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The Flood

Genesis 5 - 10

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      Baptism saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 3:21

Opening Prayer

Generations (Genesis 5)
    What was the typical lifespan during the first 1656 years of human history?
      Genesis 5 = (just have class skim, don't read) around 900 years
    How and why was this changed?
      Genesis 6:1-3 = God decided to limit man to 120 years
    What was the typical lifespan between Noah and Abraham and beyond?
      Genesis 11:10-32 = 200-600 yrs N-A, 100-200 A-Joseph, 70-80 past Moses

    How many generations were born by Adam's death?
      Genesis 5 = 9, Lamech had been born
    How did Enoch die, and why?
      Genesis 5:24 = Enoch walked with God, never died, God took him away
    How did Methuselah die?
      Genesis 5:25-29, 7:11 = He drowned in the flood at 969 yrs old
      NOTE: Methuselah means "when he is dead, it shall come"

World-wide Wickedness (Genesis 6:5-9)
    How had disharmony affected God's creation?
      Genesis 6:5 = every inclination of man's heart was only evil
    What did God decide to do as His judgment?
      Genesis 6:6-7 = I will wipe mankind from the face of the earth
    How did God follow this judgment with His grace?
      Genesis 6:17-18 = He saved Noah and his family
    Why did God save Noah?
      Genesis 6:8-9 (also 7:1) = He walked with God (like Enoch)

Preparations (Genesis 6:14-22)
    What preparations did God tell Noah to make?
      Genesis 6:14-16, 19-21 = Build an ark, bring 2 of each animal & bird, bring food
    What did Noah do in response to God's instructions?
      Genesis 6:22 = Noah did everything just as God commanded him
    Why did Noah build this huge boat on dry land?
      Hebrews 11:7 = By faith Noah built the ark

Entering the Ark (Genesis 7:1-10)
    How old was Noah when the flood began?
      Genesis 7:6-8 = 600 years old
    At his age, how did Noah gather all of the animals?
      Genesis 7:15 = They came to Noah and entered the ark (God sent them)
    How did Noah close the door of the ark?
      Genesis 7:16 = The Lord shut him in

The Flood (Genesis 7:11-24)
    Where did the floodwaters come from?
      Genesis 7:11 = Springs of the great deep & Floodgates of the heavens
    How long did the floodwaters come?
      Genesis 7:17 = 40 days (40 means generation to a Hebrew)
    What is the importance of verse 20?
      Genesis 7:18-23 = Every land was covered, there was no way to survive
    How long did the flood last?
      Genesis 7:24 = 150 days (5 months)

The Waters Subside (Genesis 8:1-12)
    How did God end the flood?
      Genesis 8:1 = He sent a wind
    When was dry land first visible?
      Genesis 8:3-5 = 1st day of 10th month - 225 days from start
    Why did Noah send out birds?
      Genesis 8:6-9 = To see if there was dry ground
    Why didn't Noah look for himself?
      Genesis 6:16 = The only window is in the top of the roof, he can't see
    What did Noah learn from the dove's next two trips?
      Genesis 8:10-12 = Waters had receded, plant life was growing

Back on Dry Ground (Genesis 8:13-20)
    How long had Noah and his family lived on the ark?
      Genesis 8:13-14 = Until 27th day of 2nd month - 371 days
    How did Noah know when to get out of the ark?
      Genesis 8:15-17 = God told him to come out
    What was the first thing Noah did after leaving the ark?
      Genesis 8:18-20 = He built an altar and sacrificed to God
    Wouldn't Noah eliminate species by sacrificing clean animals?
      Genesis 7:2-3 = Noah took 7 pairs of each clean animal & each bird

God's Response (Genesis 8:21-9:7)
    How did God respond to Noah's worshipful sacrifice?
      Genesis 8:21 = Decided to never again curse the ground or destroy animals
    What else did God decide to sustain?
      Genesis 8:22 = All creation - nature's cycles and seasons
    How did man's relation to animals change?
      Genesis 9:2-3 = Animals will fear man, man can eat animals
      Genesis 1:29 = Man before only ate plants
    Since man could now kill, what did God command against and why?
      Genesis 9:5-6 = Cannot kill another man since he is made in God's image
    What did God command to restore his creation?
      Genesis 9:7 (see 1:28) = Be fruitful and increase in number

God's Covenant (Genesis 9:8-17)
    With whom did God make a covenant?
      Genesis 9:8-10 = Noah, his descendants (all people) & all creatures
    What was God's promise under the covenant?
      Genesis 9:11 = There will never again be a flood to destroy the earth
    What sign or signature guaranteed this covenant?
      Genesis 9:12-17 = God's rainbow in the clouds

Washing Waters that Save (1 Peter 3:18-21)
    What was washed from the earth by the flood?
      Genesis 6:12-13 = Extreme corruption, violence & sinfulness
    How are we washed from our natural sinfulness?
      1 Peter 3:18-21 = Through baptism
    Why must we die?
      Romans 6:23 = The wages of sin is death
    How do our washing waters save us?
      Romans 6:3-4 = baptized into Christ's death ... to live a new life

Closing Prayer

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