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Elijah Goes to Heaven

2 Kings 1-2

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    Bible Words to Remember:
      In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. John 14:2

Opening Prayer

Past Weeks - Elijah (1 Kings 15-22)
    Who was the most evil king of Israel (northern kingdom) & how evil was he?
      1 Kings 16:30-31 = Ahab; Trivialized Jeroboam's sin, Married Jezebel, Worshipped Baal
    Why did God send Elijah to Israel during Ahab's reign?
      1 Kings 18:21 = To turn the people back to Him, away from Baal - Pick one, not both
    What did Elijah's name mean and why was it significant?
      1 Kings 18:39 = Elijah means Yahweh is God. He came to show this

    How close of a relationship did Elijah have with the leaders of Israel?
      1 Kings 18:16-18 = Ahab calls him the Troubler of Israel, Elijah turns it around
      1 Kings 19:1-2 = Jezebel promises to kill Elijah
    Was Ahab reformed by God's revelations through Elijah & did he turn to God?
      1 Kings 21:25-26 = No, he remained the most evil man ever, urged on by Jezebel

Naboth's Vineyard (1 Kings 21:1-16)
    Did Ahab's evil lead him to rule ruthlessly and abuse his power?
      1 Kings 21:1-4 = No, he was more of a whiny kid
    Then how did Ahab get a bad reputation besides his unfaithfulness to God?
      1 Kings 21:5-10 = Caused by his evil and ruthless wife, Jezebel
    Did Ahab go along with Jezebel's plan?
      1 Kings 21:15-16 = May not have known details, but didn't ask questions & accepted results

Ahab's Punishment (1 Kings 21:17-29)
    How would Ahab be punished for his evil?
      1 Kings 21:17-19 = He would be killed & dogs would lick his blood
    How was this fulfilled?
      1 Kings 22:34-35, 37-38 = Killed in battle with Aram, dogs licked blood from chariot

    Was Ahab the only one to be punished for his evil?
      1 Kings 21:20-24 = His family would be destroyed like Jeroboam's & Baasha's
    Did this happen right away?
      1 Kings 21:27-29 = God waited a generation since Ahab humbled self

Ahab's Dynasty (2 Kings 9)
    Who did God call later to carry out this punishment?
      2 Kings 9:6-10 = Army commander Jehu was anointed as king, told to purge Ahab's house
    Did Jehu take his calling seriously? = Naboth's sons had apparently been killed also
      1 Kings 9:22-26 = Blamed Jezebel's idolatry, Killed Joram & threw body in Naboth field

    What happened to Jezebel? = Zimri had taken throne 45 yrs earlier and destroyed Baasha's house
      2 Kings 9:30-33 = Died when thrown from window in Jezreel
    What became of Elijah's prophesy, Dogs will devour Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel?
      2 Kings 9:34-37 = Dogs ate her body before they could bury it

King Ahaziah (2 Kings 1:1-8)
    How did Ahaziah become king and how faithful was his reign?
      1 Kings 22:40, 51-53 = Took over for father Ahab, Worshipped Baal
    What country that was subject to Israel decided to rebel after Ahab died?
      2 Kings 1:1 = Moab (Lot's son), ruled by Israel since David
    How did this contrast with what happened under the king of Judah? = J was faithful, given peace
      1 Kings 22:44, 46-47 = Edom became subject to Judah (lost since Solomon - 1K11:14-22)

    What happened to Ahaziah and what did he do to learn his fate?
      2 Kings 1:2 = Injured from fall, Consulted Baal-Zebub (god of flies - controlled diseases)
    How did God respond to Ahaziah's action?
      2 Kings 1:3-4 = Sent Elijah to foretell death for calling on Baal
    Did Ahaziah's messengers know who Elijah was?
      2 Kings 1:5-8 = No, but Ahaziah did & thought Elijah had issued the curse against him

