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Paulís Third Missionary Journey - Part 2

Acts 19-20

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    Next Week - Paul's Imprisonment and Appeal to Rome (Acts 21-26)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus Himself said: "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35

Opening Prayer

Apollos (Acts 18:23-28)
    How did Paul begin his third journey? = Luke focuses on gospel spreading, not just biography
      Acts 18:23 = Revisited Galatian churches, probably 1 year in Antioch
    What new missionary started working during this time that Paul was in Antioch and Galatia?
      Acts 18:24-25 = Apollos, a Jew from Alexandria taught John's baptism in Ephesus
    Ephesus - Capital of Asia, Large and wealthy - Called the Treasure House of Asia
      Seat of Pan-Ionian Games, Asylum for criminals, Center of magic & superstition

    How did Apollos learn the message of salvation to complete the stories he knew about Jesus?
      Acts 18:26 = Aquila & Priscilla took him aside & explained it, didn't confront in public
    With Aquila & Priscilla in Ephesus, where could Apollos be more effective?
      Acts 18:27-28 = He was sent to Corinth - Very effective there (1Cor 1:11-15; 3:4-9)

Incomplete Christians (Acts 19:1-7)
    Where did Paul go on his third journey after Galatia and who did he meet as he arrived?
      Acts 19:1-3 = Ephesus, Disciples of John's baptism, possibly early converts of Apollos
    Why was John's baptism incomplete? = John taught first stage of recognizing sin & repenting
      Acts 19:4 = Jesus brought critical second stage of forgiveness for sins & salvation
    What did these incomplete Christians do after hearing Paul's message of Jesus' gospel?
      Acts 19:5-7 = They were baptized into Jesus' name and received the Spirit
    Luke records the Spirit to 4 groups: Jews-2, Samaritans-8, Gentiles-10, incomplete Christians-19

Paul in Ephesus (Acts 19:8-12)
    With a church developed by Aquila & Priscilla, did Paul spend his time teaching that church?
      Acts 19:8 = No, he went first to the Jews in the synagogue as usual
    How was he received by the Jews? = Tyrannus likely lectured till 11am, Paul during 11-4 siesta
      Acts 19:9-10 = Rejected after 3 months, held discussions in a lecture hall for 2 years
    How effective was Paul during this time? = handkerchiefs - really sweatbands; work aprons
      Acts 19:11-12 = Became very popular and God did extraordinary miracles through Paul

Ephesian Magic (Acts 19:13-20)
    How were Paul's extraordinary powers received in this center of magic?
      Acts 19:13 = People tried to use his powers by referring to him
    How did God make it clear that the name of Jesus wasn't just a new magic spell?
      Acts 19:14-16 = He let an evil spirit acknowledge Jesus & Paul, but refuse exorcists
    How did people respond when they heard that Jesus' name was too powerful for casual use?
      Acts 19:17-20 = Realized Jesus was God, confessed, burned scrolls - drachma was day's wages
    Ephesian Letters - Tiny scrolls with magical spells worn on necklace to bring success in life

Time to Leave (Acts 19:21-22)
    After 3 months in the Ephesus synagogue and 2 years in the lecture hall, what did Paul decide?
      Acts 19:21-22 = Time to move on, sights on Jerusalem, but visit Greece first
    Besides checking up on things, what did Paul intend to do by passing through Greece?
      1 Corinthians 16:1-4 (also Romans 15:26) = Take a collection for the poor in Jerusalem
    Why did Paul send Timothy and Erastus ahead? = More to do in Ephesus
      1 Corinthians 16:5-9, 17 = Sent with a letter answering questions brought by S, F & A
    After staying in the Ephesus area a little longer, how long did Paul spend in Ephesus total?
      Acts 20:31 = 3 years, the longest of any stay anywhere

Artists of Artemis (Acts 19:23-41)
    What incident led to Paul leaving Ephesus? = Paul said that man-made gods are no gods at all
      Acts 19:23-27 = Craftsmen who made souvenirs for visitors to temple of Diana upset
    Artemis (Diana in Latin) - Multibreasted fertility goddess, statue fell from sky (likely a meteorite)
    Temple of Artemis - One of the Seven Wonders of the World, 425' L x 220' W x 60' T
      127 marble pillars, each given by a king; Altar by greatest Greek sculptor, Praxiteles

    What did the rest of the crafts union think about this threat? = Took G&A into 25K seat theater
      Acts 19:28-29 = They were furious, focused on threat to Diana to get others upset
    Did Paul find a place to hide so he wouldn't be lynched by this wild mob?
      Acts 19:30-31 = No, he wanted to speak to the crowd, but was stopped
    How organized was the crowd? = Jews tried to make sure they weren't blamed, didn't work
      Acts 19:32-34 = Most didn't even know what was going on

The Courts Are Open (Acts 19:35-20:1)
    Who finally stood up and stopped the mayhem? = Christians have not threatened Diana
      Acts 19:35-37 = The city clerk, official representative of the city to Rome
    What did the city clerk think should be done about the threat to the souvenir business?
      Acts 19:38-39 = Let the union bring a case before the courts, handle it properly
    Did the city clerk's efforts have any effect on the mob?
      Acts 19:40-41 = Yes, it broke up so Rome wouldn't punish them for rioting
    Did Paul immediately leave town because of the opposition?
      Acts 20:1 = No, he waited for things to settle down - didn't leave the church in a mess

