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Jacob and Esau

Genesis 25:19-34, 27:1-45

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    Next Week - Jacob Flees and Returns (Genesis 27:41-33:20; 35)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      Join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God, who has saved us and called us to a holy life - not because of anything we have done but because of His own purpose and grace. 2 Timothy 1:8-9

Opening Prayer

The Next Generation (Genesis 25:19-23)
    How was God's promise to Abraham carried to the next generation?
      Genesis 17:15-19 = Miraculous birth of Isaac, God assigned covenant to Isaac
    How was this miracle repeated for the next generation?
      Genesis 25:19-21 = Rebekah was barren, she became pregnant thru prayer
    How long had Isaac waited for a child?
      Genesis 25:26b = 20 years, Isaac was 60 when Rebekah gave birth
    How did God control fertility in the following generation?
      Genesis 29:31 = Opened Leah's womb, Rachel was barren

    How were Rebekah's troubles in pregnancy a sign of things to come?
      Genesis 25:22-23 = Two nations, one stronger, older to serve younger
    How was this similar to the previous generation?
      Genesis 17:20-21 = Ishmael & Isaac become nations, covenant to younger
    How was this repeated in the next generation?
      Genesis 49:3-4, 10 = Reuben is firstborn, no longer excel, covenant thru Judah
    How was this repeated in the following generation?
      Genesis 48:17-20 = Jacob blessed Ephraim over Manasseh, both to become great, younger/greater

The Birthright
    The birthright belonged to the firstborn. It conveyed:
      Genesis 27:4 = Blessings of the father
      Genesis 27:29 = Leadership of the tribe and family
      Deuteronomy 21:17 = Double share of the inheritance
    What did the fathers want in each circumstance?
      Genesis 17:18 = If only Ishmael might live under your blessing!
      Genesis 25:28, 27:32-33 = Isaac loved Esau, Very upset when learned he blessed Jacob
      Genesis 49:3 = Reuben, my firstborn, my might, strength, honor, power
      Genesis 48:17-18 = Joseph corrects Jacob in blessing Manasseh over Ephraim
    What is God's message to us through these changes in birthright?
      Romans 9:10-16 = Does not depend on man's desire or effort, but on God's mercy

The Sons (Genesis 25:24-26)
    What was the birth-order of Jacob and Esau?
      Genesis 25:24-26 = Esau first, then Jacob
    What were the meanings behind the names given to the sons?
      Esau = Means hairy - implies ruggedness and wildness
        Edom = red - reddish hair, red stew
      Jacob = he grasps the heel - means he deceives (you're pulling my leg)
        Israel = he struggles with God (32:28)

Expensive Stew (Genesis 25:27-34)
    How well did Esau's name fit him?
      Genesis 25:27-28 = Esau was a man of the open country, skillful hunter
    How well did his nickname, Edom, fit him?
      Genesis 25:29-30 = Esau also called Edom because of red stew
    How well did Jacob's name fit him?
      Genesis 25:31-33 = He deceived Esau out of his birthright for stew
      Genesis 27:36 = Jacob rightly named, deceived Esau twice

    How upset was Esau that he had lost his birthright?
      Genesis 25:34 = Wasn't at this time, he despised his birthright
    What does this say about Esau's discernment and faith?
      Hebrews 12:16 = Esau was godless, sold his birthright for a meal

Isaac's Last Responsibility (Genesis 27:1-4)
    What did Isaac need to take care of before he died?
      Genesis 27:1-4 = Pass on God's blessing to the next generation
    How was this repeated in other generations?
      Genesis 24:1-4 = Abraham sent servant to get covenant wife for Isaac
      Genesis 48:21-49:1 = Jacob about to die, blesses his sons
      Genesis 50:24 = Joseph about to die, gives promise to brothers (tribes)

    How old was Isaac at this time? == Don't read, see attached page
      Genesis 41:46-47; 45:6; 47:9; 30:25; 29:18, 21, 27,30 = J & E were 77
      Genesis 25:26 = Isaac was 137
      Genesis 35:28 = Isaac lived to 180
    Was Isaac's plan in line with God's plan?
      Genesis 25:23 = No, God had planned for the covenant to go through Jacob

