Bible Stories for Adults

How to Teach


Provided for each class are three pieces:
    Student Handout
      Pages which you can copy and distribute to each student
      Include questions and Bible verse references where the answers may be found
      Plenty of space is provided next to the verse reference for the student to make notes

    Teacher Notes
      Same four pages, but with the answers to each question
      Ask the question and have someone read the verse
      Notes highlight the key points that should be made clear

    Verse Listing
      Copy this and cut on the blank spaces
      Set these slips on a table with the handouts for students to pick up as they arrive
      This technique allows those who want to read to do so, and relaxes those who don't


As with any class, the one who will get the most will be the teacher. Since this course is designed to build understanding of biblical truths, rather than promote discussions of feelings or opinions, the teacher must be well prepared and have a strong understanding of the principles to be taught. The following approach to preparation is recommended:

  1. Pray for the Spirit to guide you and to reveal the truth's in God's word.
  2. Read the text for the class.
  3. Work through the class material. Read a question from the Student Handout and look up its verse. Try to answer the question yourself before looking at the answer on the Teacher Notes.
  4. Read various reference books and commentaries you have at your disposal to build understanding and to get further insights. Remember that commentaries represent opinions and comments of individual scholars and discernment may be needed.
  5. Decide which parts of the material you might want to skip. There is likely more material than you may be able to cover during the Bible Study hour. The volume is designed for the pace of the author, but may be too much for other teaching styles. You may want to read certain verses and simply narrate or explain others.
  6. If you don't feel comfortable giving opening and closing prayers from your heart before the class, write out prayers ahead of time that highlight some of the truths in the material.

Please use this study extensively and let me know how things go.
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