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Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Genesis 42-50

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ, God forgave you. Ephesians 4:32

Opening Prayer

Brotherly Love (Genesis 37)
    How well did Joseph get along with his brothers?
      Genesis 37:4
    How did Joseph contribute to this animosity?
      Genesis 37:2, 5
    How did the brothers take out their anger towards their spoiled brother?
      Genesis 37:23-24, 28
    What did the brothers tell their father and how did Jacob respond?
      Genesis 37:31-34

Good News / Bad News (Genesis 39-41)
    How did things go for Joseph in Egypt?
      Genesis 39:2, 4
    How did Joseph's situation change in a way that may have seemed that God deserted him?
      Genesis 39:7, 10, 14, 20
    How did God remember Joseph in prison?
      Genesis 39:21, 23

    What happened some time later that seemed like a way out for Joseph?
      Genesis 40:2, 4, 8, 14
    Did the cupbearer work for Joseph's release when he was restored as Joseph had foretold?
      Genesis 40:23

    How did this actually lead to Joseph's release in an entirely unexpected way?
      Genesis 41:1, 8-9, 12, 14
    What happened after Joseph said that the dreams foretold 7 abundant & 7 famine years?
      Genesis 41:39-41

Seven and Seven (Genesis 41:46-57)
    How did Joseph spend the first seven years of his job for Pharaoh?
      Genesis 41:47, 49
    How did Joseph know when to stop collecting and to start distributing the grain?
      Genesis 41:55
    How did Joseph distribute the grain? Did he give it to the Egyptians?
      Genesis 41:56-57

Interesting, But Is It Pertinent? (Genesis 42:1-8)
    What do all of these stories about Joseph in Egypt have to do with God's people in Canaan?
      Genesis 42:1-5
    Did Jacob's sons get to see their long-lost brother when they went to Egypt?
      Genesis 42:6-8
    Why didn't they recognize their own brother?
      Genesis 41:45; 42:23

Spies From Canaan (Genesis 42:9-24)
    Did Joseph take advantage of the situation and take revenge against his brothers?
      Genesis 42:9-14
    If not taking revenge, what was Joseph doing through these accusations?
      Genesis 43:7
    How did Joseph build on this to see if his brothers had changed?
      Genesis 42:15-20

    Why did the brothers think this was happening to them?
      Genesis 42:21-22
    Did Joseph get a chance to hear his brothers' remorse?
      Genesis 42:23-24

Another Difficult Message for Dad (Genesis 42:25-38)
    How does it become clear that Joseph had forgiven his brothers & wasn't seeking revenge?
      Genesis 42:25-26
    What did the brothers think when they found the silver in their packs?
      Genesis 42:27-28
    How did Jacob respond when the brothers told him their story?
      Genesis 42:29-36
    How did Reuben try to get Jacob's confidence, and did it work?
      Genesis 42:37-38

When Ya Gotta Go... (Genesis 43:1-14)
    What made Jacob reconsider his decision not to let Benjamin go to Egypt?
      Genesis 43:1-5
    Who put his own neck on the line to convince Jacob to send Benjamin?
      Genesis 43:6-10
    What did Jacob decide?
      Genesis 43:11-14

A Confusing Fellowship Meal (Genesis 43:15-34)
    What happened as soon as the brothers reached Joseph?
      Genesis 43:15-17
    What did the brothers think about being taken to Joseph's house?
      Genesis 43:18-22
    How did Joseph's steward calm their fears?
      Genesis 43:23

    How did the brothers respond when Joseph arrived for lunch?
      Genesis 43:24-26
    What was the most valuable gift Joseph received from them?
      Genesis 43:27-30
    How did this lunch become even more confusing?
      Genesis 43:31-33
    What other strange thing did the brothers see at this meal?
      Genesis 43:34

Stolen Silver (Genesis 44)
    Did Joseph let the brothers go home, never to see them again or reveal himself to them?
      Genesis 44:1-5
    How did the brothers respond to accusations of stealing the governor's silver cup?
      Genesis 44:6-10
    What happened when the sacks were searched?
      Genesis 44:11-12

    What did the brothers do with the prospect of telling Jacob that Benjamin is a slave?
      Genesis 44:13-16
    Did Joseph accept this?
      Genesis 44:17
    Who steps up on Benjamin's behalf?
      Genesis 44:18-34

    Luther: What would I not give to be able to pray before the Lord as Judah here interceded for Benjamin, for it is a perfect model of prayer, nay, of the strong feeling which must underlie all prayer.

Joseph Exposed (Genesis 45)
    How much further does Joseph continue to push things?
      Genesis 45:1-2
    How does Joseph make it clear to them he has forgiven them and holds no grudges?
      Genesis 45:3-7
    What further plans did Joseph have?
      Genesis 45:8-11
    How was Joseph seeing part of God's plan, but missing the bigger part?
      Genesis 15:13-14

Retiring in the Land of Goshen (Genesis 46-50)
    How did the 130 year old Jacob respond to the idea of moving to Egypt?
      Genesis 45:25-46:1
    How did he know it was okay with God to leave Canaan and move to Egypt?
      Genesis 46:2-4
    Did Jacob plan to move to Egypt or just visit?
      Genesis 46:5-7, 26-27

    How did Jacob react when he saw Joseph for the first time in 20 years?
      Genesis 46:29-30
    What promise did Jacob ask of Joseph?
      Genesis 47:29-30
    Did Joseph fulfill this promise?
      Genesis 50:7, 13

God Intended it for Good (Genesis 50:15-21)
    What concerned Joseph's brothers after their father died?
      Genesis 50:15-18
    How did Joseph respond to their fears?
      Genesis 50:19-21

Closing Prayer

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