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The Tower of Babel

Genesis 11

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

Opening Prayer

Family Ties (Genesis 10)
    What humans were left after the flood to rebuild civilization?
      Genesis 8:18 = Noah, his wife, his 3 sons & their wives
    With all humanity descending from this small group, what is described after the flood story?
      Genesis 10:32 = How nations of the world arose from Noah's offspring

    Who descended from Noah's son Japheth? = Javan (Ionians - Greeks), Tiras (Thracians - Italy)
      Genesis 10:1-2 = Europe - Gomer (Britain), Magog (Russia), Madai (Medes - Persia),
    Where do we see that Japheth's descendants would stretch so far geographically?
      Genesis 9:27 = Blessing Noah gave to Japheth - May God extend the territory...

    Who descended from Noah's son Ham?
      Genesis 10:6 = Africa - Cush (Ethiopia), Mizraim (Egypt), Put (Lybia), Canaan
    What further details are we given that gives background for the Tower of Babel story?
      Genesis 10:8-12 = Nimrod conquered Babylonia, started race that likes to fight
    What other son of Ham was important to the Israelites?
      Genesis 10:15-19 = Canaan - Nations the Israelites had to conquer
    What had Noah said about the lineage from his son Ham?
      Genesis 10:25 = Cursed them to be slaves, - used in 1800s to justify black slavery

    Who descended from Noah's son Shem? = Lud (Lydia - Asia Minor), Aram (Arabia)
      Genesis 10:21-22 = Asia - Elam (east of Babylonia), Asshur (Assyria), Arphaxad,
    How did Arphaxad become important? = See also Genesis 11:10-14)
      Genesis 10:24 = Grandfather of Eber (Hebrew) - Ancestor to Hebrews (Israelites)

The Ziggurat of Shinar (Genesis 11:1-4)
    When does the Tower of Babel story take place?
      Genesis 11:1 = Within chapter 10, one language, about 30,000 people on earth
    Where did this story take place? = Show on map; Ruins are at Birs-Nimrud
      Genesis 11:2 = Shinar, Hebrew for Sumer (region of Babylonia); Iraq
    What did they decide to build?
      Genesis 11:4 = A ziggurat, stepped pyramid with temple on top, bridge to the gods
    What were the building materials? = Used for ordinary buildings, not temples TO God
      Genesis 11:3 = Brick & tar, man-made; inferior to God-made stone

Sin Number One (Genesis 11:4)
    What is the first reason that the people decided to build this ziggurat?
      Genesis 11:4 = Make a name for ourselves
    What sin were the people guilty of?
      Proverbs 29:23 = A man's pride brings him low, but humility gains honor
    What is pride?
      Funk & Wagnalls = An undue sense of one's superiority; arrogance; conceit
    When is pride okay?
      Galatians 6:14 = May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ

    Is it wrong to build a tower or tall building? = removed high places (temple towers to gods)
      2 Chronicles 14:2, 5, 7 = Asa did right, built towns with towers (not for idols)
    What kind of tower should we desire?
      Proverbs 18:10 = The name of the Lord is a strong tower...the righteous run to it

Sin Number Two (Genesis 11:4)
    What was the second purpose of building the ziggurat?
      Genesis 11:4 = We won't be scattered over the face of the whole earth
    How did this oppose the command God had given Noah?
      Genesis 9:1 = Be fruitful & increase in number and fill the earth

The Judgment (Genesis 11:5-8)
    How effectively were the people able to build a tower that reaches to the heavens?
      Genesis 11:5 = The Lord had to come down just to see it
    How did God respond when He saw what the people were doing?
      Genesis 11:6 = They will get out of control if they continue
    What was the danger of a unified humanity at this time?
      Deuteronomy 8:17 = You could say, I am prosperous by my own power & strength
    What did God do in judgment of this sin?
      Genesis 11:7-8 = Confused their language, scattered them over the earth

God's Place and Time (Genesis 11:9)
    Why is the Ziggurat of Shinar called the Tower of Babel?
      Genesis 11:9 = Called Babel because God confused the world's language
      Babilu - Akkadian for = Gate of God (Akkadian was language of area)
      balal - Hebrew for = to mix, to confuse
    When did all of this happen?
      Genesis 10:25 = During Peleg's life, 100-300 yrs after the flood (Gen 11:10-18)
    How random was this scattering?
      Acts 17:26-27 = God decided exact times and places for all people

The Grace (Genesis 12:1-3)
    How did God respond in grace to this incident? = Speak further next week
      Genesis 12:1-3 = He blessed Abram to be a blessing, all nations to be blessed
    How did the fulfillment of this grace give us an example for our lives?
      Philippians 2:5 = Your attitude should be the same as Jesus'
    How did Jesus' goals contrast with those of the Babylonians?
      Genesis 11:4 = Make a name for ourselves
      Philippians 2:6 = Did not consider equality with God something to be grasped
      Philippians 2:7 = Made himself nothing, became a servant
      Philippians 2:8 = Humbled himself, obedient to death, even as a criminal
    How did Jesus' rewards contrast with the Babylonians' judgment?
      Genesis 11:7-9 = Confused language, scattered them, humbled them
      Philippians 2:9 = Exalted to highest place, gave name above all names
      Philippians 2:10-11 = Every tongue confess, to the glory of God the Father

The Great Reversal (Colossians 3:11)
    When will this dispersion and separation be completely reversed?
      Revelation 7:9-10 = In the end, men from every nation & language in one voice
    Have we experienced any of this reversal yet?
      Colossians 3:11 = In Christ, there are no differences
    When did this begin?
      Acts 11:15-18 = When the Spirit came upon the early Christians - esp. Pentecost

Revelation and Unity from Dispersed Confusion (Acts 2)
    How did the command to God's new people in Christ contrast with that to His original people?
      Genesis 9:1 = God commanded to spread out and fill the earth
      Acts 1:4 = Jesus told His disciples to stay in Jerusalem
    How well did both groups follow their instructions?
      Genesis 11:4 = Built the tower so they wouldn't be scattered
      Acts 1:12, 14; 2:1 = Apostles returned to Jerusalem and stayed together there

    What names rallied the groups together?
      Genesis 11:4 = Their own; wanted to make a name for themselves
      Acts 1:21-22 = The name and person of Jesus

    Who tried to reach whom in each story?
      Genesis 11:4 = Men were trying to reach the gods (heavens)
      Acts 12:2-4 = God came down to man
    Who came to see what was going on?
      Genesis 11:5 = God came to see what man was doing
      Acts 2:5-6a = Man came to see God at Pentecost

    How were languages used to show the power of God?
      Genesis 11:6-7 = Scattered by different languages to dilute their power
      Acts 2:6-8 = God's power transcends language barriers and limitations
    How were the nations affected?
      Genesis 11:8 = Nations scattered from Babel
      Acts 2:9-11 = Every nation came together (see map)

    How did the understandings of each group differ?
      Genesis 11:3, 6 = Thought they had answers on their own
      Acts 2:12 = Couldn't understand on their own
    Did these understandings result in the groups being scattered or gathered?
      Genesis 11:9 = Broken apart by confusion
      Acts 2:38-41 = Brought together by Understanding

    How did God's purpose for scattering differ between the two groups?
      Genesis 9:1 = Scattered to fill the earth
      Acts 1:8 = Sent out by God to spread gospel

Closing Prayer

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