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David Forgives Saul

1 Samuel 21-30

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      Because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions - it is by grace you have been saved. Ephesians 2:4-5

Opening Prayer

Saul's Jealousy (1 Samuel 18)
    How did God bless David after he joined Saul's army?
      1 Samuel 18:5 = God gave him success in everything, Pleased everyone
    How did Saul feel about David's success?
      1 Samuel 18:6-9 = He kept a jealous eye on David

    How serious was Saul's jealousy?
      1 Samuel 18:10-11 = He tried to kill David twice by throwing spear
    What did Saul do to try to get rid of this kid who was getting more praise?
      1 Samuel 18:13, 17, 21, 25 = Put him in situations where he'd get killed by Philistines
    Did Saul's attempt to have David fall at the hands of the Philistines meet success?
      1 Samuel 18:30 = No, it continued to backfire as David grew more successful

Dad Threatens Jonathan's Friend (1 Samuel 19-20)
    How did Saul take a more direct effort in eliminating this perceived threat?
      1 Samuel 19:1-2 = Gave orders to have David killed, Jonathan protected David
    What did Saul do after his son explained that David had helped Saul, not threatened him?
      1 Samuel 19:6, 11 = Withdrew orders; later sent an assassination squad
    To whom did David turn when faced with this new threat?
      Psalm 59:1-2, 17 = Looked to God for protection and wrote this psalm
    How did God protect David when Saul pursued him when he hid in Ramah with Samuel?
      1 Samuel 19:23-24 = God sent His Spirit to Saul and caused him to prophesy

    How did Jonathan respond when his best friend asked why Saul was trying to kill him?
      1 Samuel 20:1-2 = Didn't believe it
    Did Jonathan get clear proof of his father's intentions after following a test David suggested?
      1 Samuel 20:32-33 = Yes, Saul hated David so much, he tried to kill Jonathan for siding with him
    Why did Saul feel that Jonathan should also want David dead?
      1 Samuel 20:31 = David threatened Jonathan's inheritance of the throne
    Did Jonathan agree with his father's concern for his future?
      1 Samuel 23:17 = Jonathan recognized and accepted God's plan of David as king

David Gets Supplies (1 Samuel 21:1-9)
    Did David run north to Samuel at Ramah again, at least to get food and weapons?
      1 Samuel 21:1-3, 8 = Went SE to Nob to Ahimelech, the high priest (Eli's great grandson)
    Was Ahimelech able to give David any food?
      1 Samuel 21:6 = He only had the consecrated bread to give him
    How does this tell us what day this was?
      Leviticus 24:8 = It had just been replaced with fresh bread, so it was the Sabbath
    How does Jesus later use this story to explain God's intentions of rest on the Sabbath day?
      Matthew 12:1-4, 12b = Rest on the Sabbath is no excuse for not doing good on Sabbath

    Was Ahimelech any help with a weapon?
      1 Samuel 21:9 = He gave him the sword he had captured from Goliath
    What is interesting about where David went after leaving Nod?
      1 Samuel 21:10 = He fled to Gath in Philistia, where Goliath had been from (1 Sam 17:4)

    Had anyone seen David get these supplies?
      1 Samuel 21:7 = Doeg, a mercenary from Edom working for Saul
    Was David concerned that Saul would learn what he had done and pursue him?
      Psalm 7:1-2 = Yes, and wrote this psalm looking for refuge in God

David in Gath (1 Samuel 21:10-15)
    How did the Philistines feel about David coming to their town?
      1 Samuel 21:11-12 = They thought he was spying
    How did David respond when the Philistines seized him to take him before King Achish?
      Psalm 56:1, 11 = He turned to God for mercy and wrote this psalm
    How did David protect himself from this danger?
      1 Samuel 21:13-15 = He acted insane, so they left him alone
    How could David have the guts to try something so risky?
      Psalm 34:4, 22 = He sought the Lord who delivered him, wrote this psalm in response

David Seeks Refuge (1 Samuel 22:1-5)
    Where did David go now that he saw it was not safe in Philistia?
      1 Samuel 22:1 = To cave of Adullam, one of many caves in valley where he killed Goliath
    To whom did he turn before his family joined him?
      Psalm 57:1-2 = He looked to God for refuge and wrote this psalm
    Did anyone else come to David's support besides his family?
      1 Samuel 22:2 = Around 400 other outcasts rallied around him

    Realizing Saul would likely track down his family, what did David do to protect them?
      1 Samuel 22:3-5 = Had his family take refuge in Moab, returned to hide in Judah forest
    Why might David have felt that Moab would be safe for his family?
      Ruth 1:22a; 4:13, 17 = His great grandmother, Ruth, was a Moabitess

