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    Next Week - Hezekiah Prays to God (2 Kings 18-20)
    Bible Words to Remember:
      I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Opening Prayer

Jehu's Dynasty (2 Kings 10-15)
    What king of Israel fulfilled Elijah's prophesy that Ahab's evil family would be destrroyed?
      2 Kings 10:17 = Jehu, A commander of Israel's army
    How faithful was Jehu?
      2 Kings 10:28-29 = Cleansed Israel of Baal worship but left Jeroboam's religion
    Who followed Jehu and how faithful was he? = Punished by oppression by Syria
      2 Kings 13:1-3 = His son Jehoahaz, Followed sins of Jeroboam
    Who came next and how faithful was his reign? = Elisha died during his reign
      2 Kings 13:10-11 = His son Jehoash, Continued in sins of Jeroboam
    Who came next and how faithful was his reign?
      2 Kings 14:23-24 = His son Jeroboam II, Evil in the eyes of the Lord
    Who came next and how faithful was his reign?
      2 Kings 15:8-9 = His son Zechariah, Evil in the eyes of the Lord
    Why was Jehu blessed with 4 succeeding generations of kings?
      2 Kings 10:30 = God's blessing for fulfilling calling to destroy Ahab's family & Baalism

Israel's Last Kings (2 Kings 15)
    What happened that ended Jehu's dynasty?
      2 Kings 15:10 = Zechariah was assassinated & succeeded by Shallum
    Who came next and how faithful was his reign?
      2 Kings 15:14, 18 = Menahem killed Shallum after 1 month, Followed Jeroboam
    How did God respond to the continual evils of Israel's kings?
      2 Kings 15:19 = Israel became subject to Assyria
    Who came next and how faithful was his reign?
      2 Kings 15:23-24 = Pekahiah, Evil in the eyes of the Lord

    Why did Pekahiah reign only 2 years and who followed him?
      2 Kings 15:25, 28 = Assassinated by Pekah, Evil in the eyes of the Lord
    How did God respond to these continued evils?
      2 Kings 15:29 = Large areas taken by Assyria, people deported
    Who came next and how faithful was his reign?
      2 Kings 15:30; 17:2 Hoshea assassinated Pekah, Evil in the eyes of the Lord
    How did God respond?
      2 Kings 17:5-6 = Assyria conquered rest of Israel & deported all Israelites

God's Judgment on His People (2 Kings 17:7-23)
    What did God require of the kings of His people?
      1 Kings 11:37-38 = Walk in my ways & follow my statutes and I will bless you
    How faithful were the kings of Israel, the northern kingdom?
      2 Kings 17:21-22 = They persisted in the sins of Jeroboam
    How faithful was Judah, the southern kingdom?
      2 Kings 17:19 = Judah followed the practices Israel had introduced
    Did God give up on the people immediately after Jeroboam turned them away?
      2 Kings 17:13-14 = No, He sent prophets to Israel & Judah to turn them back to Him

The Prophet's Message (Isaiah 1)
    What did God do for Judah as the northern nation of Israel crumbled?
      Isaiah 1:1 = Sent the prophet Isaiaah
    How does Isaiah begin his ministry?
      Isaiah 1:2-4 = States the problem: God's kids have rebelled & turned their backs on Him

    Did God want His people to become more religious?
      Isaiah 1:11-14 = He detests their meaningless worship rituals for the sake of religion
    What did God want?
      Isaiah 1:16-17 = Live in righteousness, not evil
    But what about their guilt of past evils? Was it too late to be accepted by God?
      Isaiah 1:18 = God will forgive them

    What would happen if the people returned to God?
      Isaiah 1:19 = Be blessed - You will eat the best from the land
    What would happen if the people didn't return to God?
      Isaiah 1:20 = Be punished - You will be devoured by the sword

