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God Feeds Elijah

1 Kings 15-17

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    Next Week - Elijah and the Baal Prophets (1 Kings 18-19)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:20-21

Opening Prayer

Last Week - The Divided Kingdom (1 Kings 11)
    What great sin of Solomon led to The Divided Kingdom?
      1 Kings 11:1-4 = He built shrines for his wives' gods & followed them
    How did God decide to punish Solomon for this evil?
      1 Kings 11:11-13 = He'd tear away 10 tribes of Israel & give them to a servant

    Who was the subordinate God chose?
      1 Kings 11:28 (26) = Jeroboam, leader of Solomon's labor force
    What promise did God make to Jeroboam?
      1 Kings 11:31, 38 = Build dynasty like David's if he stays faithful

Jeroboam, First King of Israel (1 Kings 12-14)
    How faithful was Jeroboam as King of Israel?
      1 Kings 12:26-31 = Created his own religion with calves, priests & festivals
    How did God decide to punish Jeroboam for this evil?
      1 Kings 14:7-11 = Destroy the household of Jeroboam
    How would God punish the people of Israel for their part in this sin? = 200 years later
      1 Kings 14:15-16 = Uproot from the land & scatter beyond the Jordan

Rehoboam, First King of Judah (1 Kings 14)
    How faithful was Solomon's son, Rehoboam, as King of Judah?
      2 Chronicles 12:1 = Abandoned God as soon as was secure as king
    In what ways did Rehoboam and the people of Judah abandon God?
      1 Kings 14:23-24 = Set up shrines & people worshipped other gods
    How did God respond to Rehoboam's rejection?
      1 Kings 14:25-26 = He sent Shishak to make Rehoboam & Judah subject
    How well did the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah get along?
      1 Kings 14:30 = Continual warfare; Not a full civil war, but intermittent skirmishes

The First Kings of Judah (1 Kings 15)
    Who succeeded Rehoboam as king of Judah and how faithful was he?
      1 Kings 15:1, 3 = Abijah, Walked in the sins of his father
    To what royal line did Abijah's mother belong?
      1 Kings 15:2 = Absalom's daughter, David's granddaughter, Rehoboam's cousin
    Did God decide to wipe out Abijah's family as he had Jeroboam's?
      1 Kings 15:4 = No, gave him a descendant for David's sake
    Note: 2 Chronicles 13 has interesting story on battle between Abijah & Jeroboam

    Who succeeded Abijah as king of Judah and how faithful was he?
      1 Kings 15:9, 11 = Asa, Did what was right as David had done
    How did Asa work to reform the evils of his father and grandfather?
      1 Kings 15:12-13 = Purged Judah of idols & prostitutes, even deposed his grandmother
    Note: 2 Chronicles 14-16 has stories on Asa's reforms & conflict with Israel

The First Kings of Israel (1 Kings 15-16)
    Who succeeded Jeroboam as king of Israel and how faithful was he?
      1 Kings 15:25-26 = Nadab, J's son, Walked in ways of his father
    Why did Nadab reign only 2 years?
      1 Kings 15:27-28 = Assassinated & succeeded by Baasha
    How did Baasha fulfill God's promise of punishment to Jeroboam?
      1 Kings 15:29-30 = He destroyed all of Jeroboam's family

    How faithful was Baasha as king of Israel?
      1 Kings 15:33-34 = Did evil & walked in the ways of Jeroboam
    How did God decide to punish Baasha for this evil?
      1 Kings 16:1-4 = Destroy Baasha's household just like Jeroboam's

    Who succeeded Baasha as king of Israel?
      1 Kings 16:8 = Elah, his son
    What happened to Elah?
      1 Kings 16:9-10 = Assassinated and succeeded by Zimri, an official
    How did Zimri fulfill God's promise of punishment to Baasha?
      1 Kings 16:11-12 = He destroyed all of Baasha's family

    How long did Zimri reign as king of Israel and why?
      1 Kings 16:15-17 = 7 days, besieged by army (Omri was commander)
    How was the siege ended?
      1 Kings 16:18 = Zimri burned palace around him

