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The People of Israel Leave Egypt

Exodus 5-15

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    Next Week - Israel Comes to Mount Sinai (Exodus 15-33)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise Him, my father's God, and I will exalt Him. Exodus 15:2

Opening Prayer

Moses Brings God's Word (Exodus 5:1-5)
    What had God called Moses to do?
      Exodus 3:9-10
    Did the Israelites accept Moses as their deliverer?
      Exodus 4:29-31

    Who did Moses tell Pharaoh had sent him?
      Exodus 5:1
    How was Pharaoh warned when he said no?
      Exodus 5:2-3
    What was Pharaoh most concerned with?
      Exodus 5:4-5

Who Is In Control? (Exodus 5-6)
    What did Pharaoh do to show that He was in control?
      Exodus 5:6-9
    What affect did this have on the Israelites?
      Exodus 5:19-21

    What affect did this have on Moses?
      Exodus 5:22-23
    Why was God waiting to rescue His people?
      Exodus 6:1, 6-7

    Did this explanation regain the confidence of the Israelites?
      Exodus 6:9
    How did this affect Moses' confidence?
      Exodus 6:10-12

    Who did God remind Moses was in control?
      Exodus 7:1-5
    How old were Moses & Aaron when they went before Pharaoh?
      Exodus 7:6-7

Egypt's Magicians (Exodus 7)
    What sign did God give Moses to show Pharaoh?
      Exodus 7:8-10
    How did Pharaoh respond to this sign?
      Exodus 7:11-13

    Were the magicians able to duplicate any of God's other wonders?
      Exodus 7:22; 8:7
    How did the magicians explain it when they were unable to copy Plague 3?
      Exodus 8:18-19

    Where did the magicians get their power?
      2 Thessalonians 2:9
    What is significant about the magicians during the plague of boils?
      Exodus 9:11

The First Plague (Exodus 7:21-23)
    Note: God can and does use His creation to do His will
    What was the first plague?
      Exodus 7:20-21
    How did Pharaoh respond?
      Exodus 7:23

The Second Plague (Exodus 8:6-15)
    What was the second plague?
      Exodus 8:6
    How did Pharaoh respond?
      Exodus 8:8
    How did Pharaoh respond when frogs were gone?
      Exodus 8:12-15

The Third Plague (Exodus 8:17-19)
    What was the third plague?
      Exodus 8:17
    How did Pharaoh respond, even when magicians couldn't reproduce?
      Exodus 8:19

The Fourth Plague (Exodus 8:24-32)
    What was the fourth plague?
      Exodus 8:24
    What extra touch did God add beginning with this plague?
      Exodus 8:22-23
    How did Pharaoh respond?
      Exodus 8:28
    How did Pharaoh respond once the flies were gone?
      Exodus 8:30-32

The Fifth Plague (Exodus 9:6-7)
    What was the fifth plague?
      Exodus 9:6
    How did Pharaoh respond?
      Exodus 9:7

The Sixth Plague (Exodus 9:10-16)
    What was the sixth plague?
      Exodus 9:10
    How did Pharaoh respond?
      Exodus 9:12
    Why would God have hardened Pharaoh's heart?
      Exodus 9:15-16

The Seventh Plague (Exodus 9:25-35)
    What was the seventh plague?
      Exodus 9:25-26
    How did Pharaoh respond?
      Exodus 9:27-28
    How did Pharaoh respond after God stopped the hail?
      Exodus 9:34-35
    Why was Pharaoh's heart continually hardened?
      Exodus 10:1-2

The Eighth Plague (Exodus 10:8-20)
    What was the eighth plague?
      Exodus 10:13-15
    How did Pharaoh respond when warned of the coming eighth plague?
      Exodus 10:8-11
    How did Pharaoh respond after locusts were gone?
      Exodus 10:18-20

The Ninth Plague (Exodus 10:22-29)
    What was the ninth plague?
      Exodus 10:22-23
    How did Pharaoh respond?
      Exodus 10:24
    How did Pharaoh respond to Moses' insistence that livestock must go?
      Exodus 10:27-29

The Last Plague (Exodus 12)
    How many more plagues did God have planned?
      Exodus 11:1
    What was the tenth plague?
      Exodus 12:29-30
    How were the Israelites spared from this last plague?
      Exodus 12:21-23
    How are we spared from the eternal death we deserve?
      John 1:29
    What important ceremony reminds the Jews of how God set Israel free?
      Exodus 12:24-27
    What important ceremony reminds us of how God sets us free?
      Matthew 26:26-28

The Exodus (Exodus 12:31-41)
    How did Pharaoh respond to the tenth plague?
      Exodus 12:31-32
    Why did the Egyptians help them leave quickly and with riches?
      Exodus 12:33-36
    How many people left in the Exodus?
      Exodus 12:37-38
    How long had the Israelites spent in Egypt?
      Exodus 12:41

Led by God (Exodus 13)
    Why didn't God lead the Israelites along the direct highway to Canaan?
      Exodus 13:17
    How did God lead His people where to go?
      Exodus 13:21-22
    Why did God have the Israelites change directions?
      Exodus 14:3-4

Cornered by the Egyptians (Exodus 14-15)
    What did Pharaoh do after realizing that his slaves were actually gone?
      Exodus 14:8-9
    Did the Israelites trust God when they were cornered by the Egyptians?
      Exodus 14:11-12

    How did God save His people?
      Exodus 14:21-22
    How did God hold back the Egyptians while the Israelites crossed?
      Exodus 14:19-20
    How did God slow the Egyptians' pursuit after Israel had crossed?
      Exodus 14:23-25
    What did God do to show His selection and stop Egypt from further pursuit?
      Exodus 14:27-28

    What affect did this event have on the new Israelite nation?
      Exodus 14:31
    How did the Israelites respond?
      Exodus 15:1-2

Closing Prayer

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