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The Fall into Sin, Cain and Abel

Genesis 3 - 4

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more. Jeremiah 31:34

Opening Prayer

Creation (Genesis 1)
    What is the meatiest verse in the Bible? = Lays foundation, dispels false teachings
      Genesis 1:1 = In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
    Why did God create the heavens and the earth and everything we know, including us?
      Revelation 4:11 = He wanted to - an object for His love, same reason we have kids
    What did God think about His creation when He was finished?
      Genesis 1:31 = It was very good, perfect, just as He wanted

    What is the literary form of Genesis 1?
      Genesis 1:3-5 = Poetic prose, a prelude to the rest of His Story
    Is Genesis 1 intended to explain the details of creation?
      Ecclesiastes 3:11 = No, man cannot fathom or begin to understand what God did
    What is the purpose of Genesis 1?
      Deuteronomy 3:24 = To show God's majesty and supreme power & love

Man (Genesis 2)
    What was the last thing that God created?
      Genesis 1:27-28 = Man, the crown of His creation
    What does it mean to be created in God's image?
      Ephesians 4:24 = be like God in true righteousness & holiness
    Does being created in God's image only refer to being righteous and holy?
      Colossians 3:10 = No, also given intelligence

    How does the author of Genesis refer to the original perfection and innocence of man?
      Genesis 2:25 = There was no shame because there was no sin
      arom - Hebrew for naked = naked innocence
    How does the author of Genesis use a play on words to introduce the fall of man story?
      Genesis 3:1a = The serpent is called crafty - innocence vs. scheming
      arum - Hebrew for crafty = Closest play in English is nude / shrewd

Satan (Ezekiel 28)
    How did sin enter God's perfect world? = Satan was an archangel, like Michael or Gabriel
      Ezekiel 28:12b-13a, 14-16 = Satan got caught up in himself and became wicked
    What did Satan do after being kicked out of God's holy kingdom?
      1 Peter 5:8 = Prowls the earth looking for recruits
    How did Jesus describe how Satan recruits people into his family and leads the world astray?
      John 8:43-44 = He deceives with lies

    What destiny awaits Satan and his recruits?
      Ezekiel 28:17-19 = He will be thrown to earth and destroyed for all to see
    How does John describe this in his book on the last days? = cast to earth, destroyed by fire
      Revelation 12:7-9; 20:7-10 = ancient serpent called Satan, who leads the world astray

Satan Tempts (Genesis 3:1-5)
    How did the crafty serpent begin his effort to turn man away from God?
      Genesis 3:1 = Asked innocent-sounding question leading to doubt & deception
    How did the woman play into his game?
      Genesis 3:2-3 = She answered, but twisted the truth in response
    How did the woman's response twist the truth? = Adding to God's rules confuses God to us
      Genesis 2:16-17 = Only prevented from eating, didn't command against touching
    How did the father of lies twist things further in the woman's mind? consequence
      Genesis 3:4-5 = Questioned God's motive behind the command & truth of its ^

The Fall (Genesis 3:6)
    How did Eve respond to this deception? = Agreed with Satan's rationale, took and ate
      Genesis 3:6a = good for food, pleasing to the eye, desirable for gaining wisdom
    How does this fit with John's description of sin in today's world? = directly correlates
      1 John 2:16 = cravings, lust of eyes, boasting of what he has and does
    How upset was Adam when he learned what this woman had done?
      Genesis 3:6b = He also ate, without objection

Knowledge of Guilt (Genesis 3:7-11)
    Were their eyes opened, knowing good and evil, as Satan had promised? = Diff knowledge
      Genesis 3:7 = They immediately felt the sense of guilt and saw their inadequacies
    They were still alive (Adam lived 930 yrs). Was the consequence of death over-exaggerated?
      Romans 5:12 = No, by Adam's disobedience, sin & death entered the world for all
    How proud were Adam and Eve of this new knowledge?
      Genesis 3:8 = Knowing the wrong they had done, they hid in shame
    Knowing what had happened, how did God give them the opportunity to confess their sin?
      Genesis 3:9-11 = Asked simple questions leading them to recognize their guilt