Corinthian Concerns (2 Corinthians)
    Where did Paul go after leaving Ephesus on his way to Macedonia?
      2 Corinthians 2:12-13 = Troas, effective with the Gospel, upset he couldn't find Titus
    Did Paul find open doors and/or Titus in Macedonia?
      2 Corinthians 7:5-7 = Found opposition, but also found Titus
    Why had Paul sent Titus to Corinth? = It hurt them, but led to repentance
      2 Corinthians 7:8-10 = To see how his harsh letter had been received
    If Paul is on his way to Corinth, why does he send this second letter?
      2 Corinthians 8:16-17; 9:2-5 = Sent Titus ahead so they'd be ready with gift to Jerusalem

Grecian Travels (Acts 20:2-6)
    What does Luke tell us about Paul's time in Macedonia and Achaia (Corinth)? = Probably 1 year
      Acts 20:2-3a = Not much - Traveled through Macedonia, stayed in Corinth 3 months
    What were Paul's plans after taking offerings to Jerusalem church?
      Romans 15:23-28 = Visit Rome & Spain - Wrote book of Romans in Corinth
    How were Paul's plans to go to Jerusalem in time for the Passover changed?
      Acts 20:3b = Jews planned to throw him overboard or the like, walked back thru Mac.
    Did the churches send anyone with Paul to deliver their offerings?
      Acts 20:4 = Yes - 3 Macedonians, 2 Galatians, 2 Asians
    Who joined Paul to represent the church in Philippi? = Luke in Philippi since 2nd J (16:12,40)
      Acts 20:5-6 = Luke (us, we); Paul celebrated Passover in Philippi, met others in Troas
      If God had not led Paul back through Macedonia, we wouldnít have books of Luke & Acts

Troas - The City of Open Doors and Windows (Acts 20:7-12)
    Did early Christians meet on the Sabbath (Saturday) like the Jews? = evening since a work day
      Acts 20:7 = No, met on the Lord's Day (Rev1:10), Sunday; Shared Love Feast (potluck)
    What happened when Paul's long sermon hit the midnight mark?
      Acts 20:8-9 = Young man put to sleep by vapors from lamps, fell from window & died
    What did Paul do after Dr. Luke had pronounced Eutychus dead?
      Acts 20:10 = Like Elijah & Elisha, threw himself on body & resurrected him
    Did Paul take the hint that his sermon was too long?
      Acts 20:11-12 = No, they went back, had Communion, Paul spoke until daylight

On the Road Again (Acts 20:13-17)
    After preaching all night, did Paul spend the next day sleeping on the ship to Jerusalem?
      Acts 20:13 = The others did, Paul walked to Assos - let others verify safety of ship(?)
    Now that Luke is with Paul, do we get more details about his travels?
      Acts 20:14-15 = Yes - Assos to Mitylene to Kios to Samos to Miletus (day-by-day)
    After 3 years in Ephesus, how could Paul just pass by without visiting his friends & coworkers?
      Acts 20:16 = Had entourage and wanted to get to Jerusalem by Pentecost
    Did Paul even think about his friends and coworkers in Ephesus as he sailed by?
      Acts 20:17 = Yes, and sent for elders to meet him in Miletus

Past, Present and Future (Acts 20:18-35)
    What motive did Paul claim for his earlier work in Ephesus and what manner proved it?
      Acts 20:18-19 = Motive - Serving the Lord; Manner - humility and courage
    What message had Paul taught as he served the Lord in Ephesus? = All to repent & have faith
      Acts 20:20-21 = The truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth - publicly

    What plans did Paul tell the Ephesians he presently had?
      Acts 20:22-23 = To go to Jerusalem, uncertain what for but compelled by the Spirit
    Why would Paul go to Jerusalem if prison and hardship was facing him?
      Acts 20:24 = He must finish the race and complete the task given to him

    Why was Paul telling the Ephesians all of this?
      Acts 20:25-27 = He knew he'd never see them again, he had completed his task in Asia
    What guidance did Paul want to leave with them?
      Acts 20:28-31 = Be alert & careful shepherds of the flock, protect from false teachings
    How would they be able to protect the flock from savage wolves?
      Acts 20:32 = By the help of God - Paul commits them to God's care
    What example should they follow as they work to lead the flock at Ephesus?
      Acts 20:33-35 = Paul's example while he was with them - give of yourself

Sad Farewells (Acts 20:36-21:16)
    How did the Ephesians respond to what Paul had said?
      Acts 20:36-38 = They prayed & were very sad that they wouldn't see him again
    Where did Paul and his companions go then? = After we had torn ourselves away from them
      Acts 21:1-3 = Miletus to Cos to Rhodes to Patara to Cyprus to Tyre
    What did Paul and his group do during the week that the ship was unloading cargo in Tyre?
      Acts 21:4 = Found & stayed with Christians, they tried to keep Paul from Jerusalem
    Since they had only known these Christians one week, was the good-bye any easier?
      Acts 21:5-6 = A little, but still difficult

    Where did they go next?
      Acts 21:7-9 = Tyre to Ptolemais to Caesarea - Stayed at Philip's house
    Did the Christians in Caesarea try to stop Paul from going on to Jerusalem?
      Acts 21:10-12 = Yes they pleaded with him after Agabus prophesied Paul's doom
    Did this change Paul's mind?
      Acts 21:13-16 = No, needed to follow the Spirit's lead and do the Lord's will, went to J

Closing Prayer

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