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Judges Rule Israel


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    Bible Words to Remember:
      "Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit," says the Lord Almighty. Zechariah 4:6

Opening Prayer

After Joshua (Judges 2)
    What were Joshua's last words to the Israelites before sending them home?
      Joshua 24:14-15
    How did the Israelites respond to Joshua's call?
      Joshua 24:24
    How faithful did the Israelites remain?
      Judges 2:7, 10-13
    Why did the Israelites continue to fall from God?
      Judges 3:5-6

    How did God handle this?
      Judges 2:14-15
    How did God respond to Israel's cries?
      Judges 2:16, 18
    Did the judges have a lasting effect on Israel's faithfulness?
      Judges 2:19
    What did God decide as a result of this response?
      Judges 2:20-22

    Trouble - Judge - Peace Cycle
    Alphabet Cycle: Apostasy, Battered, Cry Out, Deliverer, Emancipate, Forget

Leadership (Judges 21:25)
    What kind of leadership did Israel have after Joshua?
      Judges 21:25
    What was the Israelites' opinion of a king?
      Judges 8:22-23
    How tight was the confederacy between tribes?
      Judges 1:3 (1:17, 6:35, 20:1)
      Judges 20:35 (5:17, 8:1, 12:1)

    Who were Israel's enemies?
    What was Baal?
      Judges 2:11
    Who were the judges?
      Exodus 18:25-26 (1-27)
      Hebrews 11:32-34

Othniel (Judges 1:11-15, 3:7-11)
    Who was Othniel and where was his first victory?
      Judges 1:12-13
    Who did Othniel defeat when God called him as a judge?
      Judges 3:9-11

Ehud (Judges 3)
    Who was Israel's next oppressor?
      Judges 3:12-13
    What is represented by the sword?
      Judges 3:15, 20-22
    Why did Ehud have so much time to get away?
      Judges 3:24-26
    How did Ehud then conquer 10,000 Moabites?
      Judges 3:27-30

Deborah (Judges 4-5)
    Who was the oppressor at Deborah's time?
      Judges 4:1-4
    What was wrong with Barak, Israel's commander, wanting Deborah to go along?
      Judges 4:8-9
    What is represented by the tent spike?
      Judges 4:17, 21-22

Gideon (Judges 6-9)
    Who was Israel's next oppressor?
      Judges 6:1, 5-6
    Who did God raise up as a judge and how was His call accepted?
      Judges 6:11, 14-17
    How did God reveal Himself to Gideon?
      Judges 6:21
    What nickname was Gideon given after he tore down his father's Baal altar?
      Judges 6:31-32

    What signs did God give Gideon that he'd be successful over the Midianites?
      Judges 6:36-40
    Why did God reduce Gideon's army from 32,000 to 300?
      Judges 7:2
    What is represented by the lamp & trumpet?
      Judges 7:20-22a

    How did Gideon reply to the Israelites' request to become their leader?
      Judges 8:22-23
    Despite his faithfulness, what did Gideon do that hindered Israel's faithfulness?
      Judges 8:27

Jephthah (Judges 10-12)
    Who did God use to punish the Israelites in Jephthah's day?
      Judges 10:6-7
    Who was Jephthah and how did he become an Israelite leader?
      Judges 11:1, 3-6
    What is represented by the manuscript?
      Judges 11:30-31
    What did he have to sacrifice after God gave them victory?
      Judges 11:34-35

    Who was jealous that they had not been a part of this victory?
      Judges 12:1
    What happened when the Ephraimites fought despite Jephthah's claim that he had asked?
      Judges 12:5-6

Samson (Judges 13-16)
    Who oppressed Israel in Samson's day?
      Judges 13:1
    How was Samson set apart by God even before birth?
      Judges 13:3-5
    How did Samson's parents know that this message came from God?
      Judges 13:19-20

    Why was Samson attracted to a Philistine woman?
      Judges 14:3-4
    How did Samson learn about his gift of strength on the way to see the girl?
      Judges 14:6
    What did Samson later find in the lion's carcass?
      Judges 14:8-9

    What kind of wager did Samson make with 30 Philistines?
      Judges 14:12-14
    What happened when the 30 Philistines asked the girl for the answer?
      Judges 14:17-18
    How did Samson get the 30 sets of clothes to pay the bet?
      Judges 14:19

    What did Samson do when he learned his wife had been given to another man?
      Judges 15:3-5
    How did the Philistines respond and then what did Samson do?
      Judges 15:6, 8
    What did Samson do with a jawbone after he was tied & turned over?
      Judges 15:14-15

    Who did Samson fall in love with that led to his demise?
      Judges 16:4-5
    How did Samson answer when asked of his secret?
      Judges 16:6-7
    What were his second and third answers?
      Judges 16:10-11, 13
    What was his fourth answer?
      Judges 16:16-17

    What happened after Delilah had Samson's head shaved?
      Judges 16:19-22
    How did the Philistines celebrate their capture of Samson?
      Judges 16:23, 25
    How was Samson victorious even at death?
      Judges 16:26, 29-30

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Closing Prayer

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