Saul Punishes Nob (1 Samuel 22:6-23)
    Did word of Ahimelech's aid to David get to Saul?
      1 Samuel 22:9-10 = Yes, Doeg the Edomite told him what he had seen
    Did Ahimelech feel like he had done anything wrong?
      1 Samuel 22:13-15 = No, he thought he was helping David on a special mission for Saul
    Did this explanation satisfy Saul?
      1 Samuel 22:16-17 = No, he was too irrational with hatred and ordered them all killed
    Was Saul able to get rid of these "evil" priests? = Contrast with incomplete over Amalekites (1S15)
      1 Samuel 22:18-19 = Doeg killed them, as well as the entire town

    How did David learn of what had happened?
      1 Samuel 22:20-21 = Abiathar, the only remaining descendant of Eli, survived & told him
    How did David respond to what he learned? = King to be now had a priest & a prophet, Gad (v5)
      1 Samuel 22:22-23 = He blamed himself and offered refuge to Abiathar
    What other response did David have for this incident?
      Psalm 52:7-9 = Wrote this psalm contrasting his faithfulness with Saul's wickedness

Still a Caveman (1 Samuel 23)
    Were David and his men entirely focused on hiding from Saul?
      1 Samuel 23:1-2, 5 = They rescued the town of Keilah from the Philistines
    How did Saul respond when he heard about David's rescue?
      1 Samuel 23:7-8 = He only saw the opportunity to catch David, ignored victory
    Did Saul catch David in Keilah? = David's force had grown to 600 men
      1 Samuel 23:13-14 = No, David left Keilah and hid in desert caves
    Another dumb question: To whom did David turn during this time of hiding and trouble?
      Psalm 142:1-2, 5-6 = He cried to the Lord for rescue

    Who helped Saul in his effort to pursue David?
      1 Samuel 23:19-20 = Men from the desert of Ziph, where David was hiding
    Did Saul accept this help?
      1 Samuel 23:23 = Yes, he sent them out to get detailed intelligence and report back
    How did David feel about these men who were helping Saul?
      Psalm 54:3-5 = He called to God for help in this psalm, knowing God would deliver him
    How did God deliver David when Saul's forces were closing in?
      1 Samuel 23:26-29 = A messenger told Saul of raiding Philistines so they left

The En Gedi Encounter (1 Samuel 24)
    How close did Saul get to David when searching for him in the desert of En Gedi?
      1 Samuel 24:3-4 = Went unknowingly into the same cave, David cut a piece of his robe
    Why didn't David take this opportunity to kill the man who was trying to kill him?
      1 Samuel 24:5-7 = Wrong to harm Lord's anointed, let God do it, felt bad for cutting robe
    How did Saul respond when David announced to Saul what had happened?
      1 Samuel 24:16-20 = Praised David for his righteousness, admitted David would be king

For Home Study (1 Samuel 25)
    Read 1 Samuel 25 and look for parallels between Nabal and Saul, also David and Abigail
    Notes: Nabal means fool, he may also have been known as Jether (1 Chronicles 2:17)
      Abigail may have been David's half-sister (1 Chronicles 2:13-17)

The Missing Spear and Canteen (1 Samuel 26)
    Who encouraged Saul to go after David again?
      1 Samuel 26:1-2 = The Ziphites (descendants of Caleb's grandson Ziph)
    What did David do when Saul and his troops camped near where David was hiding?
      1 Samuel 26:7-12 = Snuck up at night and took Saul's spear & canteen, wouldn't harm
    What complaint did David make to Abner, the commander of Saul's army?
      1 Samuel 26:13-16 = Complained about poor security for the Lord's anointed
    How did Saul respond to this lesson by David?
      1 Samuel 26:21, 25 = He confessed his sin and foolishness, blessed David

David in Philistia, Again (1 Samuel 27, 29-30)
    Where did David decide to go that would cause Saul to give up his search and act like a king?
      1 Samuel 27:1,4 = Back to Gath in Philistia
    Did David have to act insane to be accepted this time?
      1 Samuel 27:12 = No, King Achish saw David as a fugitive and an enemy to Israel
    How did David reinforce this impression?
      1 Samuel 27:8-10 = He told Achish he was raiding Israelites when he hit other groups
    How did Achish show his acceptance of David and his men?
      1 Samuel 27:6-7; 28:1-2 = Gave Ziklag to David, enlisted David into military service

    Was Achish really comfortable with the idea of David joining the battle against the israelites?
      1 Samuel 29:2-4 = Achish was fine, but the army commanders didn't want him
    What did David find when he and his men were sent back by Achish?
      1 Samuel 30:1-2 = Their town had been destroyed and families taken captive
    What precedent did David set after rescuing the families and taking Amalekite plunder?
      1 Samuel 30:24-25 = Those who fought shared equally with those who didn't

Closing Prayer

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