Elijah and Ahaziah's Soldiers (2 Kings 1:9-17)
    How did Ahaziah try to get Elijah to take back the curse?
      2 Kings 1:9 = Sent an army captain with 50 men to capture Elijah
    How did Elijah show that his message was from God and not just a personal curse?
      2 Kings 1:10-12 = Sent fire from heaven to consume troop, Repeated

    Did the third captain give and even more forceful command to Elijah?
      2 Kings 1:13-14 = Asked Elijah for mercy, not to kill them & to come
    How did Elijah respond to the captain?
      2 Kings 1:15 = He went with him as instructed by God
    Was Ahaziah successful in getting Elijah to take back the curse?
      2 Kings 1:16-17 = No, it was God's punishment for his idolatry

Elijah's Last Day (2 Kings 2:1-8)
    How did Elisha reply to Elijah's request not to follow him on his last day?
      2 Kings 2:1-2 = He swore he would not leave Elijah's side
    Did anyone other than Elijah know he would be taken by God that day?
      2 Kings 2:3 = Prophets at Bethel & Elisha did
      2 Kings 2:4-5 = Prophets at Jericho also knew
    Did anyone join Elijah and Elisha as they continued travelling east?
      2 Kings 2:6-7 = 50 prophets followed at a distance & watched

    How did Elijah show his powerful faith once more?
      2 Kings 2:8 = Struck Jordan with his cloak & parted the water
      Matthew 17:20 = With faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountain

Elijah's Inheritance (2 Kings 2:9-10)
    What did Elisha want when Elijah asked if there were any last requests?
      2 Kings 2:9 = To inherit a double portion of his spirit
    For what was Elisha asking?
      Deuteronomy 21:17 = To inherit the role of top prophet as a first-born son

    Why did Elijah have trouble with this request?
      2 Kings 2:10 = It was not his right to give, but God's
    Was it God's plan for Elisha to succeed Elijah?
      1 Kings 19:16 = Yes, God had Elijah anoint Elisha as his successor 8 years earlier

Elijah Goes to Heaven (2 Kings 2:11-18)
    How was Elijah taken away?
      2 Kings 2:11 = Chariot of fire took him to heaven in a whirlwind
    Was Elisha able to see this and therefore inherit Elijah's role?
      2 Kings 2:12 = Yes, he called Elijah his spiritual father & protector of Israel

    How was it made known that Elisha was now Elijah's successor?
      2 Kings 2:13-15 = Elisha repeated the miracle of parting the Jordan
    Why did Elisha not want the prophets to go search for Elijah's body?
      2 Kings 2:16-18 = He knew it would be fruitless

Eternal Life Without Death (Matthew 24:40-41)
    Had anyone else ever been taken to heaven without dying?
      Genesis 5:24 = Enoch
    Will it ever happen again?
      Matthew 24:40-41 = Two working, one will be taken the other left

Elijah, God's Faithful Prophet
    Does the end of the Old Testament indicate that Elijah's work was done?
      Malachi 4:5-6 = I will send Elijah before the day of the Lord
    Who did some people believe was the return of Elijah?
      Matthew 16:13-14 = Some thought Jesus was Elijah

    Has Elijah yet returned as promised?
      Luke 1:13, 17 = Yes, he came back as John the Baptist
    Did the people recognize Elijah when he returned?
      Matthew 17:10-13 = No
    Were the people told that Elijah had returned?
      Matthew 11:7, 11, 14 = Jesus told the crowd that John was Elijah

    How did spectators misunderstand Jesus' cries from the cross?
      Matthew 27:46-49 = They thought he was calling Elijah to save him
    What was Jesus actually saying?
      Psalm 22:1 = Quoting Psalm 22 (Quoted by Jews in desperate times)
    What role did Elijah play as Jesus neared his crucifixion?
      Matthew 16:21; 17:1-5 = He came with Moses to speak with Jesus

    Who are the two lampstands in Revelation?
      Revelation 11:4-6 = Elijah (stop rain) & Moses (send plagues)
    Did Elijah's power mean that he was more than just a man?
      James 5:16-18 = No, he was a faithful man who prayed

Closing Prayer

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