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Isaac Marries Rebekah

Genesis 23-24

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Ephesians 5:21

Opening Prayer

How Old Was Abraham When:
    God called him to leave Haran Genesis 12:4
    Ishmael was born Genesis 16:16
    Abraham was circumcised Genesis 17:24
    Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed Genesis 18:10, 19:27-28, 21:5
    Isaac was born Genesis 21:5
    Sacrificed Isaac Genesis 22:1
    Sarah died Genesis 23:1, 17:17
    Isaac married Rebekah Genesis 25:20, 21:5
    Jacob and Esau were born Genesis 25:26, 21:5
    Abraham died Genesis 25:7

Abraham Puts His House In Order (Genesis 24:1-9)
    What event prompted Abraham to prepare for his death?
      Genesis 23:1-2
    What did Abraham want to take care of before he died?
      Genesis 24:1-4
    Why was it important that Isaac marry from within the family?
      Genesis 17:7-10,14

    To whom did Abraham entrust the mission?
      Genesis 24:2, 15:2
    What concerns did the servant have?
      Genesis 24:5-6
    Why didn't Abraham want Isaac to go to Haran?
      Genesis 15:13,18
    Why wasn't Abraham concerned that the woman wouldn't come?
      Genesis 24:7-8
    How did Abraham make sure this would be done, even if he died first?
      Genesis 24:9

At The Well (Genesis 24:10-14)
    How far was the servant's journey?
      Genesis 24:10
    What tactic did the servant use to meet local girls?
      Genesis 24:11
    What other wives did God bring to the well?
      Genesis 29:1-2, 9
      Exodus 2:15-16, 21
    What did the servant do as soon as he arrived at the well?
      Genesis 24:12-14

God Brings Rebekah (Genesis 24:15-27)
    How long did it take God to respond to the servant's prayer?
      Genesis 24:15
    What was Rebekah's relation to Isaac?
      Genesis 11:27-29 (22:20-24)

    What requirements had Abraham given his servant for his son's wife?
      Genesis 24:4
    What bonuses did God throw in?
      Genesis 24:16

    How much did the servant coax Rebekah to complete the sign from God?
      Genesis 24:17-21
    What did the servant do when it appeared that Rebekah might be the one?
      Genesis 24:22

    What was the final proof that Rebekah was the one God had sent?
      Genesis 24:23-25
    How did the servant respond to this proof?
      Genesis 24:26-27

Brother Laban (Genesis 24:28-32)
    How did Laban respond when he saw the expensive gifts Rebekah received?
      Genesis 24:28-32
    What character traits does this indicate of Laban that are confirmed later?
      Genesis 29:20-23
      Genesis 31:19
      Genesis 31:43, 29

The Servant's Mission (Genesis 24:33-52)
    How did the servant respond to the lavish hospitality?
      Genesis 24:33
      NOTE: It was bad manners to decline a host's food & to raise issues before casual meal talk
    Did the servant say he would force Rebekah to return with him?
      Genesis 24:34-41
    What was the underlying message of the servant's recounting of events?
      Genesis 24:42-48
    Did Laban and Bethuel recognize this message?
      Genesis 24:49-51
    How did the servant respond when his mission met success?
      Genesis 24:52

Marriage Customs in Patriarchal Times (Genesis 24)
    Parents of the man would choose the woman their son would marry
      Was this custom followed for Isaac's marriage?
        Genesis 24:3-4
      Was this custom followed in the next generation?
        Genesis 26:34-35
        Genesis 27:46-28:2
    The father of the woman would give his daughter to the future husband
      Was this custom followed for Isaac's marriage?
        Genesis 24:50-51

    A purchase price (bride price) was paid to the bride's father
      Was this custom followed for Isaac's marriage?
        Genesis 24:53
    The bride's father gave his daughter a gift of property or a maid (dowry)
      Was this custom followed for Isaac's marriage?
        Genesis 24:59

    The betrothal was an engagement period that was legally binding
      Was this custom followed for Isaac's marriage?
        Genesis 24:54-58
      What was significant about the blessing Rebekah's family gave her?
        Genesis 24:60
    After the betrothal, the bride was brought to her husband's home
      Was this custom followed for Isaac's marriage?
        Genesis 24:61-66

    In this process, people would marry first, then love
      Did this occur in Isaac's marriage?
        Genesis 24:67

What Does God Say About Marriage? (Ephesians 5:21-33)
    Where did marriage come from?
      Matthew 19:4-6
    Why did God create marriage?
      Genesis 2:18
    What did the wisest man in the world say about marriage?
      Proverbs 18:22

    Is it wrong to stay single?
      Matthew 19:11-12
    Why did Paul feel it is best to stay single?
      1 Corinthians 7:32-35
    Is Paul saying that married people should get divorced to devote themselves to the Lord?
      1 Corinthians 7:25-28
    What did Jesus say about divorce?
      Matthew 19:7-9

    Why did Paul feel it is best to be married?
      1 Corinthians 7:1-2
    How did Paul summarize his opinions on staying single or getting married?
      1 Corinthians 7:7-9

    How are wives to treat their husbands?
      Ephesians 5:22-24
    How are husbands to treat their wives?
      Ephesians 5:25-30
    How are these instructions summarized?
      Ephesians 5:21, 33

Closing Prayer

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