Human Nature (Genesis 3:12-13)
    Faced with the fact that God knew what happened, did Adam confess?
      Genesis 3:12 = Blamed the evil woman & blamed God for making the woman
    Did Eve respond any better?
      Genesis 3:13 = No, she passed the blame to the serpent

Judgment (Genesis 3:14-20)
    Beginning in reverse order, what judgment did God have for the crafty serpent?
      Genesis 3:14 = From honored position to most despised, under everything
    Besides being unable to walk, what else was carried in the curse of crawling on its belly?
      Leviticus 11:41-43 = Considered the lowest, most detestable, most unclean

    What judgment did God have for the woman?
      Genesis 3:16 = Great pains in childbirth, dominated by strength & drive of man
    How was this domination by man first visible?
      Genesis 3:20 = Adam named her, the ability to name denotes ownership

    What judgment did God have for the man, the one to whom He had given the command?
      Genesis 3:17-19 = Work would now be difficult, will die as a result of sin

Promise of Grace (Genesis 3:15)
    Besides allowing mankind to live long enough to be fruitful, how did God show His grace?
      Genesis 3:15 = First Messianic Prophesy (Promise of a Savior)
      I will put enmity between you and the woman = Natural hatred where had been allies
      and between your offspring = Satan's legions
      and hers = Jesus Christ
      He = Jesus Christ - Note the singular form
      will crush your head = Christ will destroy Satan (Satan is head of his legions)
      and you will strike his heel = Satan will attack Christians (Heel is Christ's body)
    Was this promise of grace only given to mankind?
      Romans 8:19-21 = No, it was for all of creation

Grace Displayed (Genesis 3:21-24)
    How did God show His grace towards the shame that Adam and Eve felt? = reminder of sin
      Genesis 3:21 = He clothed them; covering guilt required sacrifice (sin leads to death)
    What other act of God's grace is recorded in this story?
      Genesis 3:22-24 = Kicked them out of garden to prevent from eating of tree of life
    How is this grace? It sounds like punishment being kicked out of paradise.
      Matthew 25:46 = They would have lived forever in guilt and shame - hell on earth
    Is this tree of life still around?
      Revelation 2:7 = It is waiting us in heaven, we will eat and enter paradise then

Sacrificial Giving (Genesis 4:1-7)
    Which of Adam & Eve's many children do we learn about in the next story?
      Genesis 4:1-2 = The first - Cain (sounds like Hebrew for gained), Abel (H for breath)
    What do we learn about their relationships with God?
      Genesis 4:3-5 = Abel offered first fruits, Cain gave when he had extra
    Was God displeased with Cain's offering since it wasn't an animal sacrifice?
      Hebrews 11:4 = No, but because it wasn't given out of faith
    Did God explain this to Cain?
      Genesis 4:6-7 = Yes - not accepted because sin is in the way

Sin, Judgment, Grace (Genesis 4:8-16)
    How did Cain deal with his jealousy?
      Genesis 4:8 = Killed Abel
    Knowing what had happened, how did God give Cain the opportunity to confess his sin?
      Genesis 4:9-10 = Asked where his brother was, Presented sin when Cain acted dumb
    What judgment did God have for Cain?
      Genesis 4:11-12 = Kicked off his property, would have trouble raising crops
    How did God show His grace to Cain?
      Genesis 4:13-16 = Protected his life with a mark

Sons of Cain (Genesis 4:17-26)
    How does this story of murder relate to our lives? We would never even think of murder, right?
      1 John 3:12, 15 = Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer
    How did Cain's character continue in his descendants?
      Genesis 4:17-19 (compare 2:24) = 4 generations later, Lamech was a polygamist
      Genesis 4:23-24 = Lamech was also a murderer and wrongly expected God's grace

Closing Prayer

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