The Prophet Foretells God's Judgment (Isaiah 6:8)
    How did God call Isaiah and how did Isaiah accept his call?
      Isaiah 6:1, 8 = God asked Whom shall I send? Isaiah said Here am I. Send me!
    What prophesy did Isaiah give against Israel and Aram? = Shiloah is pool in Jerusalem
      Isaiah 8:5-7 (see 7:1) = God would raise up Assyria against them

    What prophesy did Isaiah have for Judah?
      Isaiah 3:8-9 = They have brought disaster on themselves
    Would this judgment permanently eliminate God's chosen people?
      Isaiah 1:25-26 = There was hope in restoration & return to righteousness & faithfulness

Six Specific Promises of Hope

    The coming of a Messiah out of David's seed
Isaiah 11
    The birth of a new era
Isaiah 32
    The restoration of paradise
Isaiah 51
    The exaltation of Mount Zion
Isaiah 2
    The return of a remnant
Isaiah 10
    The suffering servant
Isaiah 53

The Coming of a Messiah Out Of David's Seed (Isaiah 11)
    Where do we first learn that a messiah will come from Judah?
      Genesis 49:1, 10 = Jacob includes prophesy in blessing for Judah
    What promise did God make to David that included the promised messiah?
      2 Samuel 7:16 = That his dynasty would last forever
    How did the prophet remind the Jews that David's kingdom would never end?
      Isaiah 9:6-7 = A messiah will come and reign forever

    What kind of messiah would the Jews expect?
      Isaiah 11:1-5 = A righteous & faithful king like David
    What would this messiah do for the nation?
      Isaiah 11:10, 12 = A king who would restore the great & respected nation of Israel
    Why did Jesus tell his disciples not to tell others who he was?
      Luke 23:2 (Matthew 16:20) = They'd have gotten the wrong idea of His purpose
    Did the disciples have a good grasp on Jesus' mission?
      Acts 1:6 = They still didn't understand after Jesus' death & resurrection

The Birth of a New Era (Isaiah 32)
    What kind of new era did the prophet promise?
      Isaiah 32:1-4 = Righteous rule will bring wisdom & understanding
    What atmosphere would be characteristic of this new era?
      Isaiah 32:16-18 = Peace and righteousness would prevail

The Restoration of Paradise (Isaiah 51)
    How would paradise be restored?
      Isaiah 51:3 = In the Lord's compassion, Israel's deserts will be like Eden
    How peaceful will this paradise be?
      Isaiah 11:6-9 = The wolf will live with the lamb ...

The Exaltation of Mount Zion (Isaiah 2)
    What was Mount Zion?
      Psalm 2:6 = Zion was a hill in Jerusalem where the temple was built
    How would Mount Zion be exalted?
      Isaiah 2:2-4 = People from all over would come to Jerusalem (Zion) to learn of God
    Why would non-Jews want to learn of God and His ways?
      Isaiah 49:6 = The messiah would bring salvation to all people on earth

    How did Jesus clarify the nature of this new kingdom?
      John 18:36 = My kingdom is not of this world
      John 4:21-23 = God doesn't confine Himself to an earthly temple
      Matthew 28:19-20 = The church must go out and bring God's message to the world

The Return of a Remnant (Isaiah 10)
    What would happen to the survivors of the house of Jacob?
      Isaiah 10:20-22 = A select remnant of the exiles would rely on the Lord and would return

The Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53)
    What role of God's calling had the Jews forgotten?
      Isaiah 41:8-9 = God called the Jews to be His servant
    How would God's new servant suffer for the sake of others?
      Isaiah 53:4-6, 10-11 = Life as a guilt offering, carry our sins, justify many
    Isaiah's Four Servant Songs
      Isaiah 42:1-7 = Here is my servant, my chosen, he will establish justice on earth
      Isaiah 49:1-6 = It isn't enough to restore Israel, also save the whole world
      Isaiah 50:4-9 = Offer my back to be beaten, my cheeks to pull out my beard
      Isaiah 52:13-53:12 = He was despised, rejected, bore our sins, suffered to save many
    Did the prophets fully understand what God told them to say?
      1 Peter 1:10-12 = No. They & angels have longed to understand

Closing Prayer

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