Rebekah's Plan (Genesis 27:5-17)
    How righteous was Rebekah's plan after eavesdropping in on Isaac's plan?
      Genesis 27:5-10 = It wasn't, she planned to deceive for God's blessing
    Was Jacob resistant to sinning by deceit?
      Genesis 27:11-12 = No, he was only afraid of getting caught
    How did Rebekah ease Jacob's concern?
      Genesis 27:13 = Let the curse fall on me (Not afraid of God's curse)
    What details did Rebekah consider in her plan of deceit?
      Genesis 27:14-17 = Cooked to Isaac's liking, Esau's best clothes, goatskins on hand & neck

Jacob's Blessing (Genesis 27:18-29)
    How hard did Jacob work to deceive his father?
      Genesis 27:18-19 = Said he was Esau
      Genesis 27:20 = Included God in his lie
      Genesis 27:21-23 = Goatskins over hands to make hairy
      Genesis 27:24 = Again claimed to be Esau
      Genesis 27:25 = Gave food & wine as Isaac had asked Esau
      Genesis 27:26-27 = Wore Esau's clothes for his smell
    What was the blessing that Isaac gave Jacob?
      Genesis 27:28-29 = God bless you, others serve you & be blessed by you

Esau's Blessing (Genesis 27:30-40)
    Did Esau know what had just happened?
      Genesis 27:30-31 = No, Jacob had just left, Esau prepared food unaware
    How did Isaac and Esau react when they learned what had happened?
      Genesis 27:32-34 = They were very upset; Isaac trembled, Esau screamed
    Why didn't Isaac just give Esau the same blessing?
      Genesis 27:35-37 = Oral statements were legally binding and irrevocable
    What was the blessing that Isaac gave Esau?
      Genesis 27:38-40 = Live away from God's blessings, live by sword, serve your brother

Jacob Flees (Genesis 27:41-28:2)
    How upset was Esau with Jacob?
      Genesis 27:41 = Planned to kill him as soon as Isaac died
    What did Rebekah plan to protect Jacob?
      Genesis 27:42-45 = Sent him to Laban until Esau's anger subsided
    How did Rebekah again use deceit to accomplish her plan?
      Genesis 27:46-28:2 = Had Isaac send Jacob away to find a wife from the family

Examples of Faith? (Genesis 25-27)
    How did Isaac's faith, or lack of faith, reveal itself?
      Genesis 25:28 = Isaac loved Esau more than Jacob
      Genesis 27:1,4 = Planned to give God's blessing to favorite son, Esau
    How did Rebekah's faith, or lack of faith, reveal itself?
      Genesis 25:28 = Rebekah loved Jacob more than Esau
      Genesis 27:6-10 = Planned & helped Jacob deceive Isaac for blessing
      Genesis 27:46 = Deceived Isaac to send Jacob away for protection

    How did Jacob's faith, or lack of faith, reveal itself?
      Genesis 25:31 = Deceived Esau for his birthright
      Genesis 27:11-12 = not afraid of sinning, only of getting caught
      Genesis 27:19-27 = Deceived Isaac for God's blessing
    How did Esau's faith, or lack of faith, reveal itself?
      Genesis 25:33-34 = Despised his birthright, sold it for stew
      Genesis 26:34-35, 28:6-9 = Married outside the covenant family
      Genesis 27:38 = Pushed for blessing although God's blessing was given
      Genesis 27:41 = Held a grudge and planned to kill Jacob

    Why did God continue to bless and protect this family?
      Genesis 22:17-18 = This was the family of His covenant

Closing Prayer

Ages when Jacob stole Esau's blessing
    Genesis 41:46 - Joseph was 30 when he went to work for Pharaoh
    Genesis 45:6 - Jacob & sons came to Egypt 2 years into famine (after 7 years of prosperity)
    ==> Joseph was 39 when Jacob came to Egypt (30 + 7 + 2)
    Genesis 47:9 - Jacob was 137 when he came to Egypt
    ==> Jacob was 98 when Joseph was born (137 - 39)
    Genesis 30:25 - Jacob left Laban soon after Joseph was born (when he was 98)
    Genesis 29:18-30 - Jacob had worked for Laban for 21 years (7 + 7 + 7)
    ==> Jacob was 77 when he started work for Laban
    Genesis 27:41-43 - Jacob went to Laban immediately after he stole Esau's blessing
    ==> Jacob was 77 when he stole Esau's blessing
    Genesis 25:24 - Jacob & Esau were twins
    ==> Esau was 77 when he Jacob stole his blessing

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