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The Fall into Sin, Cain and Abel

Genesis 3 - 4

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more. Jeremiah 31:34

Opening Prayer

Creation (Genesis 1)
    What is the meatiest verse in the Bible?
      Genesis 1:1
    Why did God create the heavens and the earth and everything we know, including us?
      Revelation 4:11
    What did God think about His creation when He was finished?
      Genesis 1:31

    What is the literary form of Genesis 1?
      Genesis 1:3-5
    Is Genesis 1 intended to explain the details of creation?
      Ecclesiastes 3:11
    What is the purpose of Genesis 1?
      Deuteronomy 3:24

Man (Genesis 2)
    What was the last thing that God created?
      Genesis 1:27-28
    What does it mean to be created in God's image?
      Ephesians 4:24
    Does being created in God's image only refer to being righteous and holy?
      Colossians 3:10

    How does the author of Genesis refer to the original perfection and innocence of man?
      Genesis 2:25
      arom - Hebrew for naked
    How does the author of Genesis use a play on words to introduce the fall of man story?
      Genesis 3:1a
      arum - Hebrew for crafty

Satan (Ezekiel 28)
    How did sin enter God's perfect world?
      Ezekiel 28:12b-13a, 14-16
    What did Satan do after being kicked out of God's holy kingdom?
      1 Peter 5:8
    How did Jesus describe how Satan recruits people into his family and leads the world astray?
      John 8:43-44

    What destiny awaits Satan and his recruits?
      Ezekiel 28:17-19
    How does John describe this in his book on the last days?
      Revelation 12:7-9; 20:7-10

Satan Tempts (Genesis 3:1-5)
    How did the crafty serpent begin his effort to turn man away from God?
      Genesis 3:1
    How did the woman play into his game?
      Genesis 3:2-3
    How did the woman's response twist the truth?
      Genesis 2:16-17
    How did the father of lies twist things further in the woman's mind?
      Genesis 3:4-5

The Fall (Genesis 3:6)
    How did Eve respond to this deception?
      Genesis 3:6a
    How does this fit with John's description of sin in today's world?
      1 John 2:16
    How upset was Adam when he learned what this woman had done?
      Genesis 3:6b

Knowledge of Guilt (Genesis 3:7-11)
    Were their eyes opened, knowing good and evil, as Satan had promised?
      Genesis 3:7
    They were still alive (Adam lived 930 yrs). Was the consequence of death over-exaggerated?
      Romans 5:12
    How proud were Adam and Eve of this new knowledge?
      Genesis 3:8
    Knowing what had happened, how did God give them the opportunity to confess their sin?
      Genesis 3:9-11

Human Nature (Genesis 3:12-13)
    Faced with the fact that God knew what happened, did Adam confess?
      Genesis 3:12
    Did Eve respond any better?
      Genesis 3:13

Judgment (Genesis 3:14-20)
    Beginning in reverse order, what judgment did God have for the crafty serpent?
      Genesis 3:14
    Besides being unable to walk, what else was carried in the curse of crawling on its belly?
      Leviticus 11:41-43

    What judgment did God have for the woman?
      Genesis 3:16
    How was this domination by man first visible?
      Genesis 3:20

    What judgment did God have for the man, the one to whom He had given the command?
      Genesis 3:17-19

Promise of Grace (Genesis 3:15)
    Besides allowing mankind to live long enough to be fruitful, how did God show His grace?
      Genesis 3:15
      I will put enmity between you and the woman
      and between your offspring
      and hers
      will crush your head
      and you will strike his heel
    Was this promise of grace only given to mankind?
      Romans 8:19-21

Grace Displayed (Genesis 3:21-24)
    How did God show His grace towards the shame that Adam and Eve felt?
      Genesis 3:21
    What other act of God's grace is recorded in this story?
      Genesis 3:22-24
    How is this grace? It sounds like punishment being kicked out of paradise.
      Matthew 25:46
    Is this tree of life still around?
      Revelation 2:7

Sacrificial Giving (Genesis 4:1-7)
    Which of Adam & Eve's many children do we learn about in the next story?
      Genesis 4:1-2
    What do we learn about their relationships with God?
      Genesis 4:3-5
    Was God displeased with Cain's offering since it wasn't an animal sacrifice?
      Hebrews 11:4
    Did God explain this to Cain?
      Genesis 4:6-7

Sin, Judgment, Grace (Genesis 4:8-16)
    How did Cain deal with his jealousy?
      Genesis 4:8
    Knowing what had happened, how did God give Cain the opportunity to confess his sin?
      Genesis 4:9-10
    What judgment did God have for Cain?
      Genesis 4:11-12
    How did God show His grace to Cain?
      Genesis 4:13-16

Sons of Cain (Genesis 4:17-26)
    How does this story of murder relate to our lives? We would never even think of murder, right?
      1 John 3:12, 15
    How did Cain's character continue in his descendants?
      Genesis 4:17-19 (compare 2:24)
      Genesis 4:23-24

Closing Prayer

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