    Who became the next king of Israel?
      1 Kings 16:21-22 = Omri, after challenger Tibni died
    What notable change happened during Omri's reign?
      1 Kings 16:24 = He relocated capital from Tirzah to Samaria, where it remained
    How faithful was Omri's reign?
      1 Kings 16:25-26 = More evil than the kings before him

The Worst King of Israel (1 Kings 16)
    Who succeeded Omri as king of Israel and how faithful was he?
      1 Kings 16:29-30 = Omri's son Ahab, more evil than those before him
    How was Ahab more evil than those before him?
      1 Kings 16:31-33 = Trivialized J sin, Married Jezebel, Baal Worship
    Did Ahab intend Baal to supplement or replace God?
      1 Kings 18:4 = Jezebel worked to kill all of God's prophets
    What notable construction happened during Ahab's reign?
      1 Kings 16:34-35 = Jericho was rebuilt at cost of Hiel's sons
    How did this fulfill God's word as spoken by Joshua?
      Joshua 6:26 = Joshua cursed the rebuilder of Jericho, Cost of sons

    Baal meant lord or god
      Every pagan locality had its own Baal
      Shrines to Baals were built on high places in the area
    Baal of Sidon (Phoenicia) was brought to Israel by Jezebel
      Controlled rainfall - Critical to agricultural society
    Was happy & gave rain when he mated with his wife Asherah (Astarte)
      Temple sex induced Baal & Asherah to mate so it would rain
    Sacrifices included children under extraordinary conditions
      Priests would dance around altar in frenzy & slash selves with knives

God Feeds Elijah (1 Kings 17)
    What did God plan to prove He is God of the rain & all creation?
      1 Kings 17:1 = Sent Elijah to Ahab to say He was sending a drought
    What did Elijah's name mean and why was it significant?
      1 Kings 18:39 = Elijah means Yahweh is God. He came to show this
    How would Elijah be taken care of during this drought? = Cherith Bk near Tishbe
      1 Kings 17:2-6 = God sent bread & meat via ravens & water in brook

    How did God take care of Elijah when the drought dried up the brook?
      1 Kings 17:7-9 = Sent him to widow in Zarephath (10 mi S of Sidon)
    How hard did Elijah have to search to find this woman in Zarephath?
      1 Kings 17:10-11 = Met her as soon as he reached the town gate

    Had the drought affected Zarephath?
      1 Kings 17:12 = Yes. The woman was planning to eat her last meal
    How did God use this condition to show His power?
      1 Kings 17:13-14 = He would keep flour in the jar & oil in the jug
    Did the woman have faith in Elijah's promise?
      1 Kings 17:15-16 = She did as Elijah told her & had food every day

Elijah Brings the Widow's Son Back to Life (1 Kings 17)
    What did the widow believe was the cause for her son's death?
      1 Kings 17:17-18 = He was killed as punishment for her sinfulness
    How did Elijah respond to her reasoning?
      1 Kings 17:19-23 = He asked God to restore the boy to life, He did
    What was the real reason that the boy had died?
      1 Kings 17:24 = To show God's power to her & build her faith
    Did Jesus support the idea that illness & death result from specific sins?
      John 9:1-3 = Man was blind, not because of a sin, but to show God's work in his life
    Note: The Book of Job addresses the question of why bad things happen

Closing Prayer

Judah (South)

Israel (North)

Year BC King Years Rule King Years Rule
931 Rehoboam 17 Bad Mostly Jeroboam 22 Bad
913 Abijah 3 Bad Mostly " " "
911 Asa 41 Good " " "
910 " " " Nadab 2 Bad
909 " " " Baasha 24 Bad
888 " " " Elah 2 Bad
887 " " " Zimri 7 days Bad
887 " " " Omri 12 Extra Bad
876 " " " Ahab (Jezebel) 22 The Worst
871 Jehoshaphat 25 Good " " "

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