)
    How were they to know that Jesus was a part of God's plan?
      Acts 3:22-24
    Did the promises start with Samuel?
      Acts 3:25
    How was Jesus mentioned in that original covenant?
      Genesis 12:1-3 (22:18; 26:4)
    But wasn't the Messiah sent for the Jews? What do you mean He came for all nations?
      Acts 3:26

The Result (Acts 4:1-4)
    How did Peter finish his speech?
      Acts 4:1
    Why did they stop Peter?
      Acts 4:2
    What did they do to get Peter to be quiet?
      Acts 4:3
    Had Peter's speech had any effect?
      Acts 4:4
    So what should we remember from Peter's experience?
      Colossians 4:5-6

Closing